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16 Failsafe Tips On How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy

When you’re in love with someone, all you want is to be with them and make them happy. In fact, we all go out of our way at times to make that special someone happy. But when it comes to men, we often tend to overlook the fact that they like feeling good as well. They might be your macho man or the kind that might cry while watching a rom-com; either way, they will definitely be happier if you try a little harder. If there is something more that you can do to make him happy, wouldn’t you want to try it out?

Of course, there are many ways that you can come up with if you’re looking at how to make your boyfriend happy. You can take a few ideas from movies and books, but since they generally tend to be unrealistic, it might not be possible for you to turn them into reality. Love is differently portrayed in fiction. In real life, love is about seeing them smile or holding them when they need you; getting through conflicts together and all the smaller things that you might not even notice. If you’ve got a good man to love, he deserves to feel good and here is how you can make him happy.

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1. Everyone likes compliments

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Oh yes, men love them too! The notion that only women love compliments has been around for far too long. Who wouldn’t like being told that they look good, smell good or are smart and sexy? The stereotype that guys don’t care about what they wear or how they look is a thing of the unreal past. Compliment your man and tell him how he makes you go crazy in that shirt or how you love smelling his neck when you hug. It will definitely bring a smile on his face, if not a blush!

2. Appreciate him

A little thank you hurt no one; so go ahead and thank your babe for doing what he does for you. Maybe he’s cooking dinner for you every night or picking you up from work on his way back home. Whatever it is, the small things that he does should definitely not go unnoticed. So, hold him and tell him that you love how he goes out of his way to do those things for you. Appreciation for him is definitely going to make him a happy man.

3. Spice it up

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Keeping your sex life sacred and intense has got to make both of you happy. After all, which couple doesn’t want a good sex life? But it does tend to get repetitive after a while, so spice things up in the bedroom. Surprise him with some sexy lingerie or try out something new or something that your boyfriend has always fantasized about. Just heap all the desire and pounce on him the next time you get to be alone.

4. Give the extra space

This is one of the most important points when it comes to how to make your boyfriend happy. Maybe he loves spending time watching football with his buds or maybe he loves going on long drives where he can be with his thoughts. There are other things that your boyfriend enjoys doing apart from being with you, so just encourage him to indulge in them. Being apart will give you more things to talk about and will definitely make you miss each other. So, smile and give him a kiss when he’s off to do his thing. Your support will count.

5. Surprise him

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This is simple yet a very smart move in keeping your boyfriend happy. If you’re making yourself some coffee, make him one too. When you’re out grocery shopping, pick up a bag of his favorite snacks or just order pizza when you know he’s planning to watch a movie or a game. Show up at his workplace when he’s done and take him out for dinner. It doesn’t have to be something huge. It is the thought that counts, you see. Do what it is that you think he’ll love; he’ll definitely love you more for it.

6. Get off the phone

Just get your eyes off it and look at him instead. There is always another mail or message that we have to attend to, but unless it is an emergency, put that phone down and spend some time with the man in front of you. Pay him the attention he deserves because every moment you spend with him is an important one. Don’t let that slip by because of a screen.

7. Catch that eye

No, you don’t have to have a staring competition and pretend to look at each other like there is nothing more that you could want in life apart from looking at each other. Staring at someone for so long is just plain creepy, don’t you think? But eye contact is important in a relationship and not many people realize how good it feels. So, catch his eye for a good three seconds and just smile. It will definitely make him feel special.

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8. PDA is good

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Maybe not too much of it, but a little public affection is always appreciated. He will like it if the love of his life puts her head on his shoulder or just holds his hand without bothering about what someone might say or think. It’s the best way to show the world that you’re together and to emphasize that you belong with each other. That’ll make us all happy, won’t it?

9. Don’t change him

That is the last thing you want to do to someone that you love. No one is perfect and this includes your boyfriend. He is bound to have a few habits or qualities that you may not be very fond of, but then, everyone does. Maybe he’s always late and you don’t like that. So, talk to him about it but don’t let him feel like he’s not good enough for you. Make sure that he knows you love him for who he is.

10. Ask him for help

You are smart and strong and you don’t need anyone to take care of you. But if you need help with something, turn to your man at times so that he knows that you need him. Men tend to feel insecure if they’re not needed, so just let him know that he is the one that you’ll go to if you need help with anything at all. He wants to be there for you, so let him.

11. Let him know he can trust you

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Trust is a very important part of every relationship. Make sure he knows that you won’t lie to him even if it is about something as small as what you had for lunch. Don’t lie to other people in front of him either, unless it is very necessary. The fact that you chose to not lie even though you could have will make him happy because he knows that he can trust you – always.

12. Make a little effort

Step your appearance game up a little and dress up for him. He’s seen you in your pajamas all the time. So give him a break and look sexy in a dress because that will definitely make his day. Don’t you feel good when he is all groomed too? So, look good for him because what happens after will make you feel good too.

13. Update him with your calendar

Now, you don’t really have to do this, but telling your man where you’re going or what plans you have for the night will make him feel he’s important. Of course, you don’t have to tell him every little thing that you do, but telling him where you are off to will make him feel secure and happy that you care enough to tell him.

14. Make him your preference

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No, I don’t mean choose him over your career or anything because that is a personal choice. When you’re around other people, make sure you give your boyfriend the first preference, especially if he doesn’t know many people there. It will definitely make him happy to know that you’ve set your priorities straight.

15. Hang out with his gang

Oh, yes. This is very important when it comes to your man. He will have this one set of friends that you’ll just have to put up with, even though you might not like them very much. If you do, then consider yourself very lucky. There is nothing more that’ll make him happier if his friends and his love get along well with each other.

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16. Just be there

Be there when he needs to cry or when he’s down in the dumps. It will mean the world to him if you’re there by his side to support him even when the whole world is against him. As clichéd as that sounds, it really does matter when it comes to making him happy. Be there for him and it’ll be more than enough to bring a smile on his face.

There you go. Now, that you know how to make your boyfriend happy, don’t let anything stop you from doing it. The key to a happy relationship is to let your partner have many joyful moments with you. I’m sure he’ll do the same for you! The little things do matter, you see.

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