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How Do INTP Personality Traits Influence A Relationship?

Have you taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)) test yet? From those of you who aren’t aware, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a self-report questionnaire that allows you to introspect your psychological preferences, which in turn, explains why you perceive the world the way you do and why you make decisions the way you do.

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The test offers rating scale questions, with the scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. When you answer all the questions, you are given your result, which can be any one of these 16 categories:

Category 1: Analysts
– INTJ (The Architect)
– INTP (The Logician)
– ENTJ (The Commander
-ENTP (The Debater)

Category 2: Diplomats
-INFJ (The Advocate)
-INFP (The Mediator)
-ENFJ (The Protagonist)
-ENFP (The Campaigner)

Category 3: Sentinels
ISTJ (The Logician)
-ISFJ (The Defender)
-ESTJ (The Executive)
-ESFJ (The Consul)

Category 4: Explorers
-ISTP (The Virtuoso)
-ISFP (The Adventurer)
-ESTP (The Entrepreneur)
-ESFP (The Entertainer)

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After taking the test, if you realized that INTP is your personality type, then you have found your way to the right article to know more about your personality traits.

INTP stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving.

  1. Introversion (I): INTPs have a small but close group of friends
  2. Intuition (N): INTPs do not focus on tiny details, but look at the bigger picture
  3. Thinking (T): INTPs are very logical (hence, the name); they decide based on facts and not feelings
  4. Perceiving (P): INTPs feel limited by structure, and therefore, keep their options open at all times

Common INTP personality traits include,

  1. Quiet, reserved and thoughtful
  2. Enjoys theoretical thinking
  3. Tends to be flexible and tolerant
  4. Highly logical and objective
  5. Good at thinking “outside of the box”

Famous people with INTP personalities

Based on analysis of their lives and works, some researchers including Keirsey have suggested that the following famous individuals exhibit INTP characteristics:

  1. Albert Einstein, scientist
  2. Charles Darwin, naturalist
  3. William James, psychologist and philosopher
  4. Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. President
  5. G. Jung, psychiatrist
  6. Socrates, philosopher
  7. Sir Isaac Newton, mathematician, physicist and astronomer
  8. K. Rowling, author
  9. Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President

Some famous fictional characters that exhibit INTP characteristics include:

  1. Sherlock Holmes
  2. Brian Griffin, Family Guy
  3. Data, Star Trek: The Next Generation
  4. Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter

How Do INTP Personality Traits Influence A Relationship?

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First of all, you need to know that INTPs are introverts. These people love spending their time on their own. If you are an extrovert who gets his or her batteries charged by being around hordes of people INTPs are just the opposite. They feel social interactions and activities drain them of their energy, and therefore they try to avoid such occasions. After a function or a gathering, you might find an INTP spending some time all by themselves to replenish their lost energy.

While INTPs are shy around people they don’t know, they are very warm and approachable to people who they consider friends and family.

The other dominant quality in an INTP is the need for space; INTPs are independent. INTPs usually place a great deal of importance on their need for personal space and freedom. They tend to get upset when some try to suppress their thoughts, ideas or ways of doing things. They are very independent thinkers, who encourage debate, but do not like being pushed to believe in something.

This is also the reason why INTPs are suggested to go for career choices that allow a lot of creative freedom and flexibility.

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The fact that INTPs are independent has a corollary: they are attracted to smart partners, who can think for themselves. Like I just said, INTPs love debates; they like being challenged intellectually, and therefore need a lover who is intelligent and can think critically.

INTPs love deep thinking. This comes from their need to spend time in solitude. As a partner to an INTP, you need to understand and respect the latter’s requirement to stay aloof and detached. You also need to be prepared for the fact that quite often your partner is going to be lost in their own thoughts, and might be very forgetful. INTPs tend to lose track of time and the happenings of the outside world; to be honest, it does not interest them at all. They are fonder of ideas and more than often place intelligence and the hunger for knowledge over everything else.

If you are about to date an INTP and are considering whether you should or not, then here is something you must know: INTPs are very easy-going folks. They are tolerant, but they might become difficult to deal with when their convictions are questioned. As I said, logic is all that matters to them, and when someone challenges the logic offered by them, they turn into the worst people in the room. INTPs are very difficult to persuade.

INTPs have no appetite for routine. If there are a set of rules to follow in a relationship, then don’t bother telling your INTP partner that because he or she is most likely to flout them all. They are no interested in conventions; they don’t like someone else designing life for them. As a result, it can be very hard for people who are conventional and love routines and to-do lists to be with an INTP in a romantic relationship. However, if you don’t bother them with your idea of life, your rules and regulations, then they are the most tolerant beings ever.

Anything that happens to you or around you will be analyzed by the INTP in your life. They interpret human actions logically and behave, more than often, like a psychologist. Though they are a little difficult to live with, they will be the ones constantly grumbling about how weird the other people in their life are.

All in all, here are the qualities in an INTP worth taking a note of include,

  1. They are abstract thinkers
  2. They are imaginative
  3. They are original in their ideas and approach toward life
  4. They are open-minded and unbiased
  5. They are enthusiastic about life
  6. They are objective
  7. They are honest
  8. They are straight-forward
  9. They are withdrawn from daily life
  10. They are condescending
  11. They are insensitive at times
  12. They are absent-minded and forgetful
  13. They hate rules and regulations
  14. They never commit to a decision because they are always open to new ideas

How compatible are INTPs with other personality types?

Kindred spirits

The personality types with which INTPs are likely to share their interests, and have a similar approach toward life are,

  1. INTJ The Mastermind
  2. INFP The Healer
  3. ENTP The Visionary

If you belong to any of the aforementioned personality traits, then you are likely to form a very good bond with an INTP because you both are very similar to each other.

INTPs and the aforementioned personality types do not necessary agree on all matters of debate. They might even have many disagreements and not get along; however, they will feel an easy rapport with these types since they will find plenty of habits and choices that are common among them.

Intriguing differences

The following personality traits have striking similarities with INTPs; however, they have some key differences that make them seem intriguing and interesting:

  1. ISTP The Craftsman
  2. INFJ The Chancellor
  3. ENTJ The Commander
  4. ENFP The Champion

INTPs are likely to get attracted to the aforementioned personality types. The relationship between INTPs and the above will have a good balance of shared aims; the differences will challenge them to be more understanding and accommodating.

Potential Complements

INTPs may not feel attracted immediately to the following personality types; however, if they give the friendship time, it could evolve into a relationship, and that too a strong one:

  1. ISTJ The Inspector
  2. ISFP The Composer
  3. ESTP The Dynamo
  4. ENFJ The Teacher

When the INTPs and the aforementioned spend more time with each other, they realize that they have more things in common, that too, important things. They will teach each other, inspire each other, and help each other grow.

Challenging Opposites

The personality types that have the greatest potential to have a clash with ISTPs are,

  1. ISFJ The Protector
  2. ESTJ The Supervisor
  3. ESFP The Performer
  4. ESFJ The Provider

The aforementioned personality types have frequent conflicts with INTPs, but this is not necessarily a bad thing; it can also mean a great opportunity for growth. INTPs and the above have very different core values; they are motivated by different things. An INTP’s strength is the abovementioned personality types’ weakness, and vice-versa. Therefore, this is a chance for both the parties to learn from each other.

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How Do INTP Personality Traits Influence A Relationship?
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