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10 Easy Tips On How To Let A Guy Know You Like Him

So, you’ve met someone who gives you butterflies in your tummy. You feel happy whenever you meet him, and even a random text from him lifts your mood. You like a guy!

Girls aren’t known for being straightforward. Instead of saying things outright, we prefer hinting at our feelings. Women aren’t used to asking guys out — it’s generally the other way around traditionally. Hence, body language is important, especially when you’re interacting with women, and all guys should know the basics. It’s not always feasible to blurt out your feelings (the fear of rejection is real). So if you don’t want to risk embarrassment, these tips on how to let a guy know you like him should help you.

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Subtlety is king! Not too subtle, of course — if women aren’t known for being straightforward, men aren’t known for being perceptive. It’s tricky to find a good balance, but you can do it!

1. Compliment him

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Guys like to feel good about themselves too! Say thank you whenever he’s been a help. And tell him he looks great when he does. Seriously, verbalize what you feel. He’ll feel really special, especially since men aren’t complimented very often. So if you make flattering comments about his appearance or personality, he’ll appreciate it. Of course, don’t suddenly blurt that you think he’s the most amazing person ever. Work it into the conversation; it should come naturally. Honestly, even something like always laughing at his jokes is a huge thing. And telling him he’s hot, especially if you say it in a casual and matter of fact way — nothing better than that.

2. Touch him

Casual touches go a long way. Breaking the touch barrier is really important when you first get to know someone and want to know them better. Take the first step! Give him a long hug, or a kiss on the cheek. Or if you’re not ready for that, touch his shoulder while talking or hit him on the arm playfully. Brush against his arm when you pass him. These light, soft, touches help you build a bond. They build a higher level of intimacy and ensure that he’ll be comfortable with you. Pay attention to his body language, however; don’t push yourself on him. Start small and see how it goes.

3. Flirt with him

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Tease him! You have permission to be a little flirty. Maybe he’ll get the hint. Make eyes at him whenever you talk, so that he knows you’re interested in what he has to say. And don’t worry about blushing, it’s just another unintentional hint for him that you like him. Have playful conversations. Don’t forget to smile! Your genuine smile is worth a thousand words. If he notices that you smile more around him or are generally happier when he’s around, he’ll definitely know you’re interested. But don’t overdo it, though. That’s a turn off.

4. Cook for him

There’s no easier tip on how to let a guy know you like him than this. Gently nudge him and find out his favorite foods in the midst of conversation, and make him a special meal. Everyone likes good food, so he’ll love this gesture. If his birthday is around the corner, bake him a cake or a pie! A woman who is willing to cook for him will be seen as a goddess. And he’ll know that he means something to you — you don’t break out your pots and pans for just anyone, after all. This is a great way to show him how you feel. It doesn’t have to be a fancy three course meal, believe me. Anything wholesome will work great. Put in all your affection into the steak and watch him enjoy!

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5. Buy him a gift

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So you can’t cook. You’ve tried numerous times and failed at each attempt. You’re really, really bad at it. No worries at all! There’s no need to potentially burn down your kitchen — you can buy him a gift instead. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything exorbitantly expensive. If you want to continue in the vein of food, get him donuts from his beloved bakery on the other side of town. Buy him coffee the way he likes it. If his favorite writer is releasing a new book, pre-order it for him. (Extra points for getting a signed copy.) Or get him tickets to a concert or play you know he’ll enjoy — remember to get two so you can go with him! Remember, it’s the thought that counts more than the gesture itself.

6. Meet often

It’s important in the early stages to establish an intimate bond by hanging out often. It doesn’t have to be a special evening or anything (though we’re sure any time you spend with him is very special to you). Watch movies together, whether at a cinema or at home! Go to a cafe, or just walk in the nearby park. Try to spend time together. Don’t come across as too aggressive, of course; make sure he wants to spend time with you too. We just mean that you shouldn’t feel too shy to make the first move. Be assertive. Face to face contact is essential!

7. Dress up for him

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Pay more attention to your appearance than usual. Make an effort to look nice around him, and we’re sure he’ll notice. Now, don’t ever go too out of your comfort zone, or pretend to be someone you’re not. If you’re the jeans and tee kind of person, we don’t mean you should transition to tight dresses and heels that you’re not comfortable in. But maybe one of your dressier tees, and well-fitting jeans? Your hair is important too; take care of it. And a little eyeliner and mascara go a long way! You don’t need a full face of makeup to impress him. Just be a nicer version of yourself. (Read: no sweatpants.)

8. Remember things about him

Take care to note small things about him. Don’t be stalker-ish, but if you remember stuff like his favorite sports team or his childhood dog’s name, he’ll be really flattered. It’ll mean that you were actually listening when he was talking and had genuine interest in what he had to say. You can casually drop it into conversation, and he’ll be pleasantly surprised. Inside jokes help, too. You want to make him feel closer to you, after all, and a good way to make him open up is to engage him. So ask him questions about himself. His hobbies, the team he supports, what makes him tick, his pet peeves, his passions and the like. Give him your full attention. People rarely get a chance to talk about themselves unabashedly. He’ll appreciate it.

9. Show enthusiasm

Women are used to playing it cool when they like someone because they don’t want to come across as desperate or ‘thirsty’ for attention. But don’t hide all your feelings. If you’re excited to meet him, show it. It’ll be a great ego boost for him, and also make him think of you as something more than simply another female friend or acquaintance. So, the next time you meet him, don’t hide that he makes you happy! Flash him your beautiful smile, and make it obvious that you’re enjoying yourself. There’s no need to play mind games.

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10. Tell him!

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If your guy is annoyingly oblivious and doesn’t realize that you like him even after you’ve almost fawned over him for two months, maybe it’s time to move on from hints and face your fears: tell him! We know being so upfront about your feelings can be hard, especially since there’s always a chance he doesn’t feel the same way, but sometimes you just gotta take the plunge. If body language cues and flirty texts and thoughtful gifts don’t do the trick, words surely will. There’s nothing quite so sexy as a woman making the first move. And believe me, you’ll feel very empowered. He probably won’t reject you if he’s been receptive to you in the time you’ve spent together, and even if he does, it’s better to face the truth than be plagued by a ‘what if’. Embrace it!

These pointers on how to let a guy know you like him should definitely work. Well, the last one is guaranteed to, but the first nine are great hints too. All you have to do is go for it, and put in your all to let him know how you feel. The rest is up to him. All the best!

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