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#HottieAlert These Man Selfies On Instagram Are So FRICKING HOT We Are Worried For Our Health!

What is the best treat a pretty woman like you would love to start her day (and night!) with? Oh, come on! Don’t tax yourself figuring it out, coz I’ve got it all ready, served in an awesome twenty five course listicle. Just get ready to have your mind blown, breath taken, and heart stolen – and, switch on the AC sweetie, it’s going to get super hot down here!

1. Happy and gay #PicturePerfection

This is how you spell and click hotness (wouldn’t you agree!)

2. Hottie with an even hotter bud #DoubleTrouble

Hah! It’s a happy selfie overloaded with awesomeness (the timeless bromance!)

3. The classic pumped hotness #GymTime

#mirrormen #bodyhotmen #sexyguy #perfectmen #guy #cuteguy #cuteguysonly

A photo posted by Guy Selfies (@hotguysandselfies) on


Can anything beat the fitness fresh snaps of hotness (Nah!)

4. Now that’s how you stand out

It sure takes a lot of guts and so much more for a touché look like this (#HatsOff)

5. When cute meets the adorable kind of hot #SexySleepy

There’s something so hot about innocence and simplicity it can leave you on fire as effortlessly as this one.

6. Ooh…Just look at those dreamy eyes peeking right into yours!

I am talking about the bear, who were you thinking about? (ha, got you!)

7.The irresistible smolder-perfect grey eyed hotness #Boytoy

This is how you drive a woman crazy – just like this!

8. The beyond perfect blend of sexy looks, men’s fashion, and style


This one could give you a hard time (and I’ll understand!)

9. Somehow this click reeks of adventure (If you know what I mean!)

Is it the hair or the grey – decide!

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10. Another one with the locker room inspiration (great!)

M&M-March.Mirror #lockerroom #mirror #gym #fitness #workout #6pack #abs #menselfie #instamen #MensPhysiquePRO

A photo posted by Olimpiu Blaj (@olimpiu.blaj) on

It’s the ‘drop it’ or ‘drop it not’ game all over again (do, please!)

11. The sexiness of facial hair and the dreamy depth of the eyes #CriminalLooks


These are selfies that can get you a heart attack – watch out!

12. The different perspective (is it even a selfie? Oh, sure it is!)

Do we miss the face …….NAH!  #PerfectlySculpted

13. It’s the magic of metal and the tresses #MenOnFire

Just look at the magnetic confidence dripping from his eyes and smile!

14. What the sunshine reveals #MorningManFrown

Something about great selfies on bed is so hot that one day, they’ll be banned!

15. Ooh…a spellbinding click

i promise to stay wih uhh..if uh promise to never leave…💝

A photo posted by aShU (@b_u_n_n_y_y) on



The classic brow lift + tempting smile + the deep eyes = selfie perfection!

16. Now this is how you define sizzling hotness


A photo posted by @because_its_an_old_story on

A handsome face, the right attitude, and the beyond-perfect magic of sexy!

17. Something to give you chills running down your very spine!

Just look in those soul piercing eyes and tell me if you can still feel the floor below…

18. The happy perfection – a selfie that will steal your heart from you

If that smoking hot body wasn’t doing damage enough, he tops it with that soulful smile and you’re done for!

19. The sexy perspective

#fun #athome #menselfie #happy #sunnyday

A photo posted by Hatem Aïcha Ben Abada <3 (@hatem_ben_abada) on

Falling for someone was never this easier – right?

20. The man of fashion in action


Even with the shades on, you can just feel his eyes glittering…

Congratulations, you made it to the end without running in for that special cold shower!

Featured image source: Instagram

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#HottieAlert These Man Selfies On Instagram Are So FRIGGIN HOT We Are Worried For Our Health
Some selfies make you forget yourself!
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Shruti Fatehpuria

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