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12 Excuses All Cheaters Use To Justify Their Extramarital Affair And Why They Are ALL Invalid

When it comes to marriage, there is one thing that I can never support and that is adultery. In my opinion, there can never be a legitimate excuse for cheating. You can either be faithful or not- there’s no in-between. Often, when a cheating spouse gives an honest apology regarding their extramarital affair, they stumble on their excuse.  Frankly, no excuse can justify the act and they are all irrelevant. Here are a few common excuses that will make you realize how stupid people can be at times.

1. It was just sex. It didn’t mean anything to me.

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Great! Just because it didn’t mean anything to you, we can simply forget about it, right?

No. It meant something to the one you had sex with. It means something to your partner. An extramarital affair is not about sex, it is about dishonesty in a relationship.

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2. I was drunk

This is without a doubt, one of the worst excuses. Just because you were drunk doesn’t mean that you were not accountable for your actions. There is a fine line between right and wrong, and you have just crossed it.

3. I have no idea how it happened

Why? Were you drugged the whole time or are you plain stupid?

You are a mature and responsible adult and how can you NOT have an idea about how it happened?

4. I felt neglected

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When you feel neglected, you talk to your spouse. You try to sort things out and communicate with your partner. You don’t go out and have an extramarital affair to boost your ego.

5. We just haven’t had sex for so long!

This is without a doubt the lamest excuse in the book. Not only will it make you sound like a sex addict, but it will make your partner believe that you wanted to be with them just for sex.

6. I thought you were also cheating on me, so…

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If you thought that your partner was also cheating, why didn’t you talk to them? You should have done something to confirm it, instead of having sex with the first person who showed a little interest in your life.

7. I didn’t start it!

But you definitely went with it. It takes two to tango and even if you didn’t start it, you were an active part of it. There is a reason why they call it an extramarital affair – because it is between two people. It is simple math!

8. I wanted to make sure if I really want to be with you. I do.

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Life is not like visiting an ice cream shop. You don’t have to try every flavor to pick your favorite.

9. You pushed me away to do this

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Relationships can get tough sometimes. Just because you have had your share of obstacles, doesn’t mean that you should choose sex to escape your problems.

10. I was on a vacation

But you were still committed. Your partner didn’t give you a free pass to have sex with someone else in an exotic location.

11. It just happened

How can it JUST HAPPEN without your consent? You enjoyed it and were a part of it. Your argument is invalid because it DID happen. You did it. And you can’t go back in time to change it.

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12. I was just scared and at a bad place

.. And that gave you a valid reason to have sex with someone else or be in an extramarital affair. Why? Did it help you to boost your confidence or enhance your sex drive? If you were scared, then you should have talked to your partner. You are married to them and you are supposed to clear your differences. You can’t run away from it just like that!

No matter what the excuse is, it can’t change the fact that they have committed infidelity. They can’t escape this and you got to stop thinking that it’s your fault.

If you think we have missed any excuse, comment below and let us know! Because life is too short to regret the things you never did!

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12 Excuses Cheaters Use To Justify Their Extramarital Affair And Why They Are ALL Invalid
Because there is no excuse for having an extramarital affair!
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