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10 Essential Things To Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

It is funny how little in a huge repertoire of e-advice available on buying an engagement ring is actually useful! Unlike what these multitude of sites aver, buying an engagement ring does not require you to become an amateur gemologist nor seem baffled by the wide world of wondrous lustre! You do not have to fear getting inundated by the dozen decisions pertaining to cut, size, setting, and the like, when we, at NLT, have decided to kick the useless ‘engagement ring’ advice roving cyberscape lanes to the curb, and advance solid advice for buying an engagement ring that will make her scream YES!

What to know when buying an engagement ring?

marriage proposal4

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Here are all the things you need to know before buying an engagement ring you’d love to slide up the finger of ‘the ONE’ meant for you:

1. Be ready for burning a big hole in your pocket


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Yep, this blingy ring that you got to bring … err … bling on shall cost you a lot, a lot more than a lot. So starting off with a few weeks’ worth of paychecks and perhaps even more (if that shall get you the perfect ring) might be a good idea. Now I am not implying that there is anything even remotely romantic about going into debt to buy a ring, but only that this isn’t going to come cheap like some knickknack! So be prepared. Take the nicest one you can afford, because women love the promise that the ring represents WAY MORE than the size and price of the rock!

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2. You’d have to act like a cat-burglar

man holding a ring

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Please do not guess her ring size; instead, steal one of her rings to have it sized by the jeweler. There is no fun in sliding a wrong sized ring up her finger and then, darting off to the jeweler’s the next day to get it fitted. Being a sneaky suitor who means to surprise by swiping a ring that she does not wear much (and hence, is less likely to notice going missing) is your best bet.

3. And a spy

couple holding hands

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Yep, you are gonna have to be THIS too! You shall have to research into her taste, possibly befriend her besties (even the ones you can’t stand) to plan a perfect proposal. Now this might feel like studying for the toughest exam of your life or preparing a dissertation on the ring that can make her seal it with a kiss, but it is going to be worth it. Do not be scared of the report card she shall mete out – just set about this style reconnaissance by harnessing your James Bond instincts and gauging her unique preferences. What metal she’d like, what stone does she have a soft corner for, is she the one to go for simple, understated pieces or the one who cannot wait to don the big, bright, glitzy rock or if you are really smooth, take her to a jewelry store under another pretext. Whilst you are caught up (pretending to) look at watches or cuff links or whatever it is you said you wanted, dimes to donuts your girl would be eyeing the rings. Pass an off-hand remark on the one you find her seeing. Gauge her reaction. If it is affirmative, make a mental note of it, if not, probe further. But play it safe and do not rouse any suspicion. Then, make a purchase of the watch and leave. NEAT, huh! <Taking a bow>

4. Rules of the ring

engagement ring

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No, not the boxing ring – the one we are talking of, duh! Yep, there’s a rule book. You have to pick the metal – yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, and platinum are the most common choices here. Then, you’d have to head towards determining the four C’s of a diamond – the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Save for the cut (referring to the angles and proportions of the stone), the rest are all Nature’s ingenious work! It may serve you well to refer to your notes from the style reconnaissance step to actually settle on a choice of color, clarity, and carat weight. Of course, the wads of green you have set aside for the purchase, factor in too! The next step is to finalize the shape – round, princess-cut, pear, oval or heart – again, a matter of your lady’s preference, post which the process can be closed with a decision on the setting. Notice below the Tiffany, Bezel, Channel settings alongside eternity band and Pave’.

5. Symbolism is sweet n’ sexy

engagement ring1

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An engagement ring is not just a sparkling piece of jewelry. It is a nominal of commitment and must be honored such. In case, the symbolism factor can be compounded by choosing family heirlooms over a new purchase, you might end up giving her smiling tears!

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6. Going custom isn’t complicated

sapphire diamond ring

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Alternatively, you may even choose to make this circle of everlasting love and its promise a customized nominal of your journey together. Getting your names engraved on the band, or having stones set in your initials’ shape or any particular symbol that might hold meaning to you is a great way to go! Also, custom ≠ expensive. So, breathe easy! 😛

7. Sync it with her style

engagement ring

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Nope, this one isn’t about her preferences. This one is about her lifestyle. Whilst you have taken care of the kind of ring she is likely to gravitate toward, you must also ensure to sync it with her lifestyle. If she is involved in a job where she is required to use her hands ever-so-often, an elevated diamond might not be a good fit for her. If she is in an occupation that requires her to wear gear and handle equipment, an eternity band might be a smart choice. Similarly, if she likes gardening or cooks a lot, you might want to consider easy-to-clean options like her preferred stone in a prong setting! She will love you all the more for it! :)

8. You might want to consider the (m)engagement aspect


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Many brides like to coordinate their engagement/wedding rings with their husbands-to-be. So, think about the fact that a rose-gold band might not really be the kind that you might want to put on! Consider this aspect well, or discuss it with her as a casual piece of information – say an opinion on the engagement of common friends X and Y! NEAT, again! <thank you>

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9. Certification and insurance are a must-have

Do I even need to stress upon the importance of these two? These are like, up there in the rule book titled, What to know about buying an engagement ring.

10. Be bold enough to break boundaries for her bling-y surprise 

sapphire ring


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

A solitaire may not necessarily be the only way to go. Black diamonds, emeralds, sapphires are all cool- just know to twist the rules to rock the rock! And her! 😉

And just like that, you have perfected the art of buying a perfect engagement ring! Congratulations! :)

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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