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Pro-Life Or Pro-Choice: Here’s Why Each Is Okay

It wouldn’t be right to dub Pro-lifers as automatically intolerant or Pro-choicers as irresponsible people with utter disregard for human life. While there might be some idiots in both cases, their stances haven’t necessarily born out of idiocy. Let’s discuss both sides of the issue in the most methodical way possible:


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Someone who is ‘pro-life’ believes that life is something meant to be preserved, regardless of the conditions surrounding it. The context doesn’t matter in this case, only that life is something sacred and should be saved no matter what. They believe that the government or any such competent authorities should also step up and interfere in civilian life if such a code isn’t maintained.

Pro-life has many facets, the most popular being the religious one. Firstly, casual intercourse is a taboo in most major religions. These people have the notion of sex is something important, but you shouldn’t experience it carelessly. Millions wait to get married simply to have sex with their partner, and that places a lot of importance on intercourse, from their perspective at least. So sex for many pro-lifers is in a way more ‘significant’ than for pro-choicers, because the latter treat it like any other activity.

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The place where pro-life hits the mark is consistency. What constitutes a human being, is the bone of contention in the issue. If killing a human constitutes murder, how is abortion NOT murder? This works on the assumption of conception starting when the egg fertilizes, that is, there is potential for life, a potential for a whole new human being. What we need to ask ourselves is, is ‘killing’ the potential of a life the same as ‘killing’ a living breathing human being? To be honest, there aren’t any right answers. You as the reader might strongly lean to either side, so will I, but technically it’s impossible to say either answer is ‘right’.

Besides, abortion might be good for your life at that point, but it’s not necessarily healthy. Women who’ve gone through abortion might suffer through nausea, spotting, bleeding, abdominal pain, cramping, and a host of other problems varying from woman to woman. So, abortion is a serious endeavor, and not to be undertaken lightly.

Pro choice:

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Image source: theodysseyonline

This is a more straight-forward stance, and pro-choicers are of the belief that personal liberties must be maintained and that one is responsible for their own body; not anyone else. It’s less complicated than the pro-life stance, and is almost solely centered on the idea of having rights upon your own body, and it’s easy to see how it can be appealing to so many people. It’s a civil liberty, and to many it’s something very crucial to being an ‘individual’.

Unwanted and untimely pregnancy can in many cases be much worse than the health disorders that abortion ‘might’ cause. Such pregnancies can destroy lives, and in many cases we see the male partner not taking responsibility for it. The only recourse females have at this juncture is abortion, which could just give them a shot at a much better life.

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Abortion has the capability to actually better someone’s life, and it’s honestly better to have a child being born in the right socio-economic conditions than just keep it for the sake of keeping it. It’s a waste, and as crude as this sounds, it’s another mouth to feed. It seems logical to improve the lives of the people we have in this world, than wreck two lives who’ve made an unfortunate mistake.

Ultimately, it’s a big debate with several perspectives within the two broad ones, and it’s not an easy choice to make (if you take everything into account). To a neutral human without any biases or preferred social ideology, neither are wrong. It’s a bit difficult to analyze things like this, and try to stay neutral when you’re either liberal or conservative. Such broad stances will ultimately affect your decision regarding pro-life or pro-choice, so it’s next to impossible to be unbiased. So the next time you have an argument with a colleague about pro-life, try and be receptive of their arguments. Who knows, you might just find yourself a brand new idea to ponder on.

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Pro-Life Or Pro-Choice: Here's Why Each Is Okay
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