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9 Powerful Signs Your Rebound Relationship Could Turn Into Something Real

Too often we bump into someone just after we have ended a relationship, and we think that it could be a great distraction. We try to substitute the pain of our heartbreak with sex and forget the fact that the rebound relationship can turn into a something real. Try to look for these signs, as chances are that it could be more than just a one-night stand.

1. When the sex is really amazing


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Needless to say, most of the rebound flings start with sex because it is the first thing that comes to our mind to get over our ex. Usually, rebound sex is not that great as people are not emotionally ready to sleep with someone else and thinks of their ex after getting intimate with someone else. But if your rebound sex is mind-blowing, then you should certainly think of this one as an exception.

2. When you no longer think of your ex when you are with them

The entire purpose of having a rebound was to forget your ex and if you are still with your rebound when it is served, it means that there is something which is making you stay. When you are with them, you are no longer sad or depressed – you are happy.

3. When you like to see them again (and again…)

Even after having a one-night stand, you go home and smile, as you can’t wait to see them again. You want to be with them one more time.

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4. When you want more than just sex

After a while, when you start knowing the person, you acknowledge them as more than just a rebound. You try to meet them in order to know who they are, without the intention of sex.

5. When you text them all the time

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Because it has been over a month now since you are in your rebound relationship and you have never felt so good. They have become one of your favorite people and you spend hours texting them.

6. When you can’t stop thinking about them

When you are able to remember each and everything about them and their thought doesn’t seem to leave your mind.

7. And make frequent plans to see them

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This is one such sign that should never be avoided. If you would like to see them somewhere out and take them for a lunch or a dinner date, then it certainly means your rebound relationship is turning into a real deal. Your home is no longer the place where you guys meet and you would like to take it ahead from having pizza in bed. You want to make plans with them and go on vacations to have a great time.

8. When they are interested to know the real you

Because it can’t be a one-way relationship and you soon realize that they are able to reciprocate the same sense of emotions as well. They will bring a smile on your face with a mushy text in the middle of a hectic day or would often come home with food and beer. They will start showing interest in your life and would make you believe that it is more than just a rebound relationship.

9. When you realize that you can fall in love once again

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Your past relationship might have left you wounded and you could have reached the conclusion that you are never ever going to be in love you. But here you are, thinking of the one who was supposed to be your rebound and you realize how great life can be at times. You have moved on from your past relationship in the most unexpected manner and are ready to fall in love again.

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9 Signs Your Rebound Relationship Could Turn Into Something Real
When a rebound relationship can bounce back as something REAL!
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