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Meant For You? Discover Your Yoga Style, Here

From vinyasa to bikram and hatha to power-flow, the number of yoga styles out there are baffling. It is easy for a newbie who wants to take to the advantages offered by a yoga style to be confounded by the multitude and feel lost. After all, there aren’t just the existent yoga styles that overwhelm and confuse, spandex-clad yogis take to new forms every day, yoga enthusiasts roll out new fusion styles every alternate day and each yoga-week sees hybrid forms flooding the feed of fitness enthusiasts monthly. It is easy to scour through the never-ending list and still not know which yoga style is the one meant for you.

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If you are feeling a little lost and do not know which yoga style is your bliss, we can help you out. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular styles and who they work best for…

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If you are a newbie…       

You should opt for hatha aka yoga 101. This style combines thorough instruction of foundational and basic yoga postures with ample reinvention for beginners, mindful breathing exercises such as pranayama and other deep relaxation, meditation and chanting exercises.

If you are a dancer…

You should opt for vinyasa that literally means surrendering to the flow. Aptly christened for those who know what it is like to make music come alive with fluid movements, this yoga style comprises of postures that allow for movements synchronized with breath and twister-like transitions that move seamlessly from one pose to the next, making room for music to join in unison.

If you are a sun worshipper…

Hot yoga or Bikram is your nirvana. Holding yoga poses for several minutes in tropical temperatures, making every inch of your body sweat more than you could ever imagine possible so that every repetition is a reiteration of how flexible your warmed up muscles can be and how much more capable your body is, is a part of bikram. Amp up your flexibility with this hot style and surprise yourself with the hotter results!

If you are a hard core yogi…

Ashtanga or 8-limbed yoga is your cup of tea. One of the toughest yoga styles in the range, this high-intensity, sequential yoga exercises are a set of constant movement-inducing postures that are repeated in exactly the same order, over and over to get in touch with bandhas (body locks) and amp up your body’s agility.

If you are a higher consciousness seeker…

You should go for kundalini or breath-centric, spiritual yoga that involves meditation and other mindful exercises to tap into one’s sensory awareness and harness one’s inner energy to get in touch with chakras or the energy centers of one’s body.

If you wish to heal…

If you are recovering from a physical or emotional blow, restorative yoga may be made just for you. Comprised of structured relaxation exercises that involve gentle postures and lots of props, this one is akin to staying seated like your eyes have pillows and you’ve never felt so calm and poised.

If you are a fitness enthusiast…

Yin is a yoga style for those fitness freaks who have no qualms turning to deep stretching exercises for flexing and stretching their joints and upping the ante on their body’s potential for tenacity. With stretching exercises that hold the postures for as long as ten to twelve minutes, the yin style provides maximal benefit for those who are willing to go the distance.

If you are an athlete…

Power yoga or workout yoga was made just for you. You can expect Chaturangas (yoga push-ups), multiple reps, Lululemon gear, hyped-up teachers, a solid focus on your core, fun music and more in this form and you’ll be hooked in no time.

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If you are a perfectionist…

Iyengar or alignment focused yoga is designed just for you. With extremely explicit instructions from teachers who rev up hands-on adjustment and deploy props so you can get the postures just right, this form of yoga can turn out to be a meticulous art form, with every class inching closer to precision and perfection- which, of course, is the nirvana you seek.

Did you find your yoga style here? If not, buzz us in the comments below and we’ll help you find the one ‘made for you..’

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Discover Your Style From Among All The Yoga Styles There Are
It is easy to scour through the never-ending list and still not know which among the yoga styles is the one meant for you. We are happy to help.
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