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Let The Queen Of Love Teach You How It’s Done Right!

As lovers of all things romance, Danielle Steel has been a huge inspiration for us at New Love Times. We are not ashamed of admitting that we binged on her romance novels as teenagers and still remember the stories about love that we read before we had actually experienced the emotion.

This is our little tribute to the lady of love who has given us so many mushy quotes to cherish forever. Here are 25 of our favorites quotes by Danielle Steel.

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Quotes by Danielle Steel  

  1. And some people are the gift

“Maybe some people just aren’t meant to be in our lives forever. Maybe some people are just passing through. It’s like some people just come through our lives to bring us something: a gift, a blessing, a lesson we need to learn. And that’s why they’re here. You’ll have that gift forever.”

  1. The heart repairs

“Her life was beginning to make sense again, although she couldn’t say she was enjoying it. But her mind was clear, and her heart was not constantly as heavy. Only when she thought about him. But she knew that in time, she’d survive it. She had done it before and would again. Eventually the heart repairs.”

  1. Love is not supposed to make sense

“Feelings aren’t sensible. Sometimes you fall in love with people who don’t make sense. And the ones who do make sense turn out to be the wrong ones.”

  1. They belong to themselves

“And if they really f*ck it up and do make a horrible mistake, which can happen to anyone, from any culture, you still have to sit back and watch from the sidelines. It’s their life. What you need is a life of your own. You can’t hang on to them forever and live theirs or stop them from making mistakes. That’s the deal. Once they grow up, they belong to themselves, not to us.”

  1. This is me

“Remember me? I’m back to my old self again. No responsibilities, no attachments, no encumbrances. I don’t want to own anything, love anyone, or get too attached to people, places or things. It’s a rule that seems to work well for me.”

  1. The absence

“Love is quite violent. It is so painful at times, so devastating. And there is nothing worse or better. We find the highs and lows equally unbearable. But then again, the absence of them is more so.”

  1. Love is fusion, the blending in

“This is fusion, when two people become one. They are so close and so well suited to each other that they blend together. They merge and can’t live without each other after that.”

  1. No compromises and no bargains

“…But sometimes life made you give up what you loved most. Sometimes there were no compromises or bargains.”

  1. Let it go

“Sometimes, I think one should only live in the present. The past is only a heavy burden to carry with you. And yet… it’s so hard to let them go… to forget… to move ahead…”

  1. Believe in me, believe in yourself

“.. All you know is your parents telling you that you’re not deserving, you’re not worthy, and no one will ever want you. Believe me, tapes like that play so loud, you can’t hear anything else. Even when it’s clear otherwise.”

  1. Alone

“I don’t need a man to be happy. I had a great one, that was good enough. I don’t expect to find another one like him, and why settle for anything less? I’m going to be perfectly content alone. –Marya”

  1. Stop regretting

“You don’t know how lucky you are, my dear. Don’t waste it with regrets of the places and people you have lost. You have a lifetime to fill, so many good times and good years and great people ahead of you. You must rush to meet it.”

  1. A catharsis of sorts

“When you can bring yourself to write about it one day, you will find it all less painful. It is a catharsis of sorts, but the process can be brutal. Don’t do it until you’re ready.”

  1. Until the end of time

“I love you and I will until the end of time. And just as she said the words, two bright stars drifted past them overhead and disappeared into the night sky together…”

  1. The future seemed bleak  

“But even she had figured out that there was no point giving up a great job and following him to the ends of the earth, when he simply refused to make any promises about, or even discuss, the future.”

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  1.  Hope

“Who doesn’t need hope in their lives: hope that something can change, that someone cares, that not only bad things happen unexpectedly but good things can happen to us too?”

  1. Not good enough

“I’m not the enemy, they are. I hear them. You’re not good enough so no one could ever love you. Come here,” he said, pulling her into his arms and looking into her huge blue eyes that were the same color as his own. “I love you. You are lovable. They’re idiots. And I love everything about you, just the way you are. Now that’s my message to you. It’s not theirs. It’s mine. You are the most lovable woman I’ve ever known.” As he said it, he kissed her, and tears of relief slid down her cheeks, and she sobbed in his arms. He had just told her everything she had waited to hear all her life, and had never heard before.”

  1. Just passing through

“On a June day, a young woman in a summer dress steps off a Chicago-bound bus into a small Midwestern town. She doesn’t intend to stay. She is just passing through. Yet her stopping here has a reason and it is part of a story that you will never forget.”

  1. This!

“The judge arrived half an hour later with the file he had collected from his office on the way, signed several papers, had Sam sign them, the matron witnesses them; Josh cried, Norm cried, she cried, the judge grinned, and Timmie waved his teddy bear at the judge with a broad grin as they wheeled into the elevator. “So long!” he shouted, and when the doors closed, the judge was laughing and crying too.”

  1. Even more beautiful

“She looked long and lean and beautiful, and she was totally unaware of her looks as she called him. She had lived in a world of extraordinary-looking people for so long, and hers was a life of the mind rather than the beauty of face and body. She never thought about it, which somehow made her even more attractive.”

  1. May you be happy in your lives

“May the surprises in your lives always be good ones.
And may the people in your lives treat you kindly and fairly.
And may the choices and sacrifices you make in your lives be the right ones for you.
May you be blessed in every way, and happy in your lives.”

  1. Never say never

“It just goes to show, never say never, or the next thing you know, you’ll be doing what you said you never would, owning a dog you swore you didn’t want and walking (or carrying) a tiny, totally enchanting little dog on a rhinestone-studded pink leash.”

  1. This was whom she was afraid to meet

“Something about his hands suggested brutality…he had interesting hands and an incredible smile. In a powerful, almost frightening way he was handsome. Kezia found herself watching him probing hungry for details. He held her long and grasped of his eyes and let his glance move away. It had been a strange sensation, like being backed against a wall with a hand at your throat, another stroking your hair wanted to cringe in fear and melt with pleasure. and then it dawned on her. This was whom she was afraid to meet. This was Lucas Johns!”

  1. We all love Paris

“The weather in Paris was unusually warm as Peter Haskell’s plane landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The plane taxied neatly to the gate, and a few minutes later, briefcase in hand, Peter was striding through the airport. He was almost smiling as he got on the customs line, despite the heat of the day and the number of people crowding ahead of him in line. Peter Haskell loved Paris.”

  1. Lost in winter

“His smiles were hard won, but when they came, they were well worth it. They lit up his face like summer sunshine. The rest of the time, and far more frequently, he seemed lost in winter. And when he laughed, he was a different person.”

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That is a wrap on today’s post on quotes by Danielle Steel. Did we miss out on your favorite quotes? Share them with us in the comment section.

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