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12 Tips That Will Help You Crack The Online Dating World

You’ve got the spunk. You look smashing hot. Your profile is interesting. Hundreds of messages in your inbox. You’re a member of the elite online dating sites. Sounds like a perfect modern dating experiment, doesn’t it? You need more than that to make sense to the world! Wondering why your friends have been able to crack the online dating code but not you?

Times have changed. There’s more to the #DatingOnline zone than just a couple of edited pictures taken with a high definition camera, the connection has to go beyond looks. If you’re reading this, you are probably feeling down on your luck in the online dating arena. Is it a bad year? Need some online dating advice? Are the stars not aligned for you yet? Maybe you can think about making some changes to your profile and get back out there!

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Guess what…there’s a list of tips out there that give you practical suggestions on how to go about this. Let’s just face it—there are more ways to enhance your profile than just your photo editing skills.

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1. Do laugh at yourself

Loyal, affectionate, creative, honest, trustworthy, committed. If those are the words that define you on your profile, you are the worst version of honest. The idea is to have some fun with someone, and then figure out if something works out for real. You don’t want to come across as cheesy. Use some humor to talk about yourself. Not to say you shouldn’t talk about your qualities, but don’t use over the top adjectives like “I’m honest. I’m loving.” Let them figure that out for themselves!

2. Don’t take it personally

If you are looking for online dating advice, this is something important to keep in mind. The rules of online dating are simple. If you don’t enjoy a conversation, you can simply delete+refresh+restart. Don’t get hung up on people when you know you were just having fun and they were too. It’s OKAY to not be impressed by everyone you interact with.

3. Go easy

So you like the guy. The chat was great last night. You spent hours sharing information about your lives. Even if things are going great right away, you probably shouldn’t wake up and text him first thing in the morning. Yes, we should tell you this before he does. Avoid the temptation to get too involved too soon.

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4. Don’t reveal it all

Maybe the person you’re talking to is a chatterbox who has given the entire history of their life to you already. But are you planning to do the same? That would be a disaster. When it comes to sharing details about your past, present, and future, take it one step at a time. This makes the person more interested in you. Leave something to talk about for the next time too. The Apocalypse is not happening just yet!

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5. Let politics be

From which party won the election to the politician who raised taxes, these conversations are a killer in the online dating world. Some may find these conversations interesting, but they are probably better saved for further down the road once you know each other better.

6. No negative comments (whatsoever)

You might not like their hair or what they’re wearing in their profile picture, but keep those thoughts to yourself. Honesty is the best policy, but the online dating scene is a different ballgame. This is one piece of online dating advice you should take to heart. Steer clear of those nasty comments. They make you sound like a critic, and critics don’t have a bright future in online dating zone.

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7. Be patient when asking for a date

This point can be tricky, because there’s no right or wrong time to ask the person out on a first date and sometimes it can be hard to tell what the other person is feeling. Be careful and consider the hints that the person is throwing at you. Don’t come across as blind, crazy, or desperate (traits which are easily visible in online dating).

8. Be honest about your details

In the dating world, you should find someone who is attracted to you for what you look like naturally. Lying about your appearance in any way will take the fun away from dating online. Be honest and leave the rest to luck. Don’t crop those pictures to make you look different. Just be natural and it works wonders.

9. Don’t trust blindly

No matter how smart we think we are, the truth is we all tend to fall for those reassurances and fancy words. Get away from all of that rubbish. The man you are looking at could be 40 when he says he’s 22. This is common. Make sure to use your brain before putting your trust in someone.

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10. Pay to play

Online dating is like a fun game. But you have to pay to play. In other words, if you want to find a good match, you have to be on sites that have the right kind of people. Don’t fall for cheap options, you will probably end up disappointed.

11. Don’t be a feminist stuck-up

This one’s for the women who think the world is out there to get them. Men want to meet women who are confident in themselves and their sexuality. If you are independent and headstrong, try to show him that rather than telling.

12. Don’t be too accessible

It’s been a few days of chatting, and now the person you’re talking to has access to all your profiles on social media? This is probably not the best move. Get a grip and tell them you need time. Let them be introduced to your life slowly, don’t pull him in at gunpoint.

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These are some simple tips that make a huge difference. The idea is to get away from acting too cool or too serious. That’s a balance difficult to achieve, but do it and you’ll see floods of interesting online dating profile options. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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