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Procrastinator Alert! If You Still Haven’t Planned The 14th, We’re Saving You From Your Partner’s Wrath!

Valentine’s Day is just a day away and you still can’t decide where to take the person you love the most? Well, fret no more. We have got this sorted for you.

We know, Valentine’s Day means a whole lot of different things to different couples, and so CherishX has divided the activities into categories to make it easy-peasy for you to sort through and find what you enjoy most, romantically. We promise that everyone has something to be super excited about!

Let’s quickly look at what happened last year in Delhi.

How are Delhi's LoveBIRDS celebrating Valentines_New_Love_Times

From Dining and home surprises to getaways and fun activities, people of Delhi had a pretty stoked 14th Feb, last year, eh?

Now folks in Bangalore, let’s see what CherishX has in store for you this year.

1. Surprise your babe at home

If you are a home bod and so is your S.O., then this is the perfect way to surprise them. Life is super hectic and time is something none of us have. Also V-day is on a weekday this time, and an elaborate dinner date may not sound like a plan to you. In such a situation, get creative. Flower decorations, balloons, ribbons, and fairy lights; let them make the night a memorable one for your beloved.

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2. Kashmiri dining

Are you a Kahwa fan? Do you and your person have a special affinity toward Kashmir, the place, the culture, and the food? Well, at INR 2100/- per couple, the two of you can get a bite of Kashmir while in Bangalore!

3. A night under the stars

Food and romance go hand-in-hand for some; heck, it means the same thing for them at times. If you and your lover love food, and would give anything to enjoy the North Indian cuisine while watching the tranquil rooftop view of the city of Bangalore, then Cherish X can arrange the same for you in a jiffy.

4. Valentine’s Day with the furry friends

Imagine spending V-Day with 7 in-house doggos and 7 pups! We are not kidding you. At TherPUP, White Rose Layout, you can cuddle these four-legged cuties as you sip on wine and enjoy a 3-course meal with your favorite human. Also, later, you get to send your love to the stars with a sky lantern. Live music and flowers go without saying.

That’s not all. There are plenty of other things that CherishX can arrange for you this V-day. Just rub the lantern and tell the genies there what you want; they’ll customize your day of love like never before!

Featured image source: tumblr

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Let CherishX Plan Your V-Day For You, This 14th Of February
V-Day is just a day away and you still can’t decide where to take the person you love the most? People of Bangalore, we have got this sorted for you.
Riya Roy

Riya Roy

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