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Silence Ruins Relationships: The 12 Types Of Silence That Ruin Relationships

Communication is the most significant aspect of any relationship. Too often, we let even the most insignificant thing ruin our entire relationship and don’t make an effort to talk to our partner. Most of the problems in love can be dealt with by communicating with your partner. However, most of us decide to stay shut and let our silence speak volumes. There is nothing wrong in giving your partner some space, but often a times what ruins relationships is silence. The next time someone talks about what ruins relationships, pop silence as an answer before listing toxic elements. You’d never have guessed the poison silences inject that ruins relationships worldwide.

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1. The I-am-right silence

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This is the most common silence of all. When your partner is not able to understand your side of the story and you know you don’t have the energy to let them know why you are right. Instead of shutting down, explaining them with a thoughtful mind would certainly work.

2. The I-want-your-apology silence

Your ego or pride can fuel this silence after a fight, as you decide that you won’t speak to your partner without getting a sincere apology. Take a step back here. Try to understand that your relationship is more significant than an apology.

3. The I-have-nothing-left-to-say silence

You are just too hollow or might be going through a rough patch in life, which might encourage you to hide a few things from your partner. Don’t hesitate. Talk to them – they might come up with a solution.

4. The I-am-guilty silence

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When you have done or said something wrong and you are too egoistic to apologize, you do the easiest thing – you shut down. This will distant your partner and might end up burning the bridge between the two of you. Just a sincere apology will solve everything.

5. The virtual silence

The moment you leave your home, you get too busy with your work and don’t reply to your partner’s calls or texts. You won’t realize, but this habit might sabotage your relationship in the long run. Stay connected. Sending a text will take just a second.

6. The give-me-some-space silence

Instead of telling your partner how much you need your individual space, you shut down and distant yourself. It might frustrate them and after a while, your own space can suffocate you. Instead, let them know your concern in a subtle way.

7. The I-deserve-better-than-this silence

If you think you deserve better than being with your significant other, don’t leave them strangled. Either give your relationship another try or walk out of it. Don’t let them hanging in between.

8. The mutual silence

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This happens when both of you are just too proud to communicate with each other. Don’t let a silly argument ruin your relationship. Come up with a mutual decision, meet each other halfway, and get past your fight.

9. The lets-end-this silence

When you want to end your relationship, but you are just too selfish or afraid to let your partner know your intentions. If you have already made your mind, stop playing in circles. Let your partner know as they deserve more than your silence.

10. The I-am-mad-at-you silence

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If you are mad at your partner, why not let them know what made me so angry. Talk to them instead of letting your silence slowly kill your relationship.

11. The I-told-you-so silence

When you have already told your partner the consequences of making a move and they have made that mistake anyway. Yes, you were right. But you can’t stay like this your whole life. Your partner has just made a mistake and they might need you more than over. Get past your ego and talk to them. Be their support.

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12. The never-ending silence

It is the kind of silence that never stops and might end your relationship forever. If ignored, it can damage the mere foundation of your relationship. Recognize it and make an effort. Talk to your partner and get over your differences.

Words have their own power, but silence can lead to a catastrophe. Don’t let your silence ruin all this time that you have invested in your relationship. Communicate to your partner. Don’t hide anything at all. Let your words take over your relationship. Do it for them. Do it for yourself.

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What Ruins Relationships? The 12 Types Of Silence That Ruin Relationships
There is nothing wrong in giving your partner some space, but oftentimes what ruins relationships is silence.
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