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5 Fashion Trends That Are In For 2018 And 4 That Are Out

We’re currently in a world, where pretty much EVERYTHING is in fashion. You like wearing all black? You’re on trend. You’re more of a minimalist when it comes to style? Ugh soooo fashionable. You are the most extra person on the planet who wears at least 3 pieces of jewelry at any given time? Damn, you a fashionista! The fashion world has evolved to become possibly the most inclusive industry on the planet, where no matter what your personal aesthetic is, you’ll find a place in this world and a kindred soul to share all your fashion dreams with.

But that does not mean we still have a few fashion trends that are well…more mainstream. 2017 has been a pretty amazing year for fashion, and now that the year is drawing to an end, we decided to sift through all the incredible trends of this year and figure out which ones are bound to remain trendy in 2018.

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Here are 5 fashion trends for 2018 that you should totally get behind if you’re not a regular mom; you’re a cool mom.

1. Metallic EVERYTHING

This Golden Puffer Jacket from H&M

This Metal One-Arm Jacket by Rimzim Dadu

These Metallic “Quant” Booties from Aquazurra

These Golden Trousers from H&M

As we’re slowly growing out of the 90’s aesthetic, it only makes sense that we begin to embrace the key fashion trend of the early 2000s. Whether you want to play it safe with a simple metallic pair of shoes, or go all out with a bright metal-finish jacket, or hell, even a pair of golden pants, then 2018 is about to be YOUR year. You can go as over the top or be as minimalistic as you want, with this trend.

For the minimalist, a metallic finish bag, or an accessory will add a chic edge to any neutral ensemble you prefer. On the other hand, if you’re as extra as we are, go for the golden pants from H&M, and throw on that INSANE Rimzim Dadu jacket and you’ll go down in history as a fashion LEGEND.

2. Fanny Packs

This Fanny Pack from TAH

This Leather Fanny Pack by MiuMiu

This Classic Red Fanny Pack from Urban Outfitters

This Royal Purple Fanny Pack by Gucci

Yes, you read that right, fanny packs are back. No, not the ugly ones your dad carried in the 90’s, which made you want to file for emancipation. Fanny packs are now fun, hipster, and crazy stylish. And the best part is that you don’t even have to wear it around your waist if you’re not comfortable with it. Sling it across your body like a tiny little cross-body bag that makes you look like a street-style pro, with a million followers on Instagram.

Fanny-pack Fact: Although cross-body fanny packs have recently received a lot of attention, it was actually Kim Cattrall who first wore it in Sex and the City Movie, as Samantha Jones (in the scene where they arrive in Mexico for Carrie’s faux honeymoon). I always knew Samantha Jones was a visionary. *sigh*

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3. Oversized clothing

This Pale Yellow Sweatshirt from Adidas ft Yeezy

Zoella knows what’s what. How cute is that oversized Denim Jacket?!

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Fashion Trends For 2018: What’s In And What’s Out
Here are 5 fashion trends for 2018 that you should totally get behind if you’re not a regular mom; you’re a cool mom.
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