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10 Alarming Signs Your Partner Is Micro Cheating On You

Okay! So let me get this straight. There are two types of cheaters in this world. The first one includes the kind of unapologetic jerks who sleep around with whoever they want and admit to their mistakes without playing a mind game. The second kind includes people who might or might not sleep with someone else, but the idea of it would never leave their mind. Also, they will do a stellar job of hiding it. They stop being faithful to you and might not be really committed to the relationship at all, which makes them even worse. If you think your partner is micro cheating on you, try to look for these foolproof signs:

1. Your friends might inform you about their flirty nature

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Chances are that by now your partner could have already made a move on one of your friends. Don’t take it lightly as their intentions might not be good. Talk to your significant other about it, before they further embarrass themselves.

2. They have that one “special friend” with whom they text all the time

If they are texting to someone else, even when you are in bed together or while you are having a great time, it means that something is wrong. They value their “friend” more than you which can’t be good news.

3. When it’s all over social media

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When just a single look of their Facebook or Instagram profile will let you know about the way they have interacted with others.

4. They never let you use their phone

They will always be a little hesitant while giving you their phone, even when you would have no intentions to go through their personal stuff.

5. They often flirt with other people in front of you

This is one such sign of micro cheating that can never go unnoticed. If you have seen them flirting with someone else right in front of you, then it is high-time you should definitely have “the talk” with them.

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6. Their friends don’t know about your relationship

You know they are not serious about you when they haven’t even told their friends about the two of you. Chances are that they might be dating someone from their circle already!

7. You have never met their family

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You make your significant other meet your family when you are thinking of a future with them. Until and unless you have not met your partner’s family, don’t think that they are really committed to the relationship.

8. They are always joking about being with someone else

If they are thinking about it, chances are that they might already be doing it. Our actions are often reflected in our words and people often confess their secrets while joking around. The next time they joke about being with someone else, don’t take it lightly.

9. If they take forever to text you back


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They might text everyone back in a second, but when it comes to you, they always lose the track of time. It is because you are being taken for granted. You might already be a very high second order priority to them, which they simply would like to avoid.

10. They have an excuse for everything

Whenever you would have a serious discussion about your future, they will always find a way to escape. Even if you complain about their behavior, they will have an excuse for everything. If they are micro cheating, they won’t admit their mistakes and would simply find a reason to escape every thoughtful discussion.

The next time you observe your partner depicting these signs, be a little alarmed. Make sure that they are with you because they love you and not because of any obligation. Micro cheating can sometimes cause a lot of damage to your relationship. Try to have a heartfelt conversation with your partner and sort it out.

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10 Alarming Signs Your Partner Is Micro Cheating On You
Don't let these micro signs of micro cheating escape your sight!
Bhavya Kaushik

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