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A Complete Guide On How To Meet Someone At A Wedding

A wedding is an exciting affair not only for the people who are getting hitched, but also for the people who are attending the wedding, aka, you. But there are also a lot of people who don’t want to attend a wedding, and after much speculation and serious surveying, I have found out the reason why – it is because they are ashamed to turn up without their “+1” which is so ominously mentioned on the wedding invite. The good news is, when you know how to meet someone at a wedding, you are set to rock the party, even if you don’t turn up with a date on your arm.

If you are feeling pathetic about your existence before you attend a wedding because you are single as a pringle and unable to get hold of someone who will be willing to accompany you to a wedding, we have an entire article’s worth of encouragement to boost your morale. You should take complete advantage of your single status and flaunt it with pride, especially in places like a wedding, where there will be a ton of people who you don’t know and might just want to familiarize yourself with, if you know what I mean.

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What people fail to understand is that a wedding is the place, the golden opportunity that you have been waiting for to meet new people. Even if the chances of you finding the love of your life at a wedding are low, at least there is a chance. If not the love of your life, then you can always get yourself a date at the wedding itself and have a great night yourself.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to meet someone at a wedding, for both guys and girls.

How to meet guys at a wedding

For all you ladies who think it is ridiculous to attend a wedding without a date on your arm, and you absolutely refuse to sit around and wait for some cute and nice guy to come and pick you up or ask you to dance, then this is your opportunity to learn the art of flirtation with successful results and rewards.

1. Dress it up

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There is no denying that the first impression is created based on what you look like. Therefore, in order to attract the hot singles (sorry for being so shallow), dress up and put your most fabulous fashion foot forward. Don’t hold back when it comes to wearing something you love by thinking that it will be “too much” for a wedding (which is not your own). When you dress to impress, you are bound to see the results.

2. Don’t move in flocks

One of the reasons you might not find yourself being approached by too many people at weddings is because you tend to stick to your female friends, parlay with your fellow bridesmaids, and in general, move in packs, which is why some people (especially singe, shy men who want to talk to you and not your friends) might have some difficulty approaching you. The trick is to separate yourself from the crowd and look interested in talking to people, so that even if you don’t want to make the first move in approaching people, they have no trouble finding their way to you.

3. Ask your bride/groom friend beforehand

If you are not someone who is fond of “winging it” or being spontaneous or going with the flow, then you can plan ahead and actually ask your bride or groom or whoever else you are acquainted with at the wedding about whether there will be any single, attractive young men attending the wedding. If there are, then you can make it clear to them that you will most definitely not mind being seated with them at the same table, or given responsibilities which you can share with them. There is no harm in planning from beforehand.

4. Talk with people

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If there is one trick regarding how to meet someone at a wedding, then it is to take the initiative yourself. Most of the time, women make the mistake of either sitting isolated without speaking to anyone or moving around in packs. When you are in need of a good-looking and pleasant date at a wedding, you have to get the ball rolling yourself and make sure you are noticed. How do you do that? By mingling with people, of course. The moment someone sees that you are interested in talking to people and that you are not here with someone, they too will feel like coming up and talking to you. Also, in case you are unable to find out beforehand about whether there are any eligible bachelors, you can always find out yourself, and this is one of the best ways of doing so.

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How to meet girls at a wedding

Although most of the tips for boys and girls are the same when it comes to meeting people at a wedding, there are some subtle differences, and in the case of boys, some extra things they need to follow in order to get themselves a pretty date. Here are some of the things that could help you get the perfect +1 at the wedding itself.

1. Talk to all age groups

Boys and men have a tendency of discounting married couples, or people who do not belong to their age group when it comes to talking to people at weddings. However, that is a gross mistake that you definitely should not be committing when you are trying to go home, or at least spend the evening with a date. The reason you should talk to people of all ages is because you never know who turns out to be a matchmaker and who sets you up with Miss Perfect. The trick is to come across as a chatty and pleasant person to all people at a wedding.

2. Don’t get drunk

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Even though you might be highly enticed by the presence of an open bar and a free flow of alcohol, if you are planning to have a good time, you have to keep yourself in check and not get sloshed out of your mind, because then you will be the stinky drunk no one wants to come close to. More importantly, you will be out of control and far from meeting someone at the wedding, you might be asked to leave. Even though things don’t usually go to that extreme level, it is best if you keep your alcohol consumption in check so that you are always in control of the situation and your senses.

3. Create the right impression

The thing about a wedding is that even though you are a guest at someone else’s party, there will be many opportunities which will allow you to hog the spotlight and fly solo, which should be your chance to create an impression on all your wedding guests (and especially if you have been eyeing someone in particular). Whether it is making a speech for the bride and groom or making a toast or hitting the dance floor, the trick is to ensure that you stand out and garner popular support, making you a chick magnet, for lack of better terms.

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4. Become friends with their friends

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It doesn’t necessarily have to be friends though. If you find someone you would like to spend the rest of the evening with, try to figure out who they are with, whether it is their family or a bunch of friends. For example, you can be your hilarious self and impress all her gal pals who are definitely going to gush about you to her. Or if she has come with her cute grandma, then shake it out on the dance floor with her and let grandma do the gushing. Well, you get the drift. As the Spice Girls had very rightly said, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.” PREACH.

Essentially, if you want to figure out how to meet someone at a wedding, you have got to work on your personality, and the manner in which you present yourself and conduct yourself in front of people, irrespective of whether you are a guy or a girl. If you do find someone you are interested in, do not be afraid to speak your mind, ask for their contact number or initiate a conversation because this could actually be the start of something real. However, it is essential that you approach them without coming across as creepy, because the moment you freak one person out, everyone will know because that is how large gatherings work. On the brighter side, even if it doesn’t work out, it isn’t likely that you will meet them again, so a wedding is basically the most ideal place to meet and date.

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A Complete Guide On How To Meet Someone At A Wedding
When you know how to meet someone at a wedding, you are set to rock the party, even if you don’t turn up with a date on your arm.
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