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Top 8 Fashion Trends For Fall 2017

5. Slate gray

“Suit up, ladies”, says Barney Stinson, this fall. The fashion trends showcased on the runways this season will give you enough inspiration to invest in a gray suit. You can rely on labels like Alexander Wang and Thom Browne. You can even go for the buttoned up look to add that much needed element of chic to your fashion statement for fall 2017. Fads to go for include deconstructed trousers, tailored trousers, gray stripes, and body-embracing blazers.

6. Circle sunglasses

The trend of the 70s is back with a bang. If you have not already spent your bucks on these incredible sunnies, then be ready to miss out on one of the best trends of this year’s fall.

7. Sock boots

Yes, some of you might cringe at this, but fashionistas around the globe are going crazy when it comes to these sock boots. If you think hot pink is too much for you, then you can settle for a more subdued and subtle shade like Bordeaux.

8. Square cardigans

Fall and cardigans go hand in hand, right? But to add a fashionable twist to the look, try these soft square cardigans this season. You can either go for an oversized fit or if you want to flaunt those curves, then go for soft, cozy and body-hugging square cardigans. Also, you can don these comfies well into spring. Cobalt blue and burnt orange are this season’s favorites.

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Makeup to complement these fashion fads this season

Nude makeup

The “no makeup” makeup is something everyone wants to master. Here’s how you can do it, according to Benjamin Puckey, who created the look at Brock: There are three components that you need to work on. First, the shimmery lids. Second, the rosy cheeks. And third, the strobe skin. You need to apply a mauve-colored lippie on the apple of your cheeks. Try Maybelline’s Colour Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lip Color to mauve it right. Your cheeks will soon give out a dewy, glowing flush. Now use a highlighter that is creamy on the high points on your face, like the cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow and the bridge of your nose. Draw attention to your eyes using a cream taupe shadow and some black mascara. For the pro-touch you need at the end, pat a rose-tinted hue into your lips using your ring finger. Ready to kill!

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Top 8 Fashion Trends For Fall 2017
In today’s post on fashion trends for fall, we have for you the best looks from the fashion scene to help you level up on the chic quotient, this season.
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