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20 miserable stages of breakup everyone goes through

11. In the resulting cocktail of confused rage and self-pity, you promise yourself that you are going to find someone steady before they do. And someone better!


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12. But the reality dawns on you. There are plenty of fish, but many are rotten. They are either perverts or clingy or uninteresting or you are too busy to notice them with your mind filled with your ex’s memories.


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13. Moment of truth 2 – “Relationships are just not for me. I was meant to be single and I’m happier this way.”


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14. You finally get yourself to burn their pictures, unfriend / unfollow them on social media and dispose gifts given by them to clear out some clutter from your life.


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15. There’s a momentary sinking feeling as you see the burning photos and gifts and you want to put out the fire. But none of these actions work, and even grief can’t be felt as you go numb.


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16. One fine day, you accidentally encounter your ex for the first time after break up and realize you still have feelings for them – all the memories come rushing back to you.


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17. The flood of emotions gets your mind muddled up all over again. And you feel like nothing has transpired in all these months.


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18.  Then the question that has been haunting you – “Should I try to get back together?”


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19.  Moment of truth 3 – “Things cannot be the same between us again and we are not good together.” For all practical purposes, this is the real breakup.


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20.  Finally you wish them fare thee well, and tell yourself, “If you love something, set it free. If it returns, then don’t love it since no one else seems to like it too!”20

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20 Stages Of Breakup Everyone Goes Through
Find out the stages of breakup everyone goes through. It may be shock, denial, isolation, anger, rebound, acceptance, and many more.
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