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Why You Need To Look For A Partner With ISTJ Personality Traits

Have you taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)) test yet?

My observation is that whenever one person is found adequate to the discharge of a duty… it is worse executed by two persons, and scarcely done at all if three or more are employed therein.

George Washington

The test offers rating scale questions, with the scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. When you answer all the questions, you are given your result, which can be any one of these 16 categories:

Category 1: Analysts
– INTJ (The Architect)
– INTP (The Logician)
– ENTJ (The Commander
-ENTP (The Debater)

Category 2: Diplomats
-INFJ (The Advocate)
-INFP (The Mediator)
-ENFJ (The Protagonist)
-ENFP (The Campaigner)

Category 3: Sentinels
ISTJ (The Logician)
-ISFJ (The Defender)
-ESTJ (The Executive)
-ESFJ (The Consul)

Category 4: Explorers
-ISTP (The Virtuoso)
-ISFP (The Adventurer)
-ESTP (The Entrepreneur)
-ESFP (The Entertainer)

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After taking the test, if you realized that ISTJ is your personality type, then you have found your way to the right article to know more about your personality traits.

ISTJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging.

Introversion (I): How you direct your energy and relate to the world around you. ISTJs prefer spending time along or with small groups of close friends.

Sensing (S): How you take in information from the environment. ISTJs prefer to focus on the details rather than thinking about abstract information.

Thinking (T): How you make decisions. ISTJs make decisions based on logic and objective data rather than personal feelings.

Judging (J): How you orient yourself to the outside world. ISTJs are planners; they like to carefully plan things out well in advance.

Common ISTJ traits include,

  • Focused on details and facts
  • Realistic
  • Interested in the present more than the future
  • Observant, but slightly subjective
  • Interested in the internal world
  • Logical and practical
  • Orderly and organized

Based on analysis of their lives and works, some researchers including Keirsey have suggested that the following famous individuals exhibit ISTJ characteristics:

  • George Washington, U.S. President
  • Henry Ford, inventor
  • Johnny Carson, entertainer
  • Elizabeth II, Queen of England
  • Calvin Coolidge, U.S. President
  • Evander Holyfield, boxer
  • Warren Buffett, businessman

Some famous fictional characters that exhibit INTP characteristics include:

  • Cliff Calvin, Cheers
  • Darth Vader, Star Wars
  • Joe Friday, Dragnet
  • Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh
  • Dallas, Alien

ISTJ is a very common type of personality, and to be honest, it’s amazing that we have so many awesome people; I mean, more the merrier is so true in this case! In today’s post, we will spill all the beans about ISTJ personality traits to give you a better understanding of the person you love.

1. These folks have a vintage soul

health benefits of walking_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License 

People with an ISTJ personality type are old souls who love everything retro. For them, traditions and rituals are important. They firmly believe that the tried and tested path ought to be considered even if not followed when venturing into an unknown territory.

2. Their ideal day is one spent at home

For the ISTJs, the spending the day at home baking or reading a book under a cozy blanket or watching a movie with loved ones is the best kind of plan. These folks are homebods, who like the idea of quiet relaxation.

3. They are the most practical and responsible people in the room (at all times!)

Responsibility is an ISTJ’s second name. If there is someone in your group, you or others constantly seek advice from, then in all probability, this person is an ISTJ. They will never come up with a crazy idea; for them, it is very significant to be practical all the time.

4. For them, the small things in life are the big things

woman blowing bubbles_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

You will find the ISTJs spending their weekend making something new out of an old mason jar or turning an old piece of cloth into a rustic lampshade. They will walk the dog in the park, without anybody having to force them. For them, alcohol is not important enjoy life.

5. These folks are usually at the managerial positions

Not just managers, most ISTJs are also accountants or scientists. They love numbers; they adore accuracy. These people are hard workers who are relentless for the search of truth, and for them truth is an absolute and they are willing to do everything that it takes to arrive at that absolute.

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6. ISTJs are not adaptable to change

For the ISTJs, stability is vital; it makes them feel safe, and so they tend to cling to routine and rituals. Also, for these peeps, imperfection is not beauty. They tend to get irritated by unpredictability, and often lose their cool in such situations.

7. ISTJs prioritize being right over being kind

couple fighting_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License 

This is one of the main reasons why dating someone with ISTJ personality traits is a drag. Since they are obsessed about logic, they put more emphasis on being right in an argument than being kind enough to listen to the other person’s opinion.

8. Honesty means the world to them

Though an ISTJ’s honesty is what will attract you to them first, later, however, t might be the “issues” between you and them, because these people don’t know where to draw the line. They are honest to the point of being very blunt, and tend to hurt a lot of people who are closest to them.

How compatible are ISTJs with other personality types?

Kindred spirits

The personality types with which ISTJs are likely to share their interests, and have a similar approach toward life are,

ISTP, The Craftsman

ISFJ, The Protector

ESTJ, The Supervisor

If you belong to any of the aforementioned personality traits, then you are likely to form a very good bond with an ISTJ because you both are very similar to each other.

Intriguing differences

The following personality traits have striking similarities with ISTJs; however, they have some key differences that make them seem intriguing and interesting:

INTJ, The Mastermind

ESTP, The Dynamo

ESFJ, The Provider

ENTJ, The Commander

INTPs are likely to get attracted to the aforementioned personality types. The relationship between ISTJs and the above will have a good balance of shared aims; the differences will challenge them to be more understanding and accommodating.

Potential Complements

ISTJs may not feel attracted immediately to the following personality types; however, if they give the friendship time, it could evolve into a relationship, and that too a strong one:

ISFP, The Composer

INTP, The Architect

INFJ, The Counselor

ESFP, The Performer

When the ISTJs and the aforementioned spend more time with each other, they realize that they have more things in common, that too, important things. They will teach each other, inspire each other, and help each other grow.

Challenging Opposites

The personality types that have the greatest potential to have a clash with ISTJs are,

INFP, The Healer

ENTP, The Visionary

ENFP, The Champion

ENFJ, The Teacher

The aforementioned personality types have frequent conflicts with ISTJs, but this is not necessarily a bad thing; it can also mean a great opportunity for growth. ISTJs and the above have very different core values; they are motivated by different things. An ISTJ’s strength is the abovementioned personality types’ weakness, and vice-versa. Therefore, this is a chance for both the parties to learn from each other.

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That is a wrap on what makes the people who exhibit ISTJ personality traits the best in the dating world.

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Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

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Why You Need To Look For A Partner With ISTJ Personality Traits
In today’s post, we will spill all the beans about ISTJ personality traits to give you a better understanding of the person you love.
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