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Your Perfect Nutrition Guide For A Healthy And Happy Breakfast

One thing that all the nutrition experts from around the world agree on is that the first meal of the day is your best bet for stocking up the much needed energy for the day ahead. And along with the taste, the nutrition part of your breakfast is equally important. So, today I’m going to give you the insight into all the components of the foods that makes your diet healthy.

Here are the essentials that fuel a healthy breakfast for a happy you!

1. Calories – the energy from food


Image source: scienceabc

When you wish to maintain your weight, a range of 350 to 400 calories is the best to go for.

Some delicious foods with the calorie content per 100 grams

Sesame butter – 595
coconut milk – 230
avocados – 160
cooked brown rice – 111
cooked oatmeal – 71

Calorie rich foods to avoid (with calories per 100 grams)

fatty oils – 902
processed meats – 494
(peanut butter and chocolate) cookies – 558
potato chips – 150 calories per ounce

2. Carbohydrates – the fuel for your body


Image source: dailybrainstorms

With all the good and bad carbs, be very sure opting for the right one and stick to a 40 to 45 carbs diet.

Foods rich in carbs that you can enjoy

a bowl of mashed potatoes – 36g
whole grains (like a serving of brown rice) – 38g
one apple – 23g
one banana – 24g
cereals – up to 98%
dry fruits – 75% to 88% carbs (a 1/4 bowl of raisins gives you 45g carbs)

Empty carbs foods that you MUST avoid

corn syrup
aerated beverages
granulated sugar
dry jams and more!

3. Fats – the caloric powerhouse


Image source: bbc

Always go for monounsaturated fats over the saturated ones and set a 10 to 15 grams range for a healthy meal.

Foods that promise you good fat

avocados – 77%
whole eggs – 62%
chia seeds – 9g fat per ounce
extra virgin olive oil
full fat yogurt
dark chocolate

The fat rich foods you need to avoid

pork and beef – 20-30% of saturated fat
deep fried foods – 13-19% saturated fat
a glass of milkshake (150ml) – 10-12g of fat
ice creams

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4. Fiber –  the indigestible carbs


Image source:  froose

An intake of about 6 grams of fiber assures you a good health and a great digestion together.

Must have foods rich in fiber

cooked split peas – 16.3 g per cup
cooked lentils – 15.6g per cup
cooked black beans – 15g per cup
cooked broccoli – 5.1g per cup
berries – about 8g per cup
one avocado –  13g
bran flakes – 7g per cup
cooked oatmeal – 4g per cup

5. Protein


Image source: sportsdietitians

A sound eating plan with 13 to 20 grams of protein promises you ample of energy for the day

The high protein foods for you

cottage cheese –  28g per cup
one egg- 6g
milk – 8g per cup
chicken – 24g per 3 oz
lentils – 52g per cup
peanut butter – 8g per 2 tbsp

Protein rich food to shun

high proteins derived from animals
steak – 77g in 300g
red meat
excess milk

6. Sugar


Image source: theguardian

With the health risks like diabetes high, 36 grams of fewer is a safe quantity to stick to and make sure not to exceed six grams of added sugar (that’s about 1.5 teaspoon!)

(sweet source of energy)
Foods rich in sugar to add to your breakfast
fruits (apple, banana, pineapples )
agave nectar

Sugar rich foods to keep a distance from

sugar syrups – 100% sugar
soft drinks – 95% sugar
candies – 83% sugar
dried fruits – 81%
jams – 60%

Now, with the proper knowledge of how important every component of your food is for keeping you healthy, you can now start your day with a breakfast that serves you all the nutrition you need and of course, with the best taste as well.

It’s a happy and healthy breakfast for you!

Featured image source: froose

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Your Perfect Nutrition Guide For A Happy And Healthy Breakfast
Because a happy and healthy breakfast is one that knows nutrition AND taste!
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