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Poems From Weweni by Margaret Noodin

Margaret Noodin (previously Margeret Noori, born 1965) is an American poet and Anishinaabemowin language teacher. She is an Assistant Professor of English and American Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

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Poems From Weweni by Margaret Noodin 

Here are some of the poems that I loved reading from Margaret Noodin’s Weweni.

  1.  Blue-Green Becoming  

Under the shore before Spring 

the Water Panther changes colors 

taking off his blue coat 

putting on his green coat 

dancing brilliantly covered in algae 

feeding, feeding 

the days and nights 

making food of sunshine 

teasing earth to bloom. 

2. Night Syrup  

Question: Why is some maple syrup is dark and some is light? 
Answer: Because some we boil at night. 
Jim Northrup in Walking the Rez Road  
I stir sweet maple into coffee 
And I ask myself, 
“What is the flavor 
of night syrup?”  
An ancient iron kettle? 
Northern cedar? 
A lick of smoke?  
The wing of a crow? 
The brown eye of a moose? 
A new path in the woods? 
The sound of a heartbeat at midnight?  
then I understand  
The sweet dark liquid tastes like life. 
3. Sweet Water  
When the blanket of snow is removed 
when crows dance beneath the trees 
when visitors arrive among the branches 
I offer them sweet water 
the sap of their dreams 
rivers of spring overflowing.  
The weather a mother made new 
who loves as she is loved 
reminds every mother 
she is always a daughter. 
4. Crane 
Under the night sun 
near the far tree 
atop the stone cliff 
the crazy crane is standing. 
Remembering who? Remembering what? 
Insects eaten? Seeds that satisfied?  
I hear nothing 
in the star mist 
far from the worn pebbles 
so I whisper. 
How’s the weather over there? 
Are storms or sunshine in your heart? 
5. Northern Lights 
Five animals traveled together 
while grandmother moon sliced the sky.  
Deerfly zummed, 
“The sky is as green as my eyes.”  
Rabbit trembled, 
“The sky echoes in my ears.”  
“I will dance,” whispered Snake 
“like a ribbon behind the pines.”  
“I want this wind to consume me,” 
whispered the frog.  
Meanwhile, dog thought, 
“I smell the sky-hunters.” 
6. Together Between 
The man arrives.  
He thinks of drinking the woman. 
“I’m cold,” he says, “hold me.”  
And then while the sky hums 
she pours the liquid of her soul.  
Together they are braided . . . 
fingers in the direction of the evening star 
fingers in the direction of the morning star 
woven like roots or cloud stems.  
Together between heaven and earth . . . 
they are seen by the Sun, the Moon, and the Old Ghosts 
they breathe without thinking 
they converse without speaking.  
Mixed,  in the center,  one half,  the other half. 
7. Warmed By The Sun 
One by one they are emptied. 
One by one they will be overflowing, 
made warm by the sun 
breath materialized 
poured by maternity. 
Eyes opening, 
eyes closing, 
they are exalted in the night, in the dawn. 
8. Eternal Counting
As a pair, they rotate 
turning in the wind, 
spinning, swimming in the sky 
Sun, Moon, pushing one another.  
Eternal counting.  
The tide comes in, 
the tide goes out, 
the way we are all bound, 
the way we all unravel. 
9. Daughters 
Our connection is like 
otters holding hands 
floating together 
on the sea and in sleep.  
Once shared veins 
became a way of life 
tangled and blinking 
casting nets and anchors.  
And when your days burn down 
I will sift ashes with you 
to find the pine seeds 
and raspberry roots.  
I will teach you 
to hear the spirits shake 
to wear the northern lights 
to shift shapes in the night  
to believe in the beautiful humility 
of one 
bead   sun   sewn 
10. We Give Them
We give them plumes and quills, 
and downy tips to wear 
while dancing like smooth currents.  
They become golden-feathered 
half-breeds in the burnt forest 
part oak, part fern.  
Solid branches, 
soft bracken, they are 
traders in an evolved economy.  
Our decorated children 
nourished on new ideas 
possibly able to avoid old battlefields.
11. Sun And Moon 
You are the sun and the moon 
and the sky-bright bay to me.  
You are the crevices of black oak 
and scarred shine of white birch.  
You know cobbled roads and deer paths 
and the taste of wild ginger.  
You are all I know and all I forget 
in the shadow of day and the arc of night. 
12. The Way We Meet 
The problem that confronts us today, and which the nearest future is to solve, is how to be oneself, and yet in oneness with others, to feel deeply with all human beings and still retain one’s own characteristic qualities. 
Emma Goldman, 1906  
Long ago in the mixing 
we were shaken 
in every direction 
different children 
of the sky and the land.  
To survive now we must 
be at peace in our hearts 
understand one another 
and bravely remember 
we are all, one by one, cousins.  
Let’s meet one another 
here now on earth before 
we become heavenly ancestors 
wearing a necklace of stars 
visible to our heirs. 
13. Children Of The Waters 
Bíonn dúil le béal farraige ach cha bhíonn dúil le béal uaighe. There is hope from the mouth of the sea but not from the mouth of the grave. 
Ulster proverb  
In the sea I can hope 
in the grave I pray alone.  
What happens when the bones are dried, 
when the little leaves have become sticks, 
when the sow’s ears are in salt?  
Do they leave together 
the language and 
the last breath?  
Yes . . . maybe yes . . . it will be lost 
when we no longer hear the open waters 
and we see our graves are empty. 

This is all we have on today’s post on Poems From Weweni by Margaret Noodin . This is, however, not an exhaustive list, and if we have missed out on some of your favorites, then please feel free to add them in the comment section below.

Until next time!

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Best Poems From Weweni By Margaret Noodin
Here are some of the best poems from Weweni by Margaret Noodin.
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Ruth Russell

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