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This Might Just Be The Greatest Ad Of 2015 – After All, it Has The Great Khali

Ambuja Cement is known for its ‘vishwas majbuti ka.’

And who else could they possibly choose to personify this promise better than the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the one-and-only great Khali… except… they added one small but immensely powerful twist…

…and the ‘power’ of this rather-emotional twist is such that it shall make you wonder what ‘real’ strength is really like…

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Pehle Khali bahut udaas tha…


Usse apni hi taaqat le doobti thi…


Ghar ki deewarein bhi kuch khass madad nahi kar rahi thi…


Chahe vo khane ke waqt ho…


Ya khilane ke…


Ya naach gaane ke…


Phir uski zindagi mein ambuja aaya…

ambuja cement

Ab khali kuch nahi todta…


Ab Khali khush hai, bahut khush hai…


Watch the amazing TV commercial here:

Did you ever think Khali would give us one of the most hilarious TV commercials of all time- the kind where you laugh until you cry?

Well, see…we told ya…seems like ‘perceived strength’ includes much more than meets the eye…

And Ambuja, well played. If it is strong enough for Khali, it sure gives us the ‘vishwas majbuti ka.’

All images: Youtube

Article Name
This Ad Featuring The Great Khali Might Just Be The Greatest Ad Of 2015
If you thought Khali could only make bones break, watch him tickle your funny bone in this latest and hilarious Ambuja Cements ad! Well done, Ambuja!
Sejal Parikh

Sejal Parikh

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