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25 Absolutely FUN Things To Do At Home When Broke And Bored

Broke and at home? Isn’t that just the worst thing?!  No, it isn’t! 😉

There are lots of fun things to do at home, instead of getting bored. Also, these activities will help you save money. You don’t need to go out, and so you don’t need to buy food, or drinks or even gas. This will definitely will save a bulk of that money you are trying not to spend!

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I know your struggle is real because it made you get on the internet and look for this post! We promise we will not disappoint. :)

Those of you who have imposed a house arrest on yourself to save as much as you can, but are getting bored as heck being at home, you have come to the right place.

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Exciting and pleasurable things to do at home

Here is a list of things you that you can do, things that are fun and things that save money. You will be shocked to see how you never tapped into so many resources that lie around the house!

1. Have you finished that half-read book that lies on your side table?

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According to someone funny, people only read books when they are in love or when they are in prison, and if at home you do feel like you are in a prison, then let us finish that book, right?

2. Get things organized

Channelize the Monica in you, and clean up the darn house! It not only makes you feel great (only in the end!), it is also a great time killer. Here’s some suggestion: Don’t get down to clean the whole house on one day. You can take it slow, one room at a time. (Also, by the time you finish the last room, the first room will need tidying up again! ;))

3. How about trying your hands on some Do It Yourself repairs?!

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DIYs are fun, plus in the need you feel all accomplished and proud of yourself. Clean those rusty pipes, work on those hinges that have turned squeaky. Look around, there are so many things that need your attention.

4. Board games are always fun!

Invite another human being home, and play a board game. If you already have humans in the house, ask them if they would like to play. They aren’t half as bad as you think they are, but they might just be as bored!

5. Explore some podcasts

Now, this is definitely fun, especially if you still have no clue what podcasts are!  Podcasts like radio shows have several genres to choose from. So, it is unlikely that you will get bored. Whether you like to tickle your funny bones, or like serious political discussion or interesting talk shows, there is something for everyone.  Yes, science nerds, there is good stuff for us too!

6. Look around the house with the curiosity of a child

You might think this is stupid, but it is not. Every time you explore your house, you are sure to find treasures, some hidden, some forgotten. Think of this as domestic archaeology. Did that just make it sound less fun?! Okay then let us call it plain and simple exploration! You will see how elated you feel at the end of each adventure.

7. Create a blog for yourself and start putting things up on it

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

Words, pictures, tips anything that you want to put out in e world, do it on your blog. I find blogging therapeutic, and apart from making you feel better, they improve your ability to string words and phrases together.

8. Exercise

If you want to burn a few calories or just want to produce extra happy hormones (coz you need them, right?!), then turn towards exercising! Just do a 30-minute workout and you will see how good you feel. If sit-ups and push-ups are not something motivating enough, then how about a dance workout? You will get plenty of videos online. You can even call some of your other broke-friends home, and have a workout party!

9. Childhood photo albums

Bring out some old photo albums and get ready for a trip down memory lane. Time flies when you flip through an old album. Also, there are so many conversations around each picture, conversations sparked by memories, expect hours to flutter away in seconds!

10. Pick up that camera!

woman holding a camera

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

If you think you don’t have enough photos, then it means you need to make more. Take your camera (your phone’s a camera too!), and start clicking because remember what Marc Riboud said? He said,

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” 

You can even go on a solo photo walk and document the city and the life around you.

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11. Take your pet out for a jog

Do it for them, if not for yourself. An unplanned walk is always welcome! You could also spend more time grooming these adorable ‘beast’ies of yours!

12. Channelize the Julia Child in you

man cooking

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Try your hands on a dish you ate somewhere and loved. Raid your kitchen cabinet, hunt for the recipe on internet (or maybe you could just rely on the memory of the taste), and cook yourself a gastronomical dish.

13. Organize your wardrobe, season-wise

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Pack those clothes that you won’t slip into this season. And give away those that you will never slip into! You could even look up Pinterest for some cool DIY ideas that you can try to funk up an old garment.

14. The sewing machine that’s lying in the cupboard? It’s time you use it!

The sewing machine will come in handy while working on the DIY clothes project. :) Also, some of your trousers might be needing a trim. Give them what they want without spending a penny extra!

15. Go to the library

If you are someone who never gets enough of books, the library is paradise! Go to paradise often. J Also, the free Wi-Fi and the air conditioning are amazing bonuses, no?

16. Become a tourist in your city!

woman traveling_New_Love_Times

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This might need you to spend a few dollars, but since you are a local you won’t be duped. See your town with the eyes of an explorer, a tourist.

17. How about babysitting?

Reason? One, babies are cute! And two, this will not only save your money, but actually help you earn a few silvers!

18. If you want to become a socially more conscious person, then help your neighbor!

Run a few errands for them. Get to know them a little better, and who knows, you might meet your new BFF!

19. Enroll in a course in Coursera or edX

You can sit at home in your pajamas with a bowl of cereal in one hand and be studying a course from Harvard or Oxford or The London University… that too for free! If you are willing to spend a few dollars, you will also receive a certificate once you complete the course!

20. Start gardening and transform your balcony into a work of art

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This is my favorite on the list, and one of the best ways to spend time, broke/ not broke. If you are into healing herbs and stuff, then you can grow them in your tiny precious garden. :)

21. Netflix and chill

We mean literally, but if you are planning to go the metaphorical way, we think that’s better!

22. You need to bring out that old console

Video are ah!mazing! And if you don’t have a console, you can always download a game on your PC or your phone and start demolishing those bad guys!

23. Get artsy

You can start with origami classes online or even calligraphy classes (You can use what you learnt to send special thank you notes out to buddies and your best people!). Knitting can also be fun, because this time winter’s coming real soon (17th July, if you know what I mean! ;))

24. Start creating your dream collage or what Lilly Singh calls, “the Vision Board”

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On the board, put up pictures of all the things that you are hoping to achieve real soon. It could be a house, a car, a Ted talk, now that depends on you. Place the board in a corner that is visible. You need to see the pictures on the board every day, and before you realize these will turn into a reality, as looking at them every single day while subconsciously make you do things to achieve those things.

P.S.: It works!

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25. Catch your forty winks

If none these things sound interesting, or if you think they require too much effort, just take a nap. The dream world is a far better place!

That is a wrap on the 25 things to do at home when broke and bored.

Did you like our suggestions? Let us know. If you have some suggestions of your own, then share them with us in the comment section. :)

See you again tomorrow!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

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25 Fun Things To Do At Home When Broke And Bored
There are lots of fun things to do at home, instead of getting bored. Also, you don’t need to go out, and so you don’t need to buy food, or drinks or even gas, so you save money!
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