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Why You Need To Look For A Partner With ESTJ Personality Traits

“Good order is the foundation of all things.” – Edmund Burke

If you haven’t taken the Myers-Briggs personality test ever, then I must tell you that the test offers rating scale questions, with the scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. When you answer all the questions, you are given your result, which can be any one of these 16 categories:

Category 1: Analysts
– INTJ (The Architect)
– INTP (The Logician)
– ENTJ (The Commander
-ENTP (The Debater)

Category 2: Diplomats
-INFJ (The Advocate)
-INFP (The Mediator)
-ENFJ (The Protagonist)
-ENFP (The Campaigner)

Category 3: Sentinels
ISTJ (The Logician)
-ISFJ (The Defender)
-ESTJ (The Executive)
-ESFJ (The Consul)

Category 4: Explorers
-ISTP (The Virtuoso)
-ISFP (The Adventurer)
-ESTP (The Entrepreneur)
-ESFP (The Entertainer)

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After taking the test, if you realized that ESTJ is your personality type, then you have found your way to the right article to know more about your personality traits.

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ESTJ stands for

    1. Extroverted: ESTJs are outgoing and enjoy leading and supervising other people.
    2. Sensing: ESTJs enjoy concrete facts as opposed to abstract information.
    3. Thinking: ESTJs rely on objective information and logic to make decision rather than personal feelings.
    4. Judging: ESTJs like control and order, so they like to plan things well in advance.

Common ESTJ traits include,

  • Practical and realistic
  • Steady
  • Self-possession
  • Reliable
  • Old-fashioned
  • Enjoys leading
  • Very structured and organized
  • Sticks to their standards
  • Strongly dislikes disorganization and incompetence
  • Seeks out like-minded individuals

According to an ESTJ, you should always be yourself.

Based on analysis of their lives and works, some researchers including Keirsey have suggested that the following famous individuals exhibit ESTJ characteristics:

  • Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of USA
  • Frank Sinatra, Singer
  • Judy Sheindlin, Prosecution Lawyer
  • James Monroe, U.S. President
  • Harry S. Truman, U.S. President
  • George W. Bush, U.S. President
  • Sam Walton, businessman
  • John D. Rockefeller, philanthropist and industrialist
  • Billy Graham, evangelist
  • Bette Davis, actress
  • Laura Linney, actress and singer
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress, singer, and entrepreneur

Some famous fictional characters that exhibit ENTP characteristics include:

  • Boromir, Lord of The Rings
  • Lucy, Peanuts comic strip character
  • Tony Soprano, The Sopranos
  • Princess Leia, Star Wars
  • Rachel Lynde, Anne of Green Gables
  • Dwight Schrute, The Office
  • Claire Dunphy, Modern family
  • Ana Lucia Cortez, Lost
  • Violet Crawley, Downtown Abbey
  • Robb Stark, Game of Thrones
  • Lisa Cuddy, House M.D.
  • Porthos, The Three Musketeers

“When you see a river, you must follow it to its source, no matter the perils, no matter those comrades that fall along the way. You must know how things work. You must unlock.”  – Sir Malcolm Murray from Penny Dreadful (Also an ESTJ)

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How ESTJs behave in a relationship

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People with ESTJ personality traits are unique partners in a relationship, who have no difficulty in transitioning from the dating phase to a more serious level in the relationship. ESTJs are great in a long-term relationship and in a marriage. ESTJs give a lot of importance to honesty; they will always be straightforward in their admiration as well as their criticism. If you are someone who doesn’t take criticism very well, then dating an ESTJ is not a good idea.

You can expect an ESTJ to tell you upfront about their likes, dislikes, their hopes, ambitions and what they think is the purpose of their life. While their honesty is very attractive, it also has a rather negative aspect of it: expect no surprises.

The ESTJ forms a stable relationship, one that is built on love and trust. They will encourage their partner to also pursue their lie goals, and help them as much as they can toward that end.

ESTJs take their relationships very seriously, and so if you are looking for a fling, then don’t involve yourself with someone who has ESTJ personality traits. These folks put a lot of effort, energy and time into their relationship; according to them, a relationship is like a plant that has to be nurtured for it to grow strong and bear fruits.

As I just mentioned that ESTJs are not the kind who will give you surprises, hence a corollary of this is how you cannot expect them to be spontaneous in expressing their love. They love socializing, but only with familiar people. Meeting new folks or trying out new places, isn’t something an ESTJ would be interested in.

Sexually, ESTJs rely more on traditional ways of making love. This does not mean they will not try new fantasies; however, they are more likely to pick traditional ones if given a chance. ESTJs like compliments because that’s how they feel recognized and appreciated.

“I’m not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats. I’m not looking for the secret to life… I just go on from day to day, taking what comes.” – Frank Sinatra

ESTJs are not touchy-feely, and this could be a hurdle in case you are someone looking for emotional intimacy. Don’t expect verbal declarations of love from your ESTJ partner, or else you are in for unhappiness. These folks are more into tangible ways of expressing love.

If you are a sensitive person, then an ESTJs constant dismissal of your emotional feeling can be pretty hurtful for you. So be doubly sure if you are up for such a relationship.

How compatible are ESTJs with other personality types?

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

Kindred spirits

The personality types with which ESTJs are likely to share their interests, and have a similar approach toward life are,

  1. ISTJ, The Inspector
  2. ESTP, The Dynamo
  3. ENTJ, The Commander

If you belong to any of the aforementioned personality traits, then you are likely to form a very good bond with an ESTJ because you both are very similar to each other.

Intriguing differences

The following personality traits have striking similarities with ESTJs; however, they have some key differences that make them seem intriguing and interesting:

  1. ISTP, The Craftsman
  2. INTJ, The Mastermind
  3. ESFP, The Performer
  4. ESFJ, The Provider

ESTJs are likely to get attracted to the aforementioned personality types. The relationship between ESTJs and the above will have a good balance of shared aims; the differences will challenge them to be more understanding and accommodating.

Potential Complements

ESTJs may not feel attracted immediately to the following personality types; however, if they give the friendship time, it could evolve into a relationship, and that too a strong one:

  1. ISFJ, The Protector
  2. INFJ, The Counselor
  3. ENTP, The Visionary
  4. ENFJ, The Teacher

When the ESTJs and the aforementioned spend more time with each other, they realize that they have more things in common, that too, important things. They will teach each other, inspire each other, and help each other grow.

Challenging Opposites

The personality types that have the greatest potential to have a clash with ESTJs are,

  1. ISFP, The Composer
  2. INTP, The Architect
  3. INFP, The Healer
  4. ENFP, The Champion

The aforementioned personality types have frequent conflicts with ESTJs, but this is not necessarily a bad thing; it can also mean a great opportunity for growth. ESTJs and the above have very different core values; they are motivated by different things. An ESTJ’s strength is the abovementioned personality types’ weakness, and vice-versa. Therefore, this is a chance for both the parties to learn from each other.

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That is a wrap on what makes the people who exhibit ESTJ personality traits the best in the dating world.

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Why You Need To Look For A Partner With ESTJ Personality Traits
In today’s post, we will spill all the beans about ESTJ personality traits to give you a better understanding of the person you love.
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