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True Love Tinder Robot ‘Will Find You Love, Guaranteed…’

Now- those aren’t my words, but the claim of Nicole He, an NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program graduate who has created the device called the True Love Tinder Robot.

Created with the help of biometric sensors, the True Love Tinder Robot, He claims, reads the galvanic skin response on your palms (the physiological changes (how sweaty they get) for the hot-or-not reaction that fuels Tinder swipe-o-mania) to take that pivotal decision accurately for its user. (?!)

All set to be a part of the ITP Winter show on 20-21 December in New York, Nicole unveiled the first look of the device that shall revolutionize (yet again) the way we date through a tweet:

She stated that despite the obvious challenge of facing the apprehension of vesting an intimate decision in the hand of another (and a machine at that!!), this radical tech-trend is a surefire way ‘guaranteed’ to find you love. Now, I don’t know how galvanic skin response (a rather imprecise measurement of emotions and thoughts) can lead to a ‘guaranteed’ success in the quest for love but He’s device, the original idea for which came to her whilse she was asleep (any hints there :P), does seem to overextend its claims- the tangible proof of which lies on her project website:

“True Love Tinder Robot “explores the idea that the computer knows us better than we know ourselves, and therefore it has better authority on who we should date than we do.”

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The bot is constructed from an Arduino mini computer, some servos to control the hand, a bit of code, and a “bunch of wires, a box, and a speaker.” The bot’s calming robot voice is inspired by GLaDOS from the Portal video game series and offers advice and instructions like “judge this person,” and “determine if this person has any value.” On her blog He writes:

“The lines I wrote for the robot were an attempt to give a similar sense of character, even for a short interaction.”

Well, if anything, we can guess that the character of this rather pseudo-scientific contraption is deceptive and scheming.

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Featured image source: Youtube

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True Love Tinder Robot ‘Will Find You Love, Guaranteed...’
True Love Tinder Robot, the latest tech-contraption to aid us in our quest for love, 'guarantees' success- but should we believe it?
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