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If Breaking Up Was A Weather Forecast… This Is How It Would Be!

Breakups are hard. The whole process of apprehension and speculation which builds up to the deal-breaking fight, or the dreaded “We Need To Talk” message, is something most lovers have gone through. Somehow, when I was going through these very stages, I realized that breakup isn’t quite unlike …umm… weather forecasts. Yeah, my mind goes off on a tangent sometimes- but that’s where I draw my writing matter from- and you can’t deny you love it, right? So, here we go- breaking up as the weather forecast: 

1. Indifference in the relationship: Foggy Weather


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After a warm season of sunshine, we can see swirling winds and dangerous clouds of forthcoming catastrophe forming on the horizon that can jumble things up. Ignoring it and enjoying the rather humid but still a li’ bright scene today is for those who are too chicken to face the impending breakup hurricane. However, for those of you who have to head out and absolutely confront the unease of the building gloominess, we agree with your decision to ditch the company of ambiguous texts and pretend-mush-mails and looking to dispel the clouds of murkiness.

2. We need to talk: Clouds overhead

we need to talk

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This one is the lull before the storm. The clouds that were inching close are finally overhead and threatening to burst open and pour a dreaded torrential stock of all the ‘crimes’ that you have been doing all along. A clear indication of being drenched in the downpour of all the ‘mistakes’ that had gone into building the fog that hid the positives of your relationship in the first place is being observed. This one is akin to the signal of doom and we’d advise that you brace yourself for the upcoming catastrophe.

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3. Fighting: Tornado alert


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The cathartic explosion of all the pent up negative emotions and energy harvested during the bitter end of the relationship is here. The clouds have burst and are pouring a list of all the ‘sins’ that have caused the dreaded end of your relationship-spring to arrive. This is when the shit hits the fan. Expletives, phones, books and insults are thrown about much like the hurricane which picks up things from the ground and whirls them about. The sun has finally set on your relationship as all the darkest clouds seem to have enveloped you in a vortex of ache and regret that you never think you can dispel. This is the last fight you will have, and it’s going to be devastating. Just like the hurricane, it shall sweep away your all- coz you are standing right in the midst of it. 

4. After the break up: Torrential Rain


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If you are on the “wrong end” of the break-up (there is no right end, actually), then for the next few days, your life will be like the weather in London. Always gloomy, always raining, and washing out all the happiness from your life. You always take a rain check on other plans, and all you want to do is look out of the window and stare out into the sordid city. And even if the sun peeks out to say Hi for a bit, you are too under the weather to notice that every cloud has a silver lining!

5. A little while after the breakup: Chilly weather


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A little while later, when you actually do decide to hop out and face the real world, we’d like that you wrap yourself in an assortment of coats and scarves as the surroundings are likely to be fraught with cold, brutal winds of piercing questions slapping you in the face about ‘what happened,’ ‘are you okay,’ ‘whose fault was it,’ ‘heard anything yet’ or even more chilling information like ‘saw <insert your ex’s name> with <the guy you knew had an all-consuming crush on her and a blazing jealousy toward you>’ that shall have those wounds you’d only half-nursed gaping open on your skin. Cold weather cracks!

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6. Much after the breakup: Snowfall / Sunny Skies


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This one goes two ways. It might end up as a cold war between you and your ex, with you wallowing in self pity and wondering what you did wrong. Maybe even posting lame status updates that are either philosophical, rant-like, plain accusatory or even happy-to-make-you-think-am-happy kind- depending on your mood. In short- an onset of winter forever!

Or, you could find a more positive way to say hi to the sun who has been waiting for you to draw the curtains and welcome its rays inside your room- dancing along with tiny motes of dust in its shaft of life, ready to move on and meet another new person- to love!

In hopes of sunny skies- until another time! Tadaa…

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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If Breaking Up Was A Weather Forecast...
How long would it take for the gloomy breaking up clouds to be dispelled by the sun that promises moving on?
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