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Top 8 Things Husbands Do Which Destroy Their Marriage

“There are no perfect relationships; it’s how you accept the imperfections that make it perfect.”

Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes, and while it is good to learn from them and avoid repeating the same ones, some men lack this attribute and cause irreparable damage to their relationship.

One of the main sustaining elements of a marriage should be peace and happiness, which most of the couples nowadays fail to achieve because of various reasons. But both men and women must never STOP putting effort to make their relationship better.

Here is the list of some most common things that husbands do which they MUST avoid that destroy their marriage:

1. Leaving wife alone


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This quickest way to destroy your marriage is to leave your wife alone and not spending quality time with her. Communication is one of most essential elements of a successful relationship. So STOP being a workaholic or spending time with your friends, instead of spending time with your wife and children.

2. Not opening up

Hiding things from your wife and not letting her know the real you, can be very destructive. Being independent is good, but things should be transparent between you and your wife, else she might become skeptical about things and this might be very unhealthy for your relationship.

3. Not making her feel special


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You have to draw a line and make your better half believe that she has a special place in your life. If you continue to act and do things you typically do for all your friends, she might feel that there is no difference between her and your friends, and that she doesn’t hold a special place in your heart. Trust me, women love to feel special; so gift her stuff she loves or take her out on a romantic date, do whatever you can to her love and show that you care.

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4. Trying to ‘correct’ her – ALWAYS!

While it is good to correct people when you feel they are wrong, but always trying to fix people even when they are right is bad. You are not perfect; there are things that you have no idea about, so STOP judging her all the time and telling her that there is nothing that she can do right because women are no less smarter than men.

5. Not paying attention to her problems

Taking her problems and insecurities lightly might screw up your relationship. The whole point of being in a committed relationship and/or marriage is to support each other during the highs and lows. If you neglect your wife’s problems and do not care about her feelings, then there is no meaning to your marriage or your commitment.

6. Not taking care of her physical needs


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Men should not become selfish and think only about their own orgasm and ignore their partner’s needs. Relationship between you and your wife should be mutual where you both should not only become each other’s mental strength but also take care of physical desires.

7. Not taking responsibilities

From drinking habits to husbands cheating, many men blame their wives for all their wrongdoing. They place the entire blame on their wife’s nagging or her not being good enough, that led them down the path of wrongdoing. This is wrong on so many levels; you are responsible for your own behavior, so it is time for you to start being mature and take responsibilities for your own actions and choices.

8. Getting lost in despair


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Unlike men, women like to talk things out when something is troubling them. But most men have the habit of shutting things out and not expressing how they feel. Such men think that it’s a sign of weakness to ask for help or to even express how they’re feeling when they’re feeling low. When you don’t discuss your feelings and the cause of stress with your wife, it makes her insecure. So, be more open, share things, and trust me, you will feel more relieved.

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Top 8 Things Husbands Do That Destroy Their Marriage
There are some things that husbands can avoid in order to save their marriage. Read to know the 8 things husbands do which destroy their marriage.
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