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7 Real Reasons Why Rebound Sex Won’t Help You Get Over Your Ex

Rebound sex can give you a temporary high, by letting you assume that you might get over your ex or that you have got your groove back, but it is something that you will definitely regret in the long run. It might take your mind off from your ex for a while, but it might cause even more damage than before. Here are a few concrete reasons that will make you realize that rebound sex can never be the bandage that you need to heal your broken heart.

1. You are emotionally unavailable

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You have just ended things with your ex and the memories of your last relationship are still fresh. You need some time to soak them in and make yourself ready for something bigger and better. Nobody likes to be with someone who has a lot of baggage and right now, you are one of them. A rebound fling will definitely make you feel worse and damage your emotional stability.

2. You might wake up feeling ashamed

The pleasure of sex won’t last forever and the next morning, you will feel guilty and mortified. You might feel as if you have just committed adultery. Even though when you are no longer with them, you will still feel connected and the rebound sex will only make you walk a path full of regrets.

3. There is no going back to your ex

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If you think that there is still a chance of you two getting back together and that you are willing to fight for your relationship, keep your distance from the idea of having sex with someone else. You can’t go back to your ex after sleeping with someone else, just a few minutes after your breakup.

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4. You might hurt the other person

Rebound sex can be the most selfish thing that you can do sometimes. It could be a one-night stand for you, but it can mean something else for the other person. They can start having feelings for you, making it even more complicated. What if your rebound is the love of your life? Are you ready to give away a lifetime of happiness for a few orgasms?

5. It won’t make your ex jealous

A lot of people think that rebound sex might make their ex jealous, which is a complete lie. This will only push them away and will make them believe that they are better off without you. They might start thinking that they meant just as little to you and that breaking up with you was a right call. It won’t be a way of getting back to your ex. You might end up hurting yourself or the person with whom you are getting involved for your selfish reasons.

6. It will make you miss your ex even more

Do you think you can replace your ex with someone else, just like that? Unlike things, people can’t be replaced. When you would be having sex with someone else, you will think of your ex. You might even fantasize about them while having sex with someone else, which is wrong on so many levels. Contrary to popular belief, the sex might make you miss them even more.

7. You will stop being yourself

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When you are getting into a rebound fling without giving the whole fiasco a moment of self-realization, you are becoming a whole new person. Do you even believe in the idea of a one-night stand? Have you done something like this before your last relationship? Try to answer these questions before you think you are ready to have meaningless sex with a stranger.

The next time you are planning to have some rebound sex to get over your ex, you need to ask yourself – can an orgasm really fix your broken heart? The answer would be loud and clear.

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7 Reasons Why Rebound Sex Won't Help You Get Over Your Ex
Because we all know how the rebound sex fiasco goes!
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