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Why People With INTJ Personality Traits Are The Best To Fall In Love With

If the person you are dating has INTJ personality traits, and if you think there is a possibility of something serious between the two of you, then here are some reasons that will prove why they are the best and you should totally take the plunge.

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When you take your other half and see that person as an individual, you will realize how essential a role personality plays. Every individual is unique and so is their personality. If you have taken the Myers-Briggs personality test online, you will know that there are 16 categories of personalities and everyone falls within them. If you and your boy/girlfriend have taken the test, and if you know he/she has INTJ personality traits, then we will give you 15 reasons why they are the best, and you should totally hold on to them!

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But first, what is INTJ?!

INTJ stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. When all these traits are combined they form a personality type that is called the Architect.

The Myers-Briggs test (I have taken it and according to the test I am INFJ-A, where A stands for assertive) takes into account different psychological elements. You are asked a series of questions which take less than 12 minutes to complete. A response scale is provided for each question and you get to choose if you agree completely, slightly, are neutral, slightly disagree or disagree completely. The test calculates your results and then your personality type is revealed to you.

Why people with INTJ personality traits are the best

A very rare personality type, INTJ only makes up 2 per cent of the entire population of earth. The only personality type that is more unique than INTJ is INFJ, which constitutes of 1 per cent of the population.

If you are a woman who is an INTJ than you are even rarer as you make up only 0.8 per cent of the world population.

So you want to know what are the reasons that make INTJ personality type the best? Here we go then!

1. They are a rare breed, literally!

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We just talked about this, but I need to reiterate this fact. We all want our partners to be unique, and not copies of copies of copies, right? So when we are getting just that, shouldn’t we be celebrating?! Also, if you let go of this awesome INTJ personality type, chances are high that you will never find someone like him/her!

2. Their imaginative powers are Level: J.K. Rowling!

The INTJ personality types are very creative they look at everything, even the most mundane of the lot, with the wonder of a child. You might have already realized or even gotten attracted to this person because he or she is artistic and thinks in a distinctive way.

3. Their energy levels are exemplary

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So they do not just dream about things, get tired of the mental load and go to bed. They have the energy that one needs to put those ideas into action. They like creating things that they have imagined, and unless they do just that, they will not rest. They do not dream to just waste their time or to escape reality, they dream to make reality more awesome.

4. INTJ personality types are curious

And that is good because? Well that is the best trait in them! Curiosity is the first step to creations, discoveries and inventions. Also, when it comes to the 2 per cent of the population that belongs to this category, their interests are never satiated. They want to learn more and find out new things and go on adventures if need be!

5. They focus on how to improve themselves

Being happy in one’s skin and improving oneself, trying to better oneself aren’t the same thing. You can be happy in your skin, and yet try to improve your skills, your education and your ideas. You can better yourself as a human being, because there is no end to that.

The INTJ personality types constantly try to enhance themselves and their lives. SO if you are someone who lives for self-improvement, then you need to take your relationship with this person seriously.

6. They dig quiet nights spent at home

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Yes, they love spending evening away from the hustle-bustle of the outside, but having stated that you need to remember that they also love adventure and explorations. They are just the perfect balance between the two traits.

7. The INTJ personality type is witty

In one word, these people are intelligent. Period. They put in thought and time to analyze how the world works and that is what makes them smart.

They will have witty comebacks that will make your life fun, because I am guessing you are witty person yourself!

8. They know a lot about almost everything

Your special person loves learning. He or she can spend hours researching about fun topics, and it is their curiosity that makes them do stuff, which in turn, makes them intellectual beings.

Ask your lover anything about a random topic, and you will see how they tell you fascinating facts that you had no clue about. They will get you hooked to trivia, and trivia quiz will become your thing!

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9. Loyalty comes first

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When it comes to an INTJ personality type, you can be assured that they will never cheat on you. If they love you and have committed to you, then you have their loyalty for life.

This is one of the strongest traits in an INTJ personality type, and this is the main trait why we say these people are THE BEST!

But yes, to earn an INTJ’s loyalty means you have to be very precious to them, and that can be a little challenge.

10. These people are open-minded and super liberal

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This trait roots from their habit of trying to learn more and their curiosity. Because of these qualities, they have habit of looking at everything from various perspectives, which makes them open-minded.

If you have a new and unique idea, then they will be one of the few people who will encourage you to go ahead with it.

11. They are the rational-est of beings!

Some people consider this a bad trait, and we couldn’t disagree more! It totally depends on what you want in your partner. If you are looking for someone who is spontaneous all the time, who just looks at a situation for a few seconds and then takes a decision in a snap, then the INTJ personality kind is not your type.

Before they refute or accept the possibility of anything, they like taking their time to rationally decide. If you want someone who thinks things through before giving a point of, this is the person you need to be taking seriously.

12. They will always notice the small little things

 Yes, these folks are pretty observant and so the smallest little things will not go unnoticed. Now this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. If you are wearing a new perfume or have a new haircut, they will be the first ones to compliment you about it. But they will notice the not-so-flattering changes also quickly.

13. The INTJ personality are resolute

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You will be fascinated by hoe determined these folks can be. This is one of the striking traits that separate them from other people.

If this lover of yours wants to do something, then swaying them from doing that is going to be futile!

14. Confidence is their other name

Though they are essentially introverts, these people are confident about who they are, and this is primarily because they know so much. Their knowledge boosts their belief in themselves, which makes them so self-assured.

People who are not very confident about themselves, are seen to have numerous other issues that they constantly deal with. Confident folks, on the other hand know how to deal with other issues effectively, because they are true to who they are.

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15. When with them, everything is possible

You can call this person you are dating a wild one! You will never know what your INTJ type is up to, though you think you have figured them out. You can never figure them out, because they are a big heap of surprises!

Since they think so much before taking the final call, you will hardly have a clue about what they are going to do. So, you can be sure that life with them will never be boring!

That is a wrap on what makes the people who exhibit INTJ personas the best in the dating world.

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Why People With INTJ Personality Traits Are The Best To Fall In Love With
If the person you are dating has INTJ personality traits, then here are some reasons why you should hold on to them.
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