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Old-School Dating Nostalgia: 7 Things We Miss About Dating In The Olden Days

Yes, you may call me an old sappy romantic but there is something undeniably charming about old fashioned dating when a man’d pick you from home, one hand holding flowers and another stretched out to take yours! When a date would mean something he’d put REAL thought in and after a few hours of real connection melting you in a mush-pool, he’d  leave you on a cloud of fuzzy giddiness with the light peck he’d say ‘goodbye’ with whilst dropping you home!

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Ahh- the days!

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So, in the throes of severe nostalgia for old fashioned dating and the magical spell it locks me in, let me dish out a few amazing reasons why old fashioned dating trumps dating in the millennial age. I bet these’d make you ache for the days before dating became a matter of a few swipes, taps and clicks:

1. Because there were no ‘carpal’ problems

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I miss the time when dates would mean interlocked fingers instead of holding a hand that is writhing under the dull tingle of a ever-on-the-phone syndrome, with fingers that aren’t even felt anymore!

2. Because there were no sexpectations


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Okay, I am not being a prude and saying premarital sex is ruled out- but it wasn’t a first date thing! In fact, there was no mention of going bases on the first date at all. At the most, there was a magical goodnight kiss when your date dropped you home and that’d mean dreaming of ‘making love’ instead of hooking up and never hearing from’em again!

3. Because effort was of prime importance

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I am not saying that I need grand sweeping gestures- but a li’l thought into making the date special does mean that I mean more to you than a random swipe on Tinder that matched. The olden days were proof. Men put thought into how they dressed, what flowers they brought and even, where they were taking us and for what! Sense of occasion, guys!

4. Because there were REAL connections

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Instead of having an awkward sexting round online and do the shameless (or imperative) fade out, people forged real connections even if the first five-minute bumping-into-each-other was at Whole Foods! People met face to face to have real conversations over coffee and more! Throw in a li’l footsie under the table, a reaching out and touching the arm and bam, you felt all sparkly inside- like a hundred blockbusters had lit up inside. Not to forget, the laughter from quick-witted jokes that can only grow from a REAL connection!

5. Because CHIVALRY

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Now, I don’t need a man to open doors for me or pull out the chair but it’s plain nice. And that’s that! I’d do the same for him in return- it’s plain good manners! :)

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6. Because it MEANT something

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Not everyday do you get the butterflies-in-my-stomach moment. In the good old days, the novelty of it made you count your lucky stars. Now, every time a zip code and a swipe results in match, you feel a dull tingle and it fades out as soon as you’ve spent the night! <wistful sigh>

7. Because it wasn’t a game

couple kissing

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Yep, no deceptive dating profiles, pictures, three-day wait to call or any similar hopscotch-on-the-heart type games! The rule of old-school dating was plain and simple- if you liked someone, you’d let them know and take it forward. No hanging on tenterhooks, no un-named dissolutions and frustrating misunderstandings. Now if that isn’t why old is gold, why else’d it be?

I wish to go back to the simpler and golden times!

Any gentlemen listening? 😉

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Old Fashioned Dating Nostalgia: 7 Things We Miss About Dating In The Olden Days
Call me an old sappy romantic but old fashioned dating is magical when a man would pick you from home, one hand holding flowers and another to hold you.
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