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Meet Alison Teal, The Female Indiana Jones With A Cause

Alison Teal is a buccaneer in a bikini; someone, whose first best friend was a monkey in the Amazon jungle!

I have been following the female Indiana Jones on Instagram for a while now, and if you have been doing the same, I am sure you are aware and in awe of her adventures around the world.

But does she travel for the sake of traveling alone? No. She travels the world to film environmental and cultural phenomena, in an attempt to educate through entertainment. Her films are available to the public for free, to help the youth be better leaders of tomorrow.

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And as I neared the ocean it got worse! ☠️ Come hang out with me this Thursday Oct 20th at @patagoniasantacruz 7pm (promise I showered:) I'm honored that @patagonia has invited me to share my story and film alongside a screening of #BagIt & inspiring stories by @sea_semester and local non profit @saveourshores. You can also get registered to vote and learn how you can #voteourplanet by saying YES to prop 67, California's state wide plastic bag ban. Beer by @scmbrew with customized VOP mugs by @miir and @simplystraws, acoustic tunes by Kai of @getawaydogs, and delicious samples of @patagoniaprovisions breakfast grains fruit cobbler // doors at 7, screening at 7:30 with panel discussion moderated by @offthelipradioshow #voteourplanet #yesonprop67 #banthebag #firstflush #alisonsadventures 📷 @wanderingesq

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Teal is a graduate from the University of Southern California theatre and film school and the University of California Berkeley. Her short film, “Rita”, was a Himalayan escapade that showed how Teal got her first taste of being in a school. “Rita” won international praise at a number of film festivals, the most noteworthy being Telluride. It also was nominated in 2007 for an MTV award. Her next film, “Snakes!”, which was a Moroccan Surf Adventure Film was shot, directed, produced and hosted by Teal herself.

When Teal turned twenty-three, she produced a documentary, “INCANtations” that earned her international recognition. She also teamed up with topnotch sportspersons in the movie, “Nature Propelled”, which was narrated by none other than, Patrick Stuart of the Star Trek franchise.

In Steven Spielberg’s show, “On the Lot”, Teal went on to become one of the finalists. She has also been honored by the great Meryl Streep as a leading female artist. Alison Teal also worked in the movie, “Eat Pray Love”. And remember the house in Bali where Julia lived for a while? Teal spent her childhood years there. Now how cool is that?

Teal gives her parents all the credit for who she is and what she does. And so, we need to…

Meet the Parents

Alison talks about her “wild parents” who she thinks, “are secretly from another planet”, in her website, Alison’s Adventures. She says,

“My papa, David Blehert, is a world-renowned adventure photographer for companies such as NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, PATAGONIA, EAGLE CREEK, and TEVA. He is famous for going after, and always getting, and bringing back the impossible “extreme shot” from some of the most primitive, inaccessible, wild, and often dangerous wastes, jungles, and wilderness areas on the face of the earth.”

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Happy Mother's Day to my sexy, adventurous, loving mommy! Everyone who has crossed paths with this incredible yoga guru knows she is the most inspiring, magical women on earth and I have big flip flops to fill! I got to skype her today in Bali and she told me about how she finally completed a beautiful not for profit yoga center for the village elders in Bali who's bodies need love after years of work in the rice paddies and then she's like "I gotta run, the surfs up!" 🙌 Her constant passion for life, nature, family and friends is contagious and her commitment to changing people's lives through yoga is pretty mind blowing – whether it's a 70 year potato farmer in a high Andean village or a major celebrity! I love you and I'm sooo stoked we get to share #mothersday with my bday because you should be celebrated for bringing me into this world! 💖 #lifechanger

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“My mother, Deborah Koehn, is a naturalist and internationally acclaimed yoga devotee and teacher (Patabi Jois & family). And together, as a family, we formed a company called YOGA ADVENTURE and have guided trips around the world for as long as I can remember.”

Baby Indiana Jones

Alison’s kid-hood has been very different, and has played a pivotal role in her making. The “Oprah of Adventure” as the Huffington Post and the O Magazine call her, says,

“When I was two months old, my parents took me skiing on Ausangate, the highest peak in Southern Peru, and since then my life has been a continuous whirlwind of high adventure; I have explored and lived in the most remote, strange, colorful, and bizarre corners of this planet and gotten to know, like and become friends with all manner of indigenous people, and by doing so become part of an ever growing global family.”

