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50 ‘I Dos’ You Need To Be Able To Commit To Before Getting Married

‘I do’ are the two magical words that change a couple’s life. It is usually a phrase that is uttered while exchanging marriage vows, and by saying these words, two people willingly agree to spend the rest of their lives together, be it in happy times or sad.

These two words carry a lot of emotional value and at the same time create a sense of great responsibility. ‘I do,’ at the moment of union, may mean a dedication towards lifelong togetherness. But in the long run, when married life begins, ‘I do’ reveals its true meaning on whole different levels. It means the vow of taking care of one another, of accommodating and accepting your partner with all their flaws and qualities. No matter what the circumstances are, they will have to fulfill these promises. The promise that a couple makes when getting married, therefore, becomes the foundation of their life together and eventually makes the marriage work.


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So if you are thinking of getting married in the near future, you must first be fully prepared to make certain commitments, in order to ensure you have a happy married life that is safe from falling apart. Here are the basic and most important ‘I dos’ that you need to commit to before getting married to your significant other.

On love

1. I do want to let you know our marriage is the most important thing to me in my life.

2. I do promise that I will put no person or thing, for that matter, before our marriage.

3. I do want to give all my love to you, because our marriage will be the best only if I can love you more than you love me.

4. I do not expect our marriage to be easy, so I promise I will do all it takes to make it work.

5. I do know that our marriage may not always be rainbows and sunshine, and there will surely be trying times, but I will certainly help us through such phases.


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6. I do wish to make all the compromises needed to keep the both of us happy.

7. I do promise to make all the sacrifices possible for your sake, because your happiness and well-being is as important to me as my own.

8. I do strive to appreciate all the sacrifices made for the sake of our marriage. I will appreciate every little thing that you do for me.

9. I do care about you. A lot. I hope my actions will show just how much you mean to me during our lifelong relationship together.

10. I do wish to show you just how much I love you, and I will do anything to convey my feelings to you. I will shower you with love and things that you are fond of and wish for.

11. I do want to remember and celebrate all our special days together in the most memorable way.


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12. I do want to be your best friend, because marriage fades away more for lack of friendship than for lack of love.

13. I do want to make it a habit to communicate with you, for communication is the solution to many problems. Knowing how to communicate with you will make me aware of what I will have to do when I face a problem again next time.

14. I do want to be honest about everything that concerns us and our marriage.

15. I do not want to cheat on you. I will remain committed to you for the rest of my life, for I doubt anybody will ever be as perfect as you are to me.

16. I do promise that I will look back at the great times we have shared if I end up having the jitters about us.

17. I do feel afraid that I might have to lose you, and that fear makes me want to hold on to you when I have you with me.

wedding ceremony

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18. I do want to make you feel complete with me, so that you feel my absence when I am not with you.

19. I do not expect you to be perfect, and neither do I want you to be. I will always love you for the way you are.

20. I do want to tell you I love you as many times as I can during our marriage, so that you know that I am always yours as much as when we first started dating.

21. I do want to be all that you could ask for in a spouse.

22. I do love you more than you could ever imagine.

On difference

23. I do understand that we have differences, and I want to make our marriage work in spite of them.

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24. I do believe that disagreement will be inevitable in our marriage, but we can avoid the ensuing conflict if we can talk it out amongst ourselves, and I promise that I will do just that.

25. I do promise that I shall remain calm and consistent, even if we quarrel every now and then.

26. I do intend to have conversations and peaceful, quiet exchanges of opinions if we don’t see things eye-to-eye, until we resolve the matter.

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27. I do believe that I will not always get my way, but in spite of that I want to be a part of your life forever.

28. I do not want to turn our marriage into a sort of relationship bank account where we keep track of checks and balances – the times who won a fight and the times who had to compromise.

29. I do not want our marriage to end up like a battle, where we are desperate to win any conflict, but to help make it one of peace and agreement.

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30. I do want to look beyond petty self-interests and view the two of us as a unit. I will never be too selfish, critical, or argumentative.

31. I do promise that I will apologize if I ever do wrong in our marital life. No human is perfect, but I will repent and work hard to set things right.

32. I do promise I will be forgiving of your behavior if ever you do something that is not to my liking.

33. I do believe that we will become in sync with each other and hardly ever get to fight.

34. I do promise that I will never ask you to change.

On life

35. I do want to support you and your reasons when we have to make any major life decision.

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36. I do hope that you will support and encourage me in my endeavors just as I intend to support yours.

37. I do promise that I will be vulnerable and share my problems and feelings with you.

38. I do not want to come off as flawless; I want to reveal to you my insecurities and my problems. I will show you who I really am, and not try and behave like someone unrealistically ideal.

39. I do need you to be there for me, even though I may seem strong and steady.

40. I do respect your needs, just the way you respect mine.

41. I do hope to strike a healthy balance between time I spend for myself and the time I spend for us as a couple.

couple just married

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42. I do want to be the reason for your smile.

43. I do want to be the reason your frowns and worries disappear.

44. I do want to have your back when you are feeling low, and I want to be by your side when you fall sick.

45. I do want to be by your side when you are working hard for your career. I will understand and support your goals, and I will do what I can to help you achieve your dreams.

46. I do promise to travel to places far away with you on vacations when life calls for it, to take our mind off mundane routines.

just married couple

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47. I do want to be the perfect parent to our children with you in the future, and I promise to help you in every way I can in bringing them up.

48. I do wish to become as close to your parents as I am to my own.

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49. I do wish to strengthen our bond with each passing day.

50. I do believe that us growing old together would be the most beautiful thing I will know, and in the last days of my life I would want nothing but you by my side.

If you’re ready to commit to all these ‘I dos’ before getting married to your sweetheart, then you have no cause for concern. You’ll be ready to face any challenge that life throws your way, my friend. Good luck!

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