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10 Old-fashioned Dating Habits That Are Still Relevant

There was something about old-fashioned dating rules that made it very special. Things weren’t on fast forward back then. Asking someone out on a date wasn’t as simple as leaving a text. You had to gather your courage and be prepared for the woman in question to turn you down. People took their time to get to know each other before getting into a relationship. Even though some of these dating habits might’ve stuck around, there are quite a few gestures that worked wonders back then and are worth us bringing back.

While we belong to a modern society that preaches and practices equality, we’re up for sweet gestures and chivalry. Both men and women should take the effort to make each other feel special in a manner they’re comfortable with. Here are just some ways:

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1. Ask them out on a real date.

asking a girl out on a date

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Dating rules have changed over the years, and today’s pop culture makes it easier for us to ask someone out casually. But asking someone to come for a cup of coffee or a movie isn’t the idea of a real date. You need to have the guts to utter these words, “Will you go on a date with me?” or, “Can I take you out tonight?” You don’t know how much courage is required to say this to someone unless you try it. Instead of taking them to a bar, go for a walk together. In the end, it’s about building a connection with the person you’re with.

2. Don’t go with the expectation to get laid.

couple on a date (7)

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I’m not sure about women, but men definitely need to work on this one. All dates don’t end with sex, sometimes there won’t even be a kiss. Everyone functions differently, and while some people wouldn’t mind having some fun, others want to get to know the person better before they get into any sort of relationship, casual or not. Don’t show up at a date with the expectation of getting laid or getting some action. A date is a way of getting to know someone better, so if it’s only sex you’re looking for, be clear about it before leading her on.

3. Dress up for the occasion.

man dressing up

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When you’re in a relationship with someone, eventually you get so comfortable with having them around that you don’t bother with dressing up and looking good for our sake as well as theirs. But dating in those times made one feel so special because people took the effort to look their best. While we’re not asking you to dress up to please your partner, suiting up when you go to a fancy place or wearing your best jewelry when you go for a wedding are things you do even today. So why not dress for the occasion when the two of you are going on a date?

4. Pick them up from their doorstep.

girl in a car

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Whether it’s a first date or a long-term relationship, meeting someone outside has become so commonplace that no one takes the effort to do this one little thing. Regardless of your gender, if you’re the one who made the plan, pick them up from their door. It isn’t that big a deal and it requires minimal effort, but it’s a nice change from meeting them directly at the venue, and it shows that you care. Wouldn’t you like being treated like that every now and then?

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5. Show up with small gifts.

man holding flowers behind his back

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Wouldn’t it make your day to find your date or significant other waiting for you with your favorite chocolates in their hands? Showing affection towards someone by bringing them flowers or a small gift is a sweet gesture that we no longer bother with today. It doesn’t matter what you get and how much money you spend, it’s the thought that counts. Don’t make excuses – if you really care about the person, you would make the time. If not often, it’s really not that difficult to do it once in a while. This is what makes old-fashioned dating rules so appealing.

6. Keep your phone away.

couple staring at their phones

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You already know this one, yet there isn’t anything you do about it. How would you like it when you’re trying to talk to him but he’s busy texting someone and nodding at you, thinking that it’s a satisfactory response? It’s basic courtesy to keep your phone away when you’re sitting with someone, no matter who it is and how you’re related, let alone when you’re having a conversation. This rule definitely applies when you’re out on a date – it’s rude to use your phone or not pay attention even after you’ve started dating.

7. Be courteous.

couple on a date

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In today’s day and age, courtesy is almost dead. Gone are those times when you ask her before you look into her purse, or ask him if it’s alright to go through his phone and look for his pictures. It’s not about having something to hide, but people have their own definitions of privacy and what might be wrong for them may not be wrong for you. We’re taught about courtesy and manners in school for a reason. Ask if it’s okay before you go through each other’s things, no matter how small it is. Most importantly, before touching someone, ask if they’re comfortable with it, depending on where you’ve reached in the relationship.

8. Don’t skip romantic gestures.

woman giving a gift to man

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People were a lot more romantic way back when. Writing poems describing each other, surprising each other by coming in early from work, are little things that still matter and make a difference. Cook for each other once in a while, read a paragraph from a book they really like, sit on your couch and watch movies together. Surprise each other at work or send gifts and little notes to each other in unexpected places.

9. Compliment each other.

couple hugging

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Don’t get so used to someone that you forget to appreciate the things you like about them. Dropping tiny compliments doesn’t take anything more than a minute and makes the person feel good about themselves. Don’t restrict your compliments to physical appearance; go beyond that if you want to show that you really care. Compliment their nature, the way they talk, what they do for you, small habits/quirks they have that they don’t even know about. Notice things about each other that bring a smile to your face and tell your partner about it. Simple!

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10. Talk about things that matter.

couple on a date

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Many relationships don’t work out today because there is so much miscommunication and so many things left unsaid. Communication is key in any kind of relationship. Trust your partner and communicate your feelings to them. You might find it difficult to open up and tell them when you’re hurt, upset, or angry, especially at first. If this is the case, let them know – your partner will appreciate it when you make an effort to let your guard down and communicate properly.

These are not the only old-fashioned dating rules that are still relevant. There are quite a few others as well, but these are the ones that are most important in today’s day and age. Happy dating!

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10 Old-fashioned Dating Rules That Are Still Relevant
Some might scoff at the old-fashioned dating etiquette, but it is relevant even today. Take a look at 10 such dating rules.
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