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Growing up homeschooled I thought that keeping a journal was only for adults and then one day, at a musty, dim lit bookstore in India I came across a dusty copy of "The Diary of Anne Frank" and I fell in love with the book so much that I lugged it around the world and started my very own diary just to be like Anne. I didn't fully understand the greater concept of the book, but I loved her innocent zest for life and the fact that she too had to live in close quarters with her parents, fantasizing about romance and the big wide world. And to this day I still think of her persistent optimism during one of the most horrific events in our history, my history, my relatives reality! I can't believe that the Holocaust happened less then a lifetime ago and that my extended family was forced to live similar stories to Anne. One quote that always makes me feel there is hope in this wild world is from Anne: "I simply can't build my hopes on a foundation of confusion, misery and death… I think… peace and tranquillity will return again." #HolocaustMemorialDay

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“… And as you might have guessed, my ad-lib, free-form, on the move, literally homeless version of “home schooling” took place on the back of, or under, an elephant, in a tent in a blizzard on the flanks of Mt. Everest, on a camel safari across the Rajasthan desert, and wherever else my adventure and nature photographer parents’ job took them.”

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"Mom are we there yet" I chirped from my llama. I was about 7 years old and we were on a long expedition into the Canyon Lands to live in a Native American territory to learn survival secrets from the elders. It felt like 3,000 degrees outside and I was not excited about the venture. BUT weeks later after living with them and becoming part of a culture that still holds many of the last secrets that will ensure the survival of our planet and the human race, I had gone total Pocahontas. I had feathers in my hair, a handmade bow around my shoulders, and a tattered teddy bear named Hawk Medicine made by an elder – that was my first real stuffed animal. It was there I learned many of my skills for surviving #nakedandafraid With my life of unstable travel, it was the first tribe I was accepted into. During my vision quest alone under the stars one night I knew, even at that young age, that I would work to persevere Native American culture, health, and happiness. THUS I'M VERY excited to join @wishtoyochumashvillage this weekend and support the growth of their culture and efforts to protect the environment we all depend on. The Native American Chumash have been settled along the coast in Southern California for over 13,000 years. #Chumash PLEASE CLICK THE LINK IN MY PROFILE TO LEARN MORE, DONATE & SHARE: 👉🏽

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I am sure you are already very excited about the woman’s films and documentaries, but since I love building up the anticipation, here’s a sneak peek into some of her adventures through her Instagram feed.

Pink is the new green

The new film series

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#WorldRecyclingDay 📷 @hisarahlee

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Alison’s Adventures Maldives goes with the haunting tagine: One person’s trash is another woman’s bikini.

Watching the most spectacular sunset from the tallest dune in Europe

Putting her back into banning plastic

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Tonight I hope to see you all at @patagoniasm for the “Ban the Bag” shindig! Research shows there will be more plastic than fish in our oceansby 2050 unless we intervene. Hawaii is my home, but after years of USC film school and countless adventures up and down the California coast, the Golden State holds a warm and fuzzy place in my heart! Single-use plastic bags are killing it's coastlines, oceans or marine wildlife and the California public now has the chance to VOTE YES to Prop 67 which will BAN THE PLASTIC BAG IN CALIFORNIA. . . TONIGHT Join @surfriderla and @healthebay for a party and presentation by the one and only @hamigraham in the store tonight, Tuesday, 9/27 at 7pm. Voter registration drive, live music by @jordanhookmusic, food from @patagoniaprovisions and drinks. #voteourplanet #yeson67 #banthebag 📷 @marktipple . . P.S. This plastic bag I am wearing was suffocating coral and marine life and took us over an hour to extract it without killing all involved.

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Don’t just seize the moment, soak it

Aren’t you envious already?

Here’s wishing Alison Teal all the best and the craziest in her endeavor to bring people closer to their environment so that they empathize with it, rather than exploit it!

That’s a wrap from us! For more on people who are changing the world, one stroke at a time, sign up for our newsletter today. So long!

Featured image source: Pinterest/ Oprah

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Meet Alison Teal, The Female Indiana Jones With A Cause
Alison Teal is a buccaneer in a bikini; someone, whose first best friend was a monkey in the Amazon jungle! Here's all you need to know about the explorer! A word of caution: The pictures in here can make you REALLY ENVIOUS!
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