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12 Powerful Reasons No Relationship Closure Shall Ever Be The Closure You Deserve

“When a heart breaks, no it don’t break even.”  ~ The Script

It is really as simple as a snippet of the song – no breakup is an ideal one. No matter how much you want to be with your significant other, they can leave you in the blink of an eye and might never look back. Life is unfair and we can’t do a thing about it. Often, people try really hard to get the kind of relationship closure they think they deserve.

Though no matter how much you try, you can never really pretend that your relationship never happened and move on effortlessly. These reasons will make you believe that you will never get the kind of closure that you deserve.

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1. You will never move on

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Moving on is a myth. You will not magically wake up from your sleep and stop thinking of your loved one. Though time might quality your pain and sorrow, but it can never wipe away that person from your mind.

2. There will always be some regret…

You will keep thinking about the last words you said to your significant