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17 Signs That Prove You Have Reached An Alarming Level Of Being A Righteous Perfectionist

“Wait, let me do it for you”, “No! This is NOT how it is done”, “Argh! You never get it right!”, if you find yourself repeating these sentences one too many times, you could be a perfectionist. Everybody wants to do a perfect job but then you reach this alarming level where your inner perfectionist becomes a monster and the righteousness becomes overbearing. Here are the signs that will help you identify if you have reached dangerously close or are simply beyond help 😛

1. Me first!


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God forbid if you end as the runner up!

2. Sorry, not for me!


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You know which things you can do just right and you steer clear of things that shan’t be 100% right by your books- all the while, making a note of becoming the absolute BEST at what you are skipping now, of course! 😛

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3. Giving up is for winners…


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Imperfection can frustrate you no end and you would rather give up than do something shoddily

4. Defense is offence!

As a perfectionist you take pride in doing things perfectly and you cannot deal with even a minor mistake. You try to get all defensive about it and won’t let it go until you fix it just right.

5. Did you say critic?


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You cannot get over the fact that you made a mistake, you need to analyze it, break it down, so much so that nobody else can get an opinion on it sideways! You are, after all, your own best critic!

6. In pursuit of perfection

You are willing to sacrifice your time, health and wealth to get anything done perfectly. No  sleep? No problem, you nailed the task!

7. It’s not okay!


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You just cannot deal with people who take a leeway under the convenient ‘it’s okay’ syndrome. You are blind to greys in tasks- for you, it’s either finished or unfinished.

8. Right or wrong?


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There is absolutely no error of judgment in your eyes about how a thing is either right or wrong. And you definitely know the answer!

9. Obsessive much?

Yes, you made a mistake, everybody does. But you don’t think it’s possible to make one. You go over the mistake again and again, dissect it like a forensic expert so that you get to the root of it to decipher how it can NEVER be committed again!

10. Jury and judge


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You are very quick to make judgmental opinions about other people, if they make a mistake it is unlikely they will ever be given a chance to work with you again.

11. Like me please

Despite all this you want people to like your work, which means you want them to like you. You cannot separate your task from you; you fail to see how a person can like you but not your work.

12. What is empathy?


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You have no clue how to work with a team because you don’t work under normal human limitations. Your superhuman perfectionist powers leave you with no empathy.

13. It’s too hard

Sometimes, you put in a lot of effort, more than is required but still  somehow fail or you don’t get it done perfectly.  You take it too hard on yourself!

14. Keep working

You just don’t know when to stop; you are that person who burns the midnight oil at work to get things done perfectly. An ‘okay’ is not good to you.

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15. Thanks, but no thanks


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Personal capability is a matter of integrity and you cannot compromise it by asking people for help. You cannot be deemed weak.

16. You failed too? Phew!

Achieving the impossible is your motto and you believe you can do it but when you don’t, the only solace you take is from others who have failed alongside you.

17. Anal control freak


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You HAVE to do it perfectly; you HAVE to do it a certain way and you will not take no for an answer. And the only way you can do it is by taking control.

People ain’t happy with all of the above? Too bad!

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A Righteous Perfectionist: 17 Signs That Prove You've Reached An Alarming Level Of Being One
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