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10 Types Of Men You Should Think Hard Before Dating

You’ve been dreaming of a man who is going to sweep you off your feet and love you like you’ve never been loved before. You want a man that you can fall in love with and the kind that you never want to let go of. But how many of us have managed to find someone like that? We’ve dated, fallen in love, and been left disappointed because the man we thought we loved was miles away from the actual idea of what we had thought the man to be.

There are different types of men out there and you never know which one you’ll fall for. You want a great partner, but then why do you end up dating the wrong ones for you? You’re not to be blamed completely, because who wouldn’t fall in love with someone who charms you right away over that drink in the swanky bar, or the one that you met at a mutual friend’s party? Wherever it is and however it is that you met him, the point is that he wasn’t the one you hoped for or dreamed of. In fact, he managed to turn your life upside down and ended up making you more miserable than you’ve ever been before.

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How did you get yourself into this? Why didn’t you take that dating advice when your best friend was telling you that this might not be a good idea? Too many questions and not many answers! You can’ always judge a person right away, but you can always maintain caution. So, that’s exactly what these points are going to help you with – the types of men you need to think twice about before starting to date them.

1. The crazy short-tempered one

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Of course, all of us get angry in different situations, and many times it is unnecessary. But if the guy you’re thinking about dating can’t seem to control his temper for even the smallest of things, then you might want to take a step back and rethink the whole thing. It might just be something as irrelevant as him being rude to the waiter because they got his order wrong or because you had to cancel on a date last minute due to an emergency. Reacting is fine, over-reacting is not.

2. The ‘we just broke up’ one

You remember the time you broke up with that guy you really liked? You obviously cried over it, but you also hit it off with some guy who unfortunately or fortunately turned out to be your rebound – the one you used to take your mind off your ex. You could be in the same position with him now, especially if he has just been dumped. When you’re just getting over someone, you need time and space to heal. Jumping into another relationship almost immediately isn’t always the best idea. Steer clear of this guy for whom everything and anything reminds him of his ex.

3. The kind who doesn’t look beyond work & money

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Don’t get me wrong. Being ambitious is obviously good; everyone has certain priorities and an identity that defines them. But if the man you’re looking to date identifies himself only by his work and how much money he has in his bank account, then there’s something not right there. Unless the man has a life outside work – some interests and passions, your relationship might turn into a boring routine sooner than you know it. Make sure he can balance his life and make enough time for you.

4.  The misogynist

He has a generally negative attitude towards women and can’t stop making those not-so-funny sexist jokes. He can’t seem to help but be rude and insult the entire female gender. Pray, tell me, why anyone would want to be with a man like him? Everything has its limits, and if he’s crossing his, then it’s time you stayed away from him. You don’t need someone in your life that doesn’t value you as an equal partner.

5. The kind who wants only sex

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He might be the sweetest and most charming guy that you’ve ever met, but you can’t help but feel awkward when he gets too touchy feely with you. You might make the mistake of thinking that he’s really into you, but all he’s really after is some fun between the sheets. Of course, if you’re only looking for that, then you can go ahead. But if you’re looking to date him and have a relationship with him, then walk away. Healthy relationships need much more than just physical intimacy.

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6. The ‘I will never grow up’ guy

You’re stocking up his refrigerator, setting up his house, telling him when to sleep and what to eat, and taking care of every need of his. It might make you feel very important and needed, but if he is the kind who fusses too much about everything and can’t manage his own life; then you might want to take a step back. You’re going to be his mom before you even realize what hit you. Don’t, and I repeat – DON’T date him till he is ready to put down the PS4 controller when he needs to. You don’t want a one-sided affair now, do you?

7. The ‘I can’t stay away from my family’ guy

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Everyone has a love-hate relationship with their families.  In fact, your folks are one of the most important parts of your life. And it is perfectly acceptable and even adorable if he has a good relationship with his family. But make sure he can lead an independent life from them – financially, emotionally, and any other way that you might consider. You shouldn’t feel like you’re interfering or teaming up against his family. This can happen only when he knows how to set his priorities straight and maintain a balance between you and his family.

8. The narcissist freak

He’s showering you with gifts and compliments, surprising you, and loving you on a different level altogether. If he’s doing all of this because he genuinely loves you, then it’s all well and good. But if all that is happening only because he wants to be the center of attention and get all the appreciation, then maybe, just maybe, you’re heading in the wrong direction. It is all about him and his needs and it will always be only about that.

9. The annoying flirt

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Of course, he’s charming and knows how to bring a smile on your face. But, he also seems to be busy charming every girl that meets his eye. Flirting is healthy, but to flirt at every given chance with someone else isn’t exactly the kind of person that you’d want to stick it out with. He could be a player, and that’s going to be difficult to change. Think twice before you take it a step forward because he is generally the type of man to avoid dating.

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10. The possessive idiot

You haven’t even started dating properly but he’s already giving you the ‘you’re mine’ vibes, and not in a very nice way. He is asking way too many questions about the male colleagues that you went out for lunch with and he’s asking you too many things in general. He seems to have a problem with how short your dress is and how you made plans without even telling him. All of this attention will make you feel good at first, but this isn’t even close to healthy. You don’t want to end up giving him an account of what you do every second and you definitely don’t need someone dictating your life.

The list is complete and now you know the types of men that you should look out for and steer clear of. Yes, you obviously can’t judge every man based on these pointers. But you can definitely gauge his personality and your expectations accordingly. And, if you’re a man who is reading this, then I hope you don’t identify with any of these points because boy, then you have some work to do if you want to find the ‘right’ one!

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10 Types Of Men You Should Think Hard Before Dating
Dating is how you figure out if you're good for each other in the long run. But steer clear of these types of men - at all costs. Don't date them - EVER!
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