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14 Small Ways Your Partner Is Micro Cheating And Getting Away With It

Your partner doesn’t need to really sleep with someone else in order to cheat. They could be getting emotionally connected to someone else when they are with you, which is nothing less than adultery. There is only one thing worse than being cheated on by your partner, and that is when they are micro cheating on you. There are plenty of ways by which your partner can micro-cheat on you, and can even get away with it without being noticed. It could be one of these.

1. Following tons of hot people on social media and tracking every move they make. To some extent, your partner might start believing that they know all these people, as they would be infatuated with them to a whole new level.

2. Sending someone other than you a personal text, a sexy picture of them, or even the kind of articles that not be shared with someone else.


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3. Not defending or guarding their space when someone else flirts with them. Instead, they would smile or give them a look, while depicting a “maybe” and leading their move.

4. Relying on someone else when they are emotionally fragile since they are more comfortable in talking to someone else than you.

5. If something good happens to them, and they choose to share the news first to someone else (their “special friend”) than you.

6. Still communicating with their ex on a regular basis and letting you know that they are “just friends”.

7. Meeting other people for drinks or dinner and telling you that it is work related, just to get you off their shoulder.

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8. Doing the kind of things that they know you would like to enjoy – like going to a Sunday picnic, riding a bike, going on a hiking expedition, with someone else. The worst part would be coming back home with an unapologetic face or posting all those pictures of them having fun on social media.

9. Having nicknames is cute, but not when your partner starts giving nicknames to someone else. If they are calling their “friend” with those adorable nicknames, you need to understand that they are getting emotionally invested with them.

10. Making you wear a certain type of clothes and asking you to behave in a certain way because your partner wants you to dress and behave the way the person they are crushing on.

11. Meeting someone hot at a party and getting their number, just to impress their friends. Well, not really, they might be doing it for themselves!

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12. If you two are married and they leave their ring back home before going out of the town or while meeting a certain group of colleagues, you should realize that your partner is already micro cheating on you.

13. Shamelessly flirting with their colleagues and spending unnecessary time with them, while letting you know that is only work-related. Worse, they could even stretch their working hour just to be in the company of someone they like.

14. Telling someone else an intimate secret or the kind of secretive things they should be sharing with you. This could be your partner’s way of letting someone else assume how cool or intriguing they are. When in reality, it would not be such a cool move.

Look out for crucial signs of micro cheating and prevent the monster from creeping into your life.

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14 Ways Your Partner Is Micro Cheating And Getting Away With It
Because micro cheating can escape punishment with micro steps!
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