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17 Practical Tips On How To Banish Loneliness And Feel Good About Yourself Again

Have you ever felt alone even in the midst of a crowd? Have you ever felt so lonely that you’ve cried and cried and wet your pillow with your tears, not knowing how to feel less lonely? Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to not feel lonely all the time?

If you’ve nodded your head in the affirmative for one or all of the questions above, then you’ve come to the right place.

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There are many reasons why you may be feeling lonely. However, that’s the irony of this generation. Despite there being so many avenues and outlets to ‘connect’ with others, there seem to be so few genuine connections. Never have we been so isolated and alone despite being ‘connected’ and having ‘hundreds of friends’!

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Loneliness affects different people differently, but how you react to it and how you cope with it is what matters in the end. Feeling lonely comes mostly from within, although external factors contribute to it too. But how to overcome loneliness? By learning to live with yourself. Try these things to feel a bit less lonely.

1. Go for a walk.

Going for a walk around the neighborhood park is a great first step towards banishing loneliness. Whether you choose to do so with music blasting through your ears or with your thoughts for company, do it. If neither of these appeals to you, then just go for a walk with a friend. Or even better, make new friends on your walk.

2. Get a pet.

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Bring in a four-legged furry friend into your life. These mute, cute furballs will teach you what it means to love unconditionally and be loyal to the core. They may not be able to reply back to you, but they sure do comfort you when you in their own way when you need it the most.

3. Throw a party.

It need not be a full-blown party of a hundred guests. It could be a small party where you know the people you’ve invited, and like their company for who they are within. Having a party is a great way to connect with friends and make new ones at the same time. The ambiance created will enliven your lonely life.

4. Join a gym.

Exercise is known to help beat the blues by releasing the happy hormones called endorphins. Whether you do Pilates or CrossFit or just the regular treadmill, just do it. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people with at least one similar interest.

5. Talk to a stranger.

Challenge yourself to speak to someone new every day. Okay, while it may not be possible every day, you can do so on most days. Whether it’s the random person you share the elevator ride with, or your barista, making connections with another individual is bound to make you feel less alone.

6. Sign up for a yoga class.

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If you’re not a fan of working out at the gym, then sign up for a yoga class. It’s an excellent way to reconnect with yourself and your body. It’s an opportunity for you to reflect, meditate, and experience true serenity. And when this happens, it’s give you a chance to connect with your inner self.

7. Connect with your old friends.

How long has it been since you’ve seen your bestie from college? Or even from high school? Connecting on Facebook doesn’t count. Send these old pals messages and reconnect with them, if you’ve neglected them over time. You’re opening up a door to re-form old connections in a new light. Taking stock of your friendships, the ones that matter, will help you realize how much you’re loved and valued as an individual.

8. Enjoy a movie – alone.

This might seem like a counterproductive move when you’re trying to learn how to overcome loneliness. However, you have to learn to be happy and content by yourself, before you seek it from elsewhere. And going to the movies is a perfect opportunity for you to learn how to keep yourself busy and entertain yourself. It sure will take your mind off of things that have been stewing in your head.

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9. Plan a friends’ night out.


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You get so caught up in work and sleep and other daily chores, that you forget to take the time out to connect with friends – in person. Round up the old gang and plan a fun night out with them. A night filled with fun, games, and dancing is sure to make you feel happy. Let your hair down once in a while and enjoy your life. You’d be surprised at how much you needed to get away from the daily grind.

10. Ditch social media.

What do you see when you fire up your numerous social media accounts? Your friends getting married, having kids, getting promotions, traveling the world? While it might seem like they’re living ‘the dream,’ you don’t know anything behind those smiles they pose for the pictures. You don’t know the struggles and the tears and the sweat behind those achievements. And they don’t know your struggles and tears and sweat. So why torture yourself at all? Let it go. Take a detoxing hiatus from social media and do something else. Read, write, or listen to music. You’ll find you’re happier for it. Trust me.

11. Plan a hiking trip.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Surround yourself by nature and all its splendor. Hiking in the woods will not just let you clear your head, but it also lets you get some exercise. It’s a relaxing endeavor, because it makes you realize how insignificant and inconsequential your problems are. Chances are, you’ll even find answers to some of the questions bothering you. It’s just a matter of a change of scenery and the realization that there are many more things to life than just work and daily routine.

12. Volunteer for a cause.

Choose a cause that’s close to your heart, or you strongly believe in, and help out. It could visiting a retirement home or volunteering at a hospice, it’s bound to give you a new perspective on life. It might even help you realize how lucky you are, and that life is what you make it, and whether to be happy or lonely, is all in your hands.

13. Sign up for a class.

Whether it’s a martial arts class or a baking class, ditch your hesitancy and just sign up for it. You know you’ve been thinking of joining it for a while now, but you just ‘didn’t have the time.’ What better time than the present to do what you want? Learning a new skill, engaging in a new interest, are bound to give you a sense of accomplishment, a feel good factor. Who knows, this endeavor might let you stumble onto your hidden passion. It’s bound to make you feel satisfied with yourself.

14. Start a journal.

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Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings. This helps you let out all the negative feelings and thoughts in your head to come out in a positive way. Journaling helps you feel a bit less alone. This is especially so for days when you’re feeling low and lonely than other days. Once you’ve penned down what you feel, you’ll gradually see a pattern emerge, about when you feel lonely, what triggered it, what goes on in your head during these times. All of these help you figure out why you’re feeling lonely in the first place. This gives you an opportunity to make a conscious effort to examine your thoughts and beliefs, which will help you feel less alone.

15. Seek professional help.

It is perfectly alright to admit that you need help, of the professional kind. A therapist most likely help you figure out what the causes are for your loneliness, why you’re feeling the way you are, and how to overcome them. They will help you work through it, every step of the way. Sometimes, there are even undiagnosed factors that might be contributing to your loneliness like depression or other mental illnesses.

16. Find a hobby.

It could be something that you like to do but your busy routine doesn’t allow you enough time to indulge in it. Be it reading or writing stories or sewing or collecting stuff that interest you, immerse yourself in it. It’ll surely take your mind off of your loneliness and make you happy. It will also help you set a goal for yourself where you work towards achieving something that will make you proud of yourself.

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17. Take a vacation.

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Doing the same thing day in and day out can get boring and monotonous very fast. Take that vacation that you’ve been meaning to take for a long time now. It’s time. Take yourself away from the daily grind and just enjoy being with yourself in a new place and just relax. Whether a beach soothes you or you thrive for the adrenaline rush, or have a relaxing spa weekend, just go for it. A vacation helps you connect with yourself, the one m­ost important relationship you’ll ever have in your life.

Feeling lonely from time to time is natural, but it doesn’t have to a permanent condition. Take charge of the situation, take steps to move away from the feelings of loneliness and isolation, and move towards positivity. It will help expand your world and discover new potential by discovering yourself. Learning how to overcome loneliness may seem like an uphill climb, but it is certainly doable, and yes, you can do it successfully. Good luck!

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