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#DontSayThat Things You Should Never Say When Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents For The First Time

Now this might come as a cliché but ‘tis true. You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. Especially when you are taking your relationship to the next level.

Meeting a girlfriend’s parents is tricky business. Figuring out what to say and what NOT to say- even trickier! Think you can steer clear of boo boo-s?

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Check to see:

1. It’s a pleasure to meet you, aunty <and she smiles until…> I can see where <insert girlfriend’s name> gets her curves from!

are you on crack

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You say this if you want to be sucked into a vortex of killer stares not unlike the ones that Mogambo gives when he cannot figure who the f*ck Mr. India is and how he keeps foiling his plans!

2. Your daughter has a calming effect on me. <parents smiling until…> No, truly, my parole officer agrees!

say what

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Hah! How you wished you had stopped at the end of the first statement. But no, you had to qualify ,eh? What did you think you were gonna achieve- ‘uska baap khush hoga, shaabaashi dega?’  😛

3. Uncle, I am going to take good care of your daughter. <parents beaming with happiness until…> you see, I have a daughter too, so I know exactly…

48 Shh-Shut-Up

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You won’t get to finish that one- sorry! 😛

4. Sir, I’d like to marry your daughter, but can we keep it low-key? <long pause> No sir, don’t take me wrong but my ex-wife can be vindictive at times!


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And you’d be nursing you’re a*s until weeks later! Fathers of daughters kick b*tt, really! You will know! 😉 😛

5. You have a lovely house here. <parents pleased until you add…> I can see that room in the corner looks eerily similar to Hannibal Lecter’s apartment… you know… just like they showed in the movie.

chill for a sec

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You might just face Hannibal Lecter live after this! Can you blame him?

6. Of course, you have the prettiest daughter ever. <mother gushing until…> No, I mean it, even with those birthmarks, you know…


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And you are dead. RIP.

7. No, sir, you don’t have to rush the wedding date. <approving nod until…> <insert girlfriend’s name> pregnancy tests came out negative.

honest girlfriends

Image source: xoxoafterdark

Oops- we don’t even know what to say to that one!

8. I am the perfect fit for your daughter, aunty… we are made for each other <a good kind of silence until…> I can prove it… <rips off clothes>


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We told you not to smoke THAT stuff before you go to see them.. Seriously!

9. Yeah, I make enough wads of green, sir… doing what Akshay and John did in Desi Boyz! Wasn’t that movie great?

6 honest girlfriends

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10. You will never have to worry about your daughter’s security sir. My dad knows a guy who knows a guy.

honest girlfriends

Image source: growupfangirl

Run, run for your life now- coz Don ko pakadna namumkin hai, but uske bete ko…..not so much 😛

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10 Things You Must NEVER Say To Your Girlfriend's Parents
If you have managed to get where you got to meet your girlfriend's parents, DON'T say these things - EVER!
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Sejal Parikh

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