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50 Kisses Every Girl Needs To Experience At Least ONCE

50 kisses?! You might be wondering how can there be 50 types of kisses but trust us there are 50 and more. Each moment and situation calls for a special type of kiss and every girl needs to experience these kisses at least once in her lifetime –

1. First kiss

Because the first kiss with someone you’ve dreamt of having this moment with, over and over again is SPECIAL!


Image source: Tumblr

2. Lingering kiss

When a moment is not enough and you crave for more…furthermore…

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3. Hand kiss

Because an old school gesture always wins the day!

4. Forehead kiss

A beautiful way to show you care for them and want them forever…


Image source: readeroffictions

5. Al fresco kiss

A spur of the moment kiss because it was impossible not to kiss them…

6. Thank you kiss

A heartfelt thank you expressed through a sweet kiss!

7. Shower kiss

A passionate prelude to steamy sex or a quickie, need I say more? 😉


Image source: Tumblr

8. Wake up kiss

Works better than an alarm at waking you up- because you may snooze all you want and you’ll still be woken up with a slobber of kisses and you won’t be grumpy!

9. Unexpected kiss


10. I want you kiss

A part of exciting foreplay – this one will get you warmed up for what’s coming next!

11. More than friends kiss

When you know you are no longer going to be ‘just friends!’

12. Shoulder kiss

That sudden kiss just because you felt like it…

13. Passionate kiss

A kiss that says ‘I never ever want to be away from you…’


Image source: wifflegif

14. Head holding kiss

When his hands hold your head and kiss you like there is no tomorrow!

15. Beach kiss

The holiday mood gets into you with this sandy kiss…

16. Stolen kiss

When he steals a kiss away when you are not looking. These are oh-so-sweet!

17. Proposal kiss

The kiss that follows the big YES!


Image source: Tumblr

18. College kiss

Now now, the days of youth- drown in nostalgia, now!

19. Playful kiss

When you box, wrestle or even pillow fight and fall over laughing on each other only to kiss and say ‘I love you.’

20. Belly kiss

When he kisses your belly ever-so-gently…


Image source: Tumblr

21. I love you kiss

The kiss which says he loves you and won’t leave you, ever!

22. Rain kiss

The moment when your wet lips meet among raindrops trailing their way down your eyes, nose and cheeks amidst the downpour,  but you only feel love!


Image source: Tumblr

23. Just married kiss

The kiss that binds you in holy matrimony!

24. Couch kiss

For those lazy days when he just feels like kissing you…

25. Underwater kiss

An underwater kiss is on all our bucket lists, eh?

26. I am sorry kiss

When he is truly sorry for what he has done and proves it!

27. Wild kiss

Because sometimes, the fires inside are too wild to tame…

28. Dramatic kiss

Think FILMI!


Image source: deviantart

29. Cheek kiss

The daily quick peck on the cheek for a good day!

30. Public kiss

When he doesn’t shy away from expressing love in public…and you love him all the more for it!

31. Dressing up kiss

When you are both getting dressed up and get distracted, for GOOD!

32. Fling kiss

You know you won’t see him again and it’s just a fling!

33. Aggressive kiss

This is the kiss that says ‘you are mine’ like nothing else!


Image source: Tumblr

34. Crying kiss

When you are upset and the tears can only be abated by a kiss…

35. Congratulatory kiss

It’s his way of congratulating you on your achievement!

36. Earlobe kiss

You just need to FEEL this one to know what we are getting at!

37. Unsure kiss

When he isn’t sure if you want to kiss but cannot resist planting one on your lips anyway!

38. Goodnight kiss

A tender kiss to end the romantic night with you…

39. Party kiss

The endorphins are high because of the dancing and you kiss!

40. Teasing almost a kiss

He comes close enough for a kiss but leaves you wanting more…

41. Make up kiss

You fight; you say sorry and then make up with this kiss!


Image source: sandrabeijer

42. Stranger kiss

A kiss with someone strange that will linger on for a long time!

43. Biting kiss

When he bites your lip in a passionate dance of the lips!

44. Magical kiss

When the heavens seem to sing a song and it is magical…

45. Walking kiss

When you are holding hands while walking and need to stop because you can’t wait any longer to kiss!

46. Don’t go kiss

You don’t want him to go and will kiss him to make him stop!


Image source: wifflegif

47. Comfortable lovers kiss

A love filled kiss when you know you will rejoice in his comfort…

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48. Vampire kiss

The kiss on your neck that leads to a bad hickey!

49. Perfect kiss

The kiss that was at the right moment with the right person!


Image source: favim

50. Goodbye kiss

The hardest kiss because you won’t be seeing him soon…or ever!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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