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What To Wear This Summer, From The Experts

Now that summer is here you have no choice but to reassess your wardrobe. After all, having to work during the summer heat is punishment enough; you do not need to add to the discomfort by wearing woolen slacks because they are “office appropriate.” Just as the season has changed, so should your wardrobe, and we are here to help you decide what you should incorporate into your new wardrobe!

Trends will come and go, but certain styles never go out of fashion, and you should focus on building yourself a wardrobe that is able to stand the test of time, while also incorporating a few trendy items here and there. We’ll dive into what to wear this summer, but first, let us address a few concerns!

What about work wear?

Traveling to and from work seems to be a nightmare in your traditional work clothes. While you may feel comfortable in your office where the AC helps you not feel too hot, but the moment you step out of your chilly building you will regret your choice of wear. However, wearing a sundress or shorts to work is not an option for everyone! Since it is not possible to take a leave from work for the entirety of summer, you will have to come up with ideas of what to wear this season which is not too daring and can be worn in the working environment.

Having to go into work does not mean that you will have to be uncomfortable throughout! You can follow the official rules and regulations for appropriate attire while also making sure that you do not sweat through your clothes while you are traveling to and from work. Opting for a shirt that is a lighter material or a lighter color, and selecting loose fitting items can go a long way in making sure that you are comfortable during the workday.

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There are several other ways you can make sure that you are not only comfortable but stylish during your work day! Even small changes can help you completely transform your look, and we are here to help you learn what to wear this summer so that you can do that.

Incorporate this into your daily wear!

This summer, give yourself a whole new look, with the help of our handy guide. We will help make sure that you do feel uncomfortable as you work, while your attire is still appropriate for work. Here is what you should wear more of during the summer so that you can stay cool and look fashionable!

  1. Choose your colors wisely!

Summer does not necessarily have to mean bright colors all day every day. It is smarter to choose neutrals and pastel colors for your everyday summer wear. Not only will it keep you cool under the sweltering sun (especially if you have to use the public commute!), but it also makes you look effortlessly classy. Pastel colors are a safe choice no matter where you might be going. Light colors help you make sure that you do not feel too hot as the day goes on, and are a good choice if you plan to be out when the sun is high. But, needless to say, be careful about what you eat, because light colors seem to be an invitation for spills!

  1. Don’t completely abstain from colors

Choosing to wear pastels and neutrals does not have to mean that you do not wear bright colors at all. Rather you should be judicious about how and when you should wear bright colors, a neutral outfit with a pop of bright color screams summer. If you are not too sure about wearing bright colors, you can incorporate them into your outfit with the help of some accessories as well. After all, summer needs a little bit of color and not just different hues of grey.

  1. Floral Patterns

A great way for you to incorporate both pastels, as well as a bright pop of colors to your outfit, is to take the help of floral patterns. Floral patterns are versatile; they can range from being muted and soft to be quite striking. You can opt for bright floral patterns which have a pastel background, or go for a contrast effect. A strapless dress, or a cute skirt and even blazers can be an excellent way for you to give the floral patterns a try! Pair them with bold accessories to go all out and stun everyone with your gorgeous outfit.

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  1. …or other Bold Patterns

For many, floral patterns may not be their cup of tea. In that case, there are a lot of other patterns that you can explore. From leopard prints to paisley and polka dots, there is a whole world of patterns out there which make any outfit look interesting! They add a bit of depth to an otherwise boring outfit and are a great way to express your fun side. Whether you are going into work, or having a fun day out with friends, you can wear patterns in any situation. For work wear, as long as you maintain the traditional office wear silhouette, you can delve into incorporating some bold patterns into your workwear. Polka dots are a popular choice of patterns, not only can they be classic in black and white, but you can find a few bold and bright polka dot patterned outfits that are made for the ultimate summertime look.

  1. Mix it up

Since summer is all about being bold, you can even try your hand at mixing patterns! The go-to style for many people seems to be stripes paired with a floral pattern. You can even try mixing tribal patterns with polka dots or paisley, or whatever patterns that you feel will go well with each other. It is a great time for you to experiment and make bold choices. Mixing patterns can feel like it’s a big fashion “no-no,” but once you see some outfit ideas, you will be intrigued. It is an interesting look, and shows that you are not afraid to try out new things!

Not sure if you are confident enough to try out mixing patterns? Not to worry! Mixing patterns can be a bold choice that many may not be ready for. How about you create a similar look by wearing a matching two-piece? A two-piece patterned outfit is a great idea. A coordinating outfit gives you a ‘power suit’ kind of vibe when you step out in them!

  1. Layer it up!

Of course, not when you are just out and about on the streets! More often than not you are going to be spending time inside a building which will have their AC on in full blast to combat the heat outside. You might want to sight in relief from the reprieve, but after a while, the temperature will get to you. Ironically you may realize your outfit is not appropriate for the cool temperatures indoor, which can start to become quite chilly after a while. In that case, carry some layers with you as you travel. It does not need to be something that is too heavy; just a light shirt or cardigan will do the trick! In fact, if you opt for something a bit airy, you can even venture out into the streets with it on and not have to worry about the cardigan looking too crushed because you traveled with it crumpled up in your bag.

  1. When is basic not so basic?

Certain days will require you to dress in a conservative manner. It may be because you have an important meeting at work or an interview. However, that does not mean that you should sit and sweat through your clothes! You can still be comfortable while wearing traditional work wear; you will need to be wiser about what you choose. A sleeveless blouse or a one that is loose and billowy will make sure that you are comfortable. You can also opt for loose pants that do not stick to your skin and allow for some breathing room. Cropped pants and tops are also a great way for you to make your basic outfit look not so basic after all. Overall, loose-fitting clothes with a light material are what to wear this summer to help you combat the heat. When going for a classic look, why not buy a good pair of white pants? A black and white look can never go out of fashion and having white pants in your wardrobe will soon turn out to be a worthy investment!

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Hopefully, these few tips will keep you from melting under the heat of the sun during the work day! When in doubt, do not be afraid to experiment with colors. Summer is the time when you can wear the boldest and brightest colors. You can liven up any outfit with a bit of color, whether you chose to incorporate that with the help of colorful patterns, bold colored lips or even accessories!

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What To Wear This Summer, From The Experts
Since it is not possible to take a leave from work for the entirety of summer, you will have to come up with ideas of what to wear this summer.
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