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15 Body Language Cues That Show That A Woman Is Into You

We women have peculiar ways of expressing ourselves. While we are usually quite frank and clear about how we are feeling, there are times when we just keep quiet and let our bodies do the talking. When it comes to love, we especially like to internalize our emotions. We take the utmost pleasure in being secretive and reticent about how we feel about the guy in front of us. Our stereotype says that we will never be the one to take the first step. We like to play games and keep guys guessing whether we’re really into them or not. And, to be honest, many times these generalizations are true.

Unfortunately, this is not quite simple for a guy to decipher. The ambiguity puts him in a tough spot between the fear of rejection and potentially losing a chance to be with his dream girl. But, not all is lost boys! A woman’s body language speaks volumes about her personality and about the way she feels about a particular person that she is with. Her non-verbal ways of communication are indicative of her feelings towards you and can help you understand whether she is interested in you. This is a very important aspect in the initial stages of dating and goes a long way in helping you decide whether it is a good thing to take it further.

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To help all of you fellas out there, I list 15 body language cues that show that a woman is into you:

1. She smiles a lot

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If her face lights up the moment she sees you and she gives you that beautiful smile of hers, chances are she welcomes your presence. If she smiles a lot while talking to you, it really means that she likes your company. Smiling is a good sign to start with and it indicates the flow of positive vibes between the two of you.

2. She takes effort to dress up

Of course, the woman you are dating is beautiful, but if you can see that she has taken extra care to dress up for you, then she’s into you. She also chooses to wear something that exposes some beautiful body part, like a low neck or an off-shoulder dress, to heighten her glamor quotient. This means she wants to look beautiful for you.

3. She listens to you intently

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Whether you’re talking about your boring office work, your interesting hobbies or your family members, her undivided attention literally means that she is interested in knowing you better. She may also ask you questions in between your stories about the last time you played golf or went fishing with your friends. Maybe she even laughs at your silly jokes. This clearly shows that she wants to know more about the things and people in your life. Gear up because this girl looks like she’s serious about you!

4. She occasionally adjusts her hair or her dress

Women are typically conscious of their appearance while in public. If she occasionally adjusts her hair and makes sure her dress is in place, it means she wants to look good in front of you. If she is already dressed to the t and is still trying to look better, she is seeking your attention. You can be doubly sure that she’s interested in you.

5. She lets you pull out the chair or hold the door open for her

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While it is a very gentlemanly thing to pull the chair out or hold the door open for a woman, most women these days do not deem it necessary. If you are dating an independent, self-sufficient woman, and she still lets you be the gentleman, then it shows she wants your respect and care. She warmly welcomes such gestures and acknowledges the importance you are putting on her comfort. Don’t let her go, mate. She’s pretty much into you.

6. She blushes when you compliment her

Now, who doesn’t like a compliment? But, when you get it from someone you really like, it’s even better. And if she replies with rosy cheeks blushing away to glory, you are very much in the game. This is one of the easiest and most common cues when trying to understand the body language of women. Try and continue giving her compliments on subtle things about her. Observe her more and tell her the little things you like about her. If she blushes, it is surely going to take you places!

7. She doesn’t mind you holding her hand

couple holding hands_New_Love_Times

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Whether it is the first date or the second, if she doesn’t mind you slightly brushing her hands during a conversation or holding her hand while walking to the door, she would not mind you staying in her life for some time too. This means that she is welcoming you into her life and that she wants you to hold her hand through thick and thin. She might even like it if you pull her in by her waist or kiss her hand while saying goodbye.

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8. She doesn’t break eye contact while communicating

Keeping strong eye contact while communicating means she wants to get her point across to you clearly. Try and never miss out on a thing when she maintains eye contact while talking to you. She is telling you something important or close to her heart. Whether she is looking at you dreamy-eyed or with bright eyes full of excitement, it means she wants to keep the conversation going. Most likely, that means she wants to keep the meeting and dating going too!

9. She touches her neck or bites her lips sometimes

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This is a sign of physical attraction. If she touches her neck or bites her lip while around you, it means that she desires you in more ways than one. This may start as one form of flirting, but if it continues, then rest assured that she wants to take the meeting from the dining table to the bedroom!

10. She sits with her legs crossed

This is good sign and means that she’s trying to attract you. In case her legs or feet are pointed towards you, it means she is especially attracted to you. The twining of the leg while she’s standing is also an indication that she likes you. So, boys, the next time you are out on a date, pay close attention to her legs!

11. She plays with her hair and tilts her head to one side

This is also one of the body language of women that you shouldn’t miss. If she plays with her hair, tilts her head to one side or subtly flirts with you as she talks, she is definitely into you. You can now go and take a step ahead without further delay.

12. She leans her body towards you while talking

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Leaning her body towards you while talking is an example of positive body language. It shows that she is open and approachable. And the closer she gets, the more interested she is in whatever you are saying. If this is accompanied by her placing her elbow on the table and touching her chin, it means that she wants to learn more about the adventures you are talking about. Keep talking, man, and welcome her with open arms!

13. Her posture speaks a lot too

A woman’s posture gives subtle clues about her interest in you. If read properly, they can help you gain knowledge of her impression of you. If a woman is sitting tall and composed, it means she doesn’t want to rush into things. If she stands tall with a little arch to her back, she is trying to draw attention to her chest. Open hands and arms also suggest that she is open to taking things further.

14. She doesn’t mind touching you while talking

couple holding hands_New_Love_Times

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Women are usually skeptical in the beginning when it comes to physical touch. But if she’s the one who initiates little touches here and there, then it is a sign that she trusts you. She might just tap your hand while laughing or hold your shoulder while walking; these are still ways of her expressing that she doesn’t mind physical contact. You can now think of taking the relationship to another level.

15. She lets you pick her up or drop her at home

Most women today drive around the city in their vehicles and can very much manage to get to different places on their own. But if she accepts your offer to pick her up or drop her off at her place, it shows that she wants to be loved and taken care of by you. While this also might be because she doesn’t want to ruin her mood (or her makeup) while driving through city traffic, it most likely also shows that she likes your concern and welcomes your good manners.

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So, now you know that when your teacher asked you to be observant, she did it for a good reason! Yes, the world would be so much easier if the woman sitting across the dinner table was straightforward about how she felt towards you. But you have to agree that the entire process of flirting and decoding body language is fun!

So, boys, now you are all armed with the tips and tricks of deciphering the code of female body language. Now you can plan on taking out the lady of your dreams to a romantic dinner date and also find out if she is really into you. Take advantage of the knowledge you have gained today through this article, and go ahead and spread the information among the lesser mortal friends of yours. Go for it and have a wonderful time interpreting the body language of women in the process!

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