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15 Women Reveal Their Dating Deal Breakers

Dating is a tricky game. You head to a bar and find a really attractive woman, then you rush to the washroom and stare at the mirror for five seconds. You decide you don’t look too bad either and decide to approach this woman. You have heard of the most common dating deal breakers and you know you need stay as far away from them as you can. You two get to talking, then she suddenly decides to leave, without giving you her number and there you are.

Or, you two start dating, and she decides to leave the relationship and you are left guessing as to what you did.

What now?

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You might not have even realized it. But there are a bunch of things you do not do when you are in a relationship with a woman. For future reference, we are bringing you accounts of 15 women who talk about their dating deal breakers.

1. “He is just way too close to his bro!”

bros before hoes

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“So, I met this guy through a common friend who happens to be his best buddy. They have known each other since college and would do anything for each other. While that is a great thing, he is just way too close to his bro. Details of the relationship would reach him and that is simply annoying. Not just that, he would ditch me to hang out with him, and make fun of me with him. I don’t want to be second to anyone when I am in a relationship with him. He didn’t understand, so I didn’t stay in the relationship.” – Michelle, 24

2. “He was just a jerk.”

“My ex-boyfriend was nice to me. But he would speak rudely to the waiters, to his colleagues, and even to my friends. He somehow thought that he was superior to everyone, and was allowed to be a jerk to anyone. For no apparent reason, he was just a jerk. Before that douchebag attitude rubbed off on me, I decided to be the jerk for once and dumped him.” – Judy, 25

3. “Jokes are fine, only to an extent.”

don't mess with me

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“So, I have this habit of moving my hands all the time when I talk. My boyfriend once mimicked me and moved his hands too much while talking. It was all fun at the time. Jokes are fine, but only to an extent. When it got overboard, it became really annoying and hurtful. I had to have a serious talk with him to make him stop it.” – Annette, 25

4. “Do not decide for me.”

“One time, one of our mutual friends called us to have dinner. I was not on very good terms with the friend at the time. But I had also mentioned that I wanted to fix things with the friend in the future. My boyfriend agreed for us to go out to the dinner, without asking me if I would or could go. I got stuck at work that particular night and he went alone. I told him, ‘do not decide for me.’ But now the friend thinks that I do not want to make peace with her, and I lost a friend in the process. I am still with him, but I can never forget this one.” – Jade, 23

5. “He just thought too much.”

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“This guy I dated was one of a kind; he would read between the lines all the time. Even if I sent him a message that read ‘Hi,’ he would try to understand some hidden meaning behind it. He just thought too much and thought there was always a hidden agenda behind things. I couldn’t deal with it, and I can’t imagine any woman will want to.” – Madison, 24

6. “Don’t drink more than you can handle.”

“My ex would get drunk on two drinks and start to act up when we would go out. Bar fights were common while I was with him. So, one of the biggest dating deal breakers for me is sloppy, drunken behavior. It’s simple – don’t drink more than you can handle, dude. How difficult is that?” – Rachel, 26

7. “He shouldn’t cling to me.”

too clingy

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“I have seen this with a couple I know. This guy just clings onto my friend like he is her child. When I date someone, he shouldn’t cling onto me. It is highly irritating and has no space in my life. I want to have a relationship with a man, not with someone who wants to act like a toddler.” – Lisa, 22

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8. “He doesn’t bother about the future at all.”

“I have been in a relationship for over 4 years now. Back then, we both had just started working and were trying to make something out of ourselves in our careers. Until now, we had been taking it one day at a time, but it’s about time we thought about the future. I don’t even mean marriage, but maybe 6 months into the future, like vacation plans. He doesn’t bother about the future at all. This is not cool. I am with him because I love him, but I wish he would take it to the next level.” – Rochelle, 27

9. “He thinks only about the future.”

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“Well, I do not want to marry you after three months of dating you. My boyfriend only thinks about the future. He won’t tell me, but I am sure that he’s even decided the names of our as yet unborn children by now. It is freaky and one of the biggest dating deal breakers for me.” – Elsa, 24

10. “Take it easy, dude.”

“Our friend set us up. We went to a fine restaurant and it was going well until he started to try too hard to make a good impression on me. I mean, take it easy, dude; it is not a contest or a running race. It’s better to just be yourself instead of trying too hard. Sure, girls like to be wooed, but not made to feel like they’re interviewing a candidate for the post of their boyfriend! I mean, come on!” – Ruth, 23

11. “I don’t need to know all about your family on the first date.”

you need to cool it

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“When I meet someone for the first time, I would like to get to know them. I don’t need to know all about your family on the first date. We are not getting married here, we are only thinking of going on a few dates and seeing where things go from there. Some men really need to understand that. I have come across three men who talk so much about their families that it gets annoying.” – Anna, 22

12. “He couldn’t get over his ex.”

“We all have exes and other relationships from our past. I met this man, and have heard of many other men who simply cannot stop talking about their exes. He couldn’t get over his ex and what she did to him. Throughout the relationship, he was always looking for assurance that I will not do the same things to him. At first, I tried to comfort him. Finally, I just got irritated and broke up with him.” – Kiara, 27

13. “Having a problem with the stuff I am interested in.”

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“If there is any dating advice I would give, I would say that it’s important to respect the interests of your date. I would never be with a guy who has a problem with my interests. I have a right to choose the kind of movies I watch, or if I don’t watch movies at all. He is no one to dictate that to me.” – Elizabeth, 25

14. “He should not comment on how I look.”

“I am happy with my body. He shouldn’t tell me what to wear, how to carry myself, and what to do. Basically, he should not comment on how I look, even in private.” – Monica, 21

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15. “Do not judge me by the place I come from.”

don't judge me

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“I come from a small town, and have been living in a big city only for a few years. When I meet men, they tend to judge my thought process based on where I come from. They do not take interest in what I have to say, and tend to stereotype me quickly. One of the dating tips I have to offer to my potential dates is to not judge me by the place that I come from.” – Rita, 28

Well, so boys, here you go. Do not make these mistakes. Your potential or existing relationship might head straight down the drain. Avoid these pitfalls, and your relationship is sure to stay healthy and exciting.

Happy dating! :)

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15 Women Reveal Their Dating Deal Breakers
Dating is not as easy as it seems, and it can be likened to a minefield. 15 women reveal what is acceptable and what is not with these dating deal breakers.
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