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Are Your Private Moments Online Really ‘Private’? Yes? Think Again…

Everybody and their uncle are online these days. Be it on social networking sites or dating sites or any of the plethora of sites that comprise the vast being called ‘social media.’ Sure, they have become a wellspring of knowledge, innovation, and technological advancement. The Internet as a whole has brought forth a technological revolution since its birth in the 1980s.

With more and more people living in different cities owing to their careers, long distance relationships, and even couples living in the same city but rarely spending time with each other are both pretty common. And what comes to their aid when a mere phone call or a WhatsApp text just doesn’t cut it? Video chats/calls. It’s the next closest thing to actually being with your significant other when you’re having one of those days – when all you want to do is cuddle up with them and have their arms around you.

long distance relationship1

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

These are private chats, right. So what’s the harm in taking it a step further – each of you want to desperately be together, but can’t, and will just have to make do with the help of a screen. No one would be the wiser. After all, they are private video chat/call sessions. Or so you think. Boy, you couldn’t be more wrong!

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Before sharing such intimate moments, did you or your significant other on the other side of the screen, stop to think how safe is it? Do you even know how easy it is to hack a webcam? Not just that, a webcam could be turned on remotely too, leaving you vulnerable. Thinking the webcam is switched off, you go about your business, maybe even change clothes in front of it – all because you thought it was ‘safe.’

long distance relationship

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Unknowingly, millions of people – be they girls, boys, or couples, fall prey to such hacks, and their private recordings end up on porn sites. Although the ‘virtual world’ gives you the courage to shed your inhibitions since you’re safely tucked away in your home in front of a computer screen, it’s never trustworthy or safe – not completely, no.

For a single moment of temptation, are you willing to risk your safety? Or even your significant other’s?

Check out this video which gives the same message on online privacy:


Think hard before taking that step from a mere ‘chat’ to ‘something more,’ online. Online privacy is fluid and could easily be compromised.

So stay safe!

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Article Name
Online Privacy: How 'Private' Are Your Private Moments?
Online privacy is not something concrete, and could easily be compromised, if you know the right technical skills. Be careful what you post online.
Chaitra Ramalingegowda

Chaitra Ramalingegowda

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