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Around The World In 38 Weddings: Couple Plans Grand Wedding In 11 Countries!

A wedding ceremony entails so many things – a wedding dress, a theme, a place, flowers, food, wedding china, seating charts, and other such odds and ends that seem never ending. But the problem arises when you and your fiancé can’t agree on a specific theme and location for the ceremony to take place. While some may go for a destination wedding at a beautiful island, others might opt for something ostentatious at an opulent palace. Even others might go for a sunset wedding at a beach.

But why restrict your once in a lifetime wedding ceremony to just one place? Why limit your choices by sticking to tradition?

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That is exactly what a Los Angeles couple has done.

platt and woodyard's first wedding ceremony in bogota, colombia

Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard’s first wedding ceremony in Bogota, Colombia

Image source

Meet Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard. Platt, 30, and Woodyard, 32, have come up with the mother of all wedding ceremonies, which will leave you green with envy. The couple who got engaged last year, couldn’t settle on a specific wedding theme/idea for their big day. So, the ingenious, acrobatic couple came up with the ultimate way of celebrating their love for each other by getting married in as many places around the world as possible – in just under 3 months!

first of the couple's three irish weddings at glendalough cathedral

First of the couple’s three Irish weddings at Glendalough Cathedral

Image source

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This multiple epic wedding ceremony of theirs started on February 8th, when they headed to Bogota, Colombia, with their two big backpacks containing their wedding attire. During this globe-trotting adventure wedding of theirs, the duo hopes to visit 11 countries and have 38 wedding ceremonies in 83 days.

in front of the ancient roman aqueduct

In front of the ancient Roman Aqueduct

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What’s more, the couple revealed that this epic adventure of theirs has worked out cheaper than a traditional one-day white wedding affair. They booked all of their flights for less than $3000 per person, which is a far cry from the $30,000 – the cost of an average American wedding.

the couple in bangkok, thailand

The couple in Bangkok, Thailand

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Another point of note about this couple is that both of them are professional acrobats, which adds an extra zing to their already grand adventure. And since the pair has been officially ordained, they could have a wedding ceremony anywhere they want.

“A lot of women spend a whole lot of time and stress and money on their one day and then it’s over,” said Woodyard. “I love that I get to marry [Platt] over and over again. It’s exciting that it’s not just done in one day.”

their wedding in the giraffe center in nairobi, with a giraffe as their sole guest

Their wedding in The Giraffe Center in Nairobi, with a giraffe as their sole guest

Image source

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As of Saturday, 21st March, the couple had gotten married 21 times, and they still had 17 more to go as per their plan.

For bride Rhiann Woodyard, the ceremony in India’s centuries-old Ajanta Caves, which are a series of Buddhist temples carved into the side of a mountain, is the most memorable.

the couple in the centuries-old ajanta caves, india

The couple in the centuries-old Ajanta Caves, India

Image source

Woodyard said,

“It is such a surreal experience.”

the couple kissing in front of the pyramids of giza

The couple kissing in front of the Pyramids of Giza

Image source

As for the groom, Platt, “riding camels across the sand, then standing in the ancient Egyptian desert and marrying the love my life in front of the pyramids of Giza,” is what he cherishes the most.

their wedding in front of the ouzoud falls outside marrakesh, morocco

Their wedding in front of the Ouzoud Falls outside Marrakesh, Morocco

Image source

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Learning about the couple’s adventure wedding ceremony, they have been contacted by several couples from across the world. But the pair cautions that this type of wedding might not be everyone’s cup of tea. They stressed the need for every couple to think about what would make their wedding a perfect one, and then go for it.

“If you are open to changing tradition and exploring other options, you can absolutely create (and afford) the perfect wedding for YOU,” said the couple.

the couple in segovia, spain

The couple in Segovia, Spain

Image source

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Further, the newlywed couple plans to hold a ceremony for their near and dear ones in Big Bear, a small mountain-top town near Los Angeles. They said,

“Nothing will change with the wedding itself, but we can’t wait to share it with our family.”

their wedding in masai mara village

Their wedding in a Masai Mara village

Image source

This pair sure does know how to make grand memories. Their one of a kind wedding ceremony in 6 continents, 11 countries, and saying ‘I do’ in 38 weddings is sure one for the history books. Congratulations to the many-times-wed couple!

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Platt and Woodyard hold 38 weddings in 11 countries
Couple marries in 6 continents across 11 countries, and holds 38 weddings. Read the incredible wedding of Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard.
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