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10 Undoubtable Signs That Prove He Will Never Stop Loving You

It is a truth universally acknowledged — or should be, if it’s not — that not all relationships are meant to last. Everyone is on a quest to find ‘the one,’ and it’s only natural that there will be some roadblocks. Sometimes love does fizzle out, despite a passionate start to the relationship.

Other times, however, you meet a guy and it just feels right. Maybe it’s his maturity, maybe it’s his strength. Whatever it is, it makes you believe in the permanence of love. Although love  fizzles out sometimes, there are times when it lasts, too. It might mellow and take on a different form, but it is always there. The exhilaration of a new affair transforms into the quiet yet beautiful stability of a long term partnership.

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When you meet such a man, you should never let him go, because when he says I love you, you better be sure that he means it. His deep regard for you comes across not only through his romantic words, but also through his actions. It is important to believe in his affection and recognize how everything he does is a symbol of his everlasting love — because when you know you will never stop loving someone, it shows.

There are certain undoubtable signs that prove your significant other will never stop loving you, and here are 10 of them.

1. He respects you

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He treats you like an equal, and never second-guesses you. He knows you can handle things. He respects your opinion, and asks for your advice. It doesn’t faze him to admit that you’re better at certain things, because he’s secure in his masculinity. He doesn’t try to take over when you’re struggling with a task unless you ask for help, because he knows you’ll figure it out. He’s proud that he has a capable, confident partner, someone who can hold her own. He never pressurizes you or makes you uncomfortable.

2. He doesn’t take you for granted

He keeps the romance alive even when the honeymoon period of your relationship is over. He’s constantly wooing you — sometimes it’s a sweet love note on the bedside table, or your favorite flowers sent to your workplace on a random weekday, and other times, it’s breakfast in bed or tickets to a concert. He isn’t complacent about you at all. He’s thankful that you’re a part of his life, and it’s evident. He doesn’t want to lose you, so he makes sure the flame keeps burning bright.

3. He supports you

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Whether it’s something big like a new job or something small like a lifestyle change, you know you can count on him to support you all the way. He’s your biggest fan. He is very proud of you, and isn’t silent about it. He’ll always cheer you on, and root for you. He believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself, and encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and take risks when you’re too afraid. However, he’s honest enough to call you out when you’re being stupid.

4. He recognizes your worth

He believes you’re the best thing that has ever happened to him, and thinks you’re way above his league. He enjoys learning from you. To him, you’re inimitable; he might complain about your hair blocking the drain or your habit of putting too much salt when you cook, but he wouldn’t have you any other way. You’re always embarrassed when he introduces you to strangers, because he can’t stop talking about your good qualities. He thinks you’re a goddess. And if you think he’s going to stop loving you, you’re wrong.

5. He knows how to cheer you up

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When you’re a blubbering mess, whether it’s because you watched a sad movie or because you had a fight with a friend, he knows exactly how to make you feel better. He’ll make you a cup of tea, or get you some chocolate, or maybe just hum your favorite song. He patiently listens to your rants and knows that you need to let out your pent-up anger. He doesn’t mind bearing the brunt of your crankiness as long as it makes your mood better. He always thinks you’re beautiful, and makes you feel that way, even when your eyeliner is smudged and you’re lounging in your pjs.

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6. He’s always there for you

He’s not just a happy companion for fun times. He won’t leave when there’s a problem. When times are rough, you know he’ll be there, holding your hand and help you through whatever you’re going through. He listens when you need a sympathetic ear, and tries his best to give advice when you can’t figure out a solution to your problem. He’s calm in a crisis, and helps you stay calm too. He is your most loyal supporter in your pursuit of your goals. He’s the best friend you’ve ever had.

7. He doesn’t avoid confrontation

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When the both of you have had an argument, he doesn’t try to sweep it under the rug or placate you with a bouquet of flowers the next day. He faces the situation gracefully and maturely. He understands that it’s better to talk things out (even when it’s an uncomfortable conversation) rather than keep quiet and let resentment build and fester. He knows that confrontation might be awkward, but sometimes it’s necessary and even healthy. No relationship is without fights, but it’s this practical attitude that keeps them strong.

8. He consults you before taking major decisions

He wouldn’t think of deciding anything significant before asking what you think. Whether it’s buying a new car, or going on a work trip, he always consults you before giving a definitive answer. You are the first person he tells anything to, because you’re the most important person in his life. He doesn’t hesitate to take your advice, because he knows you’re smart and have a good perspective. He leans on you without any embarrassment.

9.  He considers you family

You are much more than a girlfriend to him. He treats you like you have been in his life forever. He has warm regard for your parents (and they love him, because they see how much he loves you), and introduces you to his as soon as possible. He wants everyone to know that you’re dating — you’re going to be together forever anyway, so what’s the point in hiding? You’re a constant to him, a person he doesn’t ever want to live without. It is so obvious that he will never stop loving you.

10.  He’s committed

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He’s very serious about you, and not at all scared to talk about your future together. He casually mentions plans together for the following year, or talks about spending each holiday with you. To him, you’re an indispensable part of his life and he treats you that way. He can’t imagine not waking up next to you, and he doesn’t mind admitting it. He’s in deep, and likes it. You’re everything to him. He believes in being straightforward about what he wants from the relationship — and for him, it’s all or nothing. He wants you – body, heart, and soul.

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People have it backward. Love is defined by actions, not words, so it’s more important to make someone feel secure and loved rather than to simply shower them in purple prose. The way he treats you, and all the things he does for you, are ample proof that he adores everything about you. So there you go, you finally have undoubtable proof that your partner is not looking for a fling; he’s here to stay.

You’re his friend and his lover, and he doesn’t see how anyone could want anyone but you. He has you, and he is not going to let you go. He is definitely never going to stop loving you. Pay attention to these small signs (that are actually monumental), and you’ll realize how much you mean to him. Finding the guy who’s perfect for you might be a hard task, but if after reading this article, you feel like it’s written about him, it’s safe to say you have a keeper, girls!

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10 Sure Signs That Prove He Will Never Stop Loving You
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