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The Complete Guide On How To Get Your Crush To Notice You

Crushes and infatuations are part of life. We experience them all the time. Whether it’s the first day of college /work or just about a random bumping incident at the supermarket, you see somebody and you become somewhat confident you hear music floating in the background! 😉 But how to get your crush to notice you?

Walking up to the one who’s made sparks fly about in all directions is no piece of cake. Or perhaps, it is. You just do not know how to keep it and eat it too! But fret not, because we have some stellar tips that will come in handy when you seek answers to the ever-daunting question ‘how to get your crush to notice you.’

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Here we go:

1. Build and maintain eye contact

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Don’t STARE at them like you’d at a Zac Efron/Kate Upton’s Instagram feed, but establish eye contact with them. Looking at your crush vacantly with your eyes wide open can make them feel repulsive and cause them to communicate hostility. In order to make the impression last, let a confident eye contact work the trick for you. Look in their direction, sport a subtle smile, open the conversation and do not let go of the eye contact. Think of it as a conversation with a friend. Too little eye contact makes you seem uninterested and insincere while going overboard might border on creepy and scare them off. So, make the eyes do the talking, just right.

2. Take the initiative

It’s your lucky day, you bumped into them at the college canteen or in the office smoking room. You don’t know what to do! You’re wondering  how to get your crush to notice you! Walk up to them and don’t be afraid to say ‘Hello!’ and smile when you’re at it. An innocent smile is always capable of fetching that first coveted start. Some people like to sit back and wait for the approach so, rise to the occasion – go for it. And right when the progression bar is filling up please don’t ruin it by asking them if they are up for some coffee. Trust me, it’s too flimsy, clichéd and doesn’t work most of the times unless you’re riding in a Lambo.

3. Build up a conversation

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Nothing is more appealing than good conversation. An intelligent yet funny conversation is surely going to get you noticed. And by intelligent, I don’t mean that you go all Carl Jung on your crush. Find common topics to talk about, get to know how he/she sees life, and hit the tickle bone at the right moment. Chat him/her up without letting the conversation cease. But, you have to know when you need to zip it and listen attentively to whatever they have to say. Also it’s absolutely not necessary to have a heart-to-heart conversation initially. Allow the comfort zone to sink in, make them feel easy and you can broach those later, you don’t want to tread far too thin ice right when you are standing at the edge. Also, keep in mind that you have to be polite and decent at all times. Don’t be loud and crass, try to be soft spoken even if you are not. Cause when you’re keeping it low the chance of getting noticed is pretty damn high. Meanwhile, see if you can get them to open up and try and develop an inside joke with them, because, laughter, they say, opens up many a doors!

4. Learn what they like

Considering that you have already exchanged numbers and ‘liked’ SOME of his/her recent posts on Facebook, you have a sort of idea of the kind of person your crush is, the kind of movies/sitcoms he/she likes, the kind of music he/she listens to. When you learn what your crush’s favorite movie is, if you like that movie too, then let them know that you love watching it. What else can be more beautiful than knowing that you and your crush both love 500 Days Of Summer, eh?  Do you both watch similar tv shows? You two can prattle endlessly about how they killed off your favorite character in the series finale!  If your crush is into music, you could probably shoot forth links that have a hidden message right inside. I mean, cementing your bond over everything that makes them groove? Well, too smooth.

5. Look presentable

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It may sound a bit shallow, but your appearance does create an impression. If you want to get noticed, you have to be well dressed and tidy. Wear neat, well fitted, well laundered clothes. I’m not saying dress like someone you’re not but it wouldn’t hurt to make an effort. Well-dressed people who groom themselves always stick out of the crowd like a happy dancing thumb. Also watch your posture, which can affect your overall appearance, no matter what you’re wearing. If you take the time to work on your appearance, you may also feel more confident around your crush.

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6. Don’t try too hard

When you’re eager for someone to notice you, things can spiral out of control. Just a heads up: desperation is definitely not hot. There is no need to try too hard. Keep it simple when it comes to your crush. It is okay to send a couple of texts, but absolutely do not bombard him every moment of the day. He/she probably saw the first one you sent, so it is up to you to develop and practice some patience. Don’t get overworked if he/she doesn’t respond right away, he/she may just be busy. Acting silly will get you noticed for sure but for all the wrong reasons. So, hold up onto the patience gear, keep the reins in hand, do not tug too hard and there is no need to come on too strong.

7. Sweet and bad

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The best way to rouse a crush’s curiosity and make them notice you is by making yourself seem approachable, and yet walking away before they can do anything about it. If you’re walking past your crush, squeeze through near them and say “excuse me” and walk past them. And as you cross your crush, look straight into their eyes and smile just a little bit. And after walking past, turn around, say “thank you” and walk away. You’ll drive your crush crazy, and make them want to trail behind and talk to you! Note: it may take them a few days to catch up, since you will be at more such stellar ideas over the next couple of days!

8. Be confident, subtle and positive

Confidence is attractive. Keep your back straight and hold your chin up. Be clear with your opinions. Get over the fear that you might just blabber in front of your crush, act natural, walk up straight to your crush, show off what you’re good at and always be kind. Treat yourself well, don’t constantly apologize to everyone, and get out there and do the things that make you YOU. Be subtle with your small talk and subtly let your crush know that you’re craving their attention. But then again, you have to be as smooth as an air hockey table. Bring out all the positivity you have in yourself. Talk about all the good things in life, if he/she is stressed out with their work, lend them a helping hand and let them see that you are good at tracing all the silver linings amidst a dark swathe of clouds. This will make you noticeable instantly.

9. Ask them to do things together

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You might want to start by asking them to be part of a group you’re organizing. This can be a group doing a college project or a group getting together to go to the movies. Just make it clear that you’re interested in having them around. After you’ve done some group activities together and feel comfortable in each other’s presence, you can shift the gear to doing something together- just the two of you.

10. Melodrama is disgusting

Don’t get other people to ask them out for you, don’t be a jerk to the person that they’re dating, and don’t be dramatic about talking or not talking to them. This will only stress you out and make other people (including your crush) not want to have anything to do with you. Don’t try to convince your crush that you exist and want to get noticed. That’s just going to give you an easy, breezy pass into the list of lame nuts who have nothing better in life than to direct all their efforts into getting someone’s attention!

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11. Be yourself

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That’s the only thing that is going to be the same throughout. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, cause that’s living a lie. You can’t force yourself to like poetry when your heart says sports. If you’re a loner, then be the lonely guy who likes being all alone and mysterious, it may work in your favor. Be real and genuine- I’ve heard, life rewards these souls in the end.

Getting noticed by your crush can get really tricky and frustrating but good things come to those who wait. So, hold on, use the NLT tips and let us know you owe us a big one! Yes, we are that confident and so should you!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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The Complete Guide On How To Get Your Crush To Notice You
Fret not, coz we have some stellar tips that will come in handy when you seek answers to the ever-daunting question ‘how to get your crush to notice you.’
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