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How To Make Your Husband Happy? Here’s How In 10 Easy Steps

Men will always be men, won’t they? They are wired differently than women, and perhaps it’s not as difficult as it seems to be to please them. While a lot of people argue that women don’t come with manuals, I’d like to say the same thing about men as well. There isn’t really a rule book that tells you the things you need to do to keep your man happy. So if you want your husband to be happy, first you need to learn a thing or two about men in general.

  1. Most men aren’t complicated (I say most and yes I’m generalizing!)
  2. It is very easy to make them happy (Trust me!)


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Well, if you’ve been married for a long time, you definitely know the things that make or break your happy bubble, and you also know when and how to use these tactics to your advantage.

Just like how a wife loves a little bit of attention, flowers, and some pampering, the husband too enjoys all of that, only in a different order and with different things. I’ve known way too many guys, and have sometimes seen that after a few drinks in, they pour their heart out and bitch about their wives. Well, it’s not the best thing to do but then the things they say are really trivial, and sometimes we women may not even realize that we are doing these things wrong.

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Keeping your husband happy at all times might not be easy, but you can use some of these below mentioned ways to make your husband happy.

1. Watch that space

The biggest and most common complaint of any husband is that his wife doesn’t give him enough space. Space? You might not notice it, but sometimes a wife can really get in her husband’s face, which is not very appealing to them. They like to do some things independently without their partners. They really value time out with their guy friends, their TV time, and time spent lazing on that comfy couch doing absolutely NOTHING! So, if you are one of those wives who does not understand any of these things or deny him these little pleasures, then you sure are intruding in his space. I’ve also seen how men totally despise it when their partners expect them to be home at a particular time and constantly check in on them. If you are doing any of these, you need to stop right now!

2. Fill his ever-hungry stomach

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For a happy husband, stuff his face with food and see the joy in his eyes. Men love to eat, and if it’s homemade food, then you sure earned yourself some brownie points. Try making some of his favorite dishes at home, or better still, go grab some recipes from his mother! You are sure to impress him and the idea will leave him spellbound. Do not ever deprive him of his favorite foods; if you don’t know how to cook anything other than “ready-to-eat” or “instant” food, it may be a good idea to go enroll in weekend cooking classes. That will help you learn the basics and you can leverage that skill when required.

3. Massage that ego

I hate to break it to you, but this is something men feed on (apart from food and sex). They need someone to boost their ego and make them feel important every now and then. You ask, how so? Give him his little entitlements, thank him occasionally for the things he does for you and the family, appreciate his efforts, and tell him that you adore him. A man, no matter how powerful or old, will always yearn for those little pieces of ego boosts that his wife offers him. Complimenting him on his strengths will also work wonders.

4. Break the monotony in bed

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Great sex makes everyone happy. But what makes great sex? If you are one of those who resort to a routine in bed, you may want to wake up and do things slightly differently. Try a new move, a different position, or throw in some toys that will stimulate both you and him. Men love that, and you probably will too. Remember that age old saying, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, if you ask me, I’d say it’s just below his stomach! 😉

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5. Treating his loved ones well

You may be his soul mate and his only true love, but there are other people in his life that are important too. When you respect and treat them right, you are proving to him that you care about how he feels about them and that you are compassionate. He has grown up with his family and some friends who he can’t live without. You need to be accommodating towards them and show to him that even if you don’t particularly like them, you’re willing to put in the effort for him. So start caring for people who are close to his heart. You could start with his mother – works every time!

6. Listen when he speaks

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I was born with this bad habit of not listening to people. The longer the conversation, the quicker I get bored. But in the past few years, I have made a conscious effort to listen attentively to what anyone has to say. Most importantly, I let others finish speaking before I start. So, when your husband has something to say to you, stop everything that you are doing and listen until he stops speaking. This way, your happy husband knows that there is someone who hears him out and acknowledges his concerns and thoughts.

7. The medal of appreciation and gratitude

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In today’s world, where both men and women are considered on par with each other, it might be a little difficult to give the other person credit for their role in the relationship. But sometimes, it’s OK to put your man first in the relationship. So if you are still wondering how to make your husband happy, we’d say you thank him when necessary and appreciate him when required. This will invoke a loving feeling and make him feel special. Let him know that he is in charge and you expect him to wear the pants in the relationship!

8. Tiny surprises

Now, who doesn’t love these? Your husband may not say it out loud, but he does enjoy the small little things you do for him. It could be something as small as taking him out for a movie or buying him a new video game! It just adds a little spark to the relationship and is a good investment to make that will sustain your marriage and make your husband happy from time to time. It doesn’t always require spending money; sometimes I rearrange his messy cupboard or do his laundry which (to my surprise) leaves him ecstatic.

9. Stop the TV wars

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We are not a family who has an individual private television for each member. There’s just one for the whole house and as you can imagine, sometimes we do get into a little battle for the possession of the oh-so-important remote control. While he likes to watch shows on car restoration and auctions, I stay true to my sitcoms! So, how to make your husband happy, you ask? I give in. Sometimes. Although I get bored to death watching those “lame” shows, I put on my happy face and let him be for a few days per month. He absolutely loves that, compared to the times where we literally fight for the remote control and keep surfing until we both agree on a particular channel.

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10. Limit the nagging

Yeah, you asked him to fix the bulb last Tuesday and it has been about five weeks since your lamp has literally seen the light of day! Your immediate reaction is perhaps to question him as to when he plans on doing it. Little do you know that this puts him off and he dismisses your query as “nagging.” We women tend to do this, and mind you I’m not saying we nag, we only question them to get updates. But maybe we can keep these lines of questioning to ourselves sometimes and let him be! Personally, I hate the word, but sometimes my husband reminds me when I (apparently) nag him. You’d be surprised how husbands consider a simple “have you locked the main door?” as nagging. There is no remedy to this problem other than to just avoid asking all these questions and sometimes doing things yourself. I’ve been looking for a crash course on “how to fit a light bulb” these days. Youtube has been fairly helpful. 😛

I hope these easy pointers answered your question of how to make your husband happy? and we truly hope that he is delighted when you apply these tips to your daily life.

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How Can I Make My Husband Happy? Here's How In 10 Easy Steps
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