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8 Things To Know About Loving A Virgo Man

An exceptionally discriminating, pompous neurotic will definitely be a browbeaten husband – if he ever manages to find someone for himself. Is this what you have figured out about a Virgo man? Well then, you are utterly mistaken! Forget the clichés; the Virgin is not all that virginal after all! Since he talks so little, his only words while taking his pants off are “Honey, it’s time!” Picky and critical, with an eagle’s eye on details and a greater sense of duty than Asterix, a Virgo man in love is willing to give you his all!

His calculating mind cannot compute the romance in a candle light dinner or watching the sunset while holding hands. Often accused of being a perfectionist (and rightfully so!), a Virgo man in love looks for perfection in his relationship with a perfect girl! (The excessive use of the same word in the sentence would have given the OCD Virgo man a headache by now! But wait, the word is “perfect,” so he won’t mind!) Are you already giving up? C’mon! Everything worth having always comes with an instruction manual!

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We here are ready to help you out with all the things you need to know about loving a Virgo man.

1. “When I stepped up in the club even my eyes was shinin”

colin firth

Colin Firth

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

OCD is a brilliant word to describe the Virgo man! While normal people see love as black and white and maybe some shades of grey, the Virgo man analyzes love in hues of clean and dirty. Jack Nicholson’s character in the movie “As Good As It Gets,” with containers of M&Ms separated by color is a perfect example of what you are getting into, my lady! This dude doesn’t make adjustments to his rather tiring needs for cleanliness, even if he is in love. He likes his things in their assigned places and even his underwear folded. Don’t think you’ll have to do all this for him after you guys hook up though! On the contrary, he’ll even press your clothes because he gets an org*smic pleasure by doing these things (not for you, but for Goddess Hygieia!). It’s not all bleak here! If you brush a thousand times, clean your nails twice a day, and don’t alter the position of anything even by a millimeter, your love will blossom!

2. “Fire Burnin, Higher Learnin”

hugh grant

Hugh Grant

Image source: Pinterest

If there is any part of your body you need to expose to turn the Virgo man on, it’s your brain (clean toe nails come next!) Since he is very particular about his circle of people, he will double check your intellectual background before saying “yes”! (Yes, you have to propose to him. He will be too shy!). But the fact that you’ve crossed that level is a huge achievement. Now let’s proceed. A Virgo man in love is a sapiosexual! He expects his companion to be highly intelligent and updated about everything, so that conversations are on a higher level and extremely informative. Your thinking cap should always be on! He is not into mushy talks that are devoid of any substance, he sees these as a waste of time! As the famous Linda Goodman, the author of “Love Signs” puts it, loving a Virgo man demands that you to improve your own qualities regularly.

3. The Time “Keepers” Wife!

idris elba

Idris Elba

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

The Virgo man has a halo over his head! (Didn’t notice it before? Check it out the next time. It’s right over his flawlessly combed hair!). While dating a Virgo man, you are sure to get a lot of evil looks from other women, and why shouldn’t they envy you? How many girls find a man who is well-dressed, home-loving, responsible, and to put a cherry on top, a Shetland sheepdog when it comes to loyalty? His quirky habits only add to his adorability. But, remember he is adorable as long as you are on time (actually, in time!). If late on a date, your Virgo won’t take a minute to think twice before dumping you! But before leaving, he’ll recite Lewis Carroll to you and say, “At “half-past” then be dressed. If at a ‘quarter-past’ make haste.” (His leaving you will not affect the fact that he wants you to improve! An angel!)

4. “Then at the bachelor’s pad, doin’ what the Virgos do.”

keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

The Virgo man is detached enough to flirt out loud, but his acts are seldom beyond platonic! Virgo men in love create a subtle heat which is not unnoticeable. Their love is clean and spirited. Finally a man who is not green and possessive about his lover! An elegant, honest, and unpretentious relationship is all that he wants, though he understands that it is tough to find a match like that. He will take you out to the best of restaurants and change his order a million times (you might want to dump him right there!). But he does all this because he wants you to have the best of everything. For all this to happen, you have to be ‘selected’ by him. But, in case he ever finds out that you are double dealing with him, he can be cold enough to cut you out. Like the Gotye song, you’ll be “Somebody that I Used to Know” to him, you won’t exist for him anymore. He doesn’t want you lingering in his head and disturbing his calculations. When he ends a contract, he wraps it up forever.

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5. Won’t you come an’ chill out with the Virgo

martin freeman

Martin Freeman

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

This man’s idea of chillin’ out is helping people who are less privileged than he is. The Virgo’s desire for hard work is an innate quality of his. If you are dating this work worshipper, you need to know that he will be the last one to leave office and the first one in the next morning (that is, if he comes home at all!). He has this thing about duty and responsibilities which would even put Spiderman to shame! A Virgo man in love extends the same understanding of duty when it comes to his partner. His love is more of a devotion. When it comes to lifelong commitments, the Virgo has no match. You are a lucky girl!

6. Virgo proof, baby; A spade’s a spade!

paul walker

Paul Walker

Image source: Flickr

The Virgo makes the best critic in the world. Loving a Virgo man is like going through a constant screening process! You will be living with a boy scout! The Virgo man is very demanding in love. His microscopic Sheldonish eyes will see the tiniest of flaws in you. He is not only critical of you, but also of himself, and wants both of you to continue working on your relationship even if it’s already pitch-perfect – every app has an upgraded version after all! The dearth of a comprehensive and clear-cut recipe for the dish of love can be quite alarming for a Virgo man in love. His love life is a chemistry lab; each potion requires the right portions of each reactant; a little stumble in exactness: Boom! The Bing Bang!

7. “Mr. Charming Don’t Come Home Anymore!”

rupert grint

Rupert Grint

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

If you have been watching a lot of romcoms lately (or even Disney movies!), and expect your prince charming, Josh Dallas, to sweep you off your feet and bring the moon and stars for you, stop right there. You are with the wrong man. (Also, wake up! No man can bring you the moon and stars!) The Virgo man in love is more practical than anything else. His facts and figures don’t help him consider gooey love. Push him out of his comfort zone and he’ll push you out of his life! No melodrama and no sugar coating, he is simple and straightforward. If you can keep your emotions to a minimum, this relationship mellows like fine wine – better with time! A Virgo man’s love is typically like a steady flame; it’s not passionate, but it is resilient! He is like Daniel Craig, gets better with age. 😉

8. Virg“O” my God!

sean connery

Sean Connery

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

When it comes to how good your man will be in bed, remember he is eager to please! After I finished the Fifty Shades of Grey (very grey!), I was pretty sure that Christian Grey is a Virgo! Well, if you don’t trust me, beat this: Charlie Sheen’s a Virgo! He has even dreamt of his fantasies logically, with great accuracy! While loving a Virgo man, make sure you get past his cool demeanor (with subtlety, of course!) and enter his world of fantasies. This man can give you the best org*sms!

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Michael Jackson, Richard Gere, Stephen King, Sean Connery, Jack Black, Keanu Reeves … No, I am not (just) naming names of the Perfectionists! This is a very small list of the Virgo men out there; so you know what legacy your man belongs to! A Virgo man knows that anything worth doing is worth overdoing!

‘Patience, Grasshopper!’ Virgo men belong to those who wait! If you don’t have the cheek to clench the thorn, I suggest, don’t pine for the rose!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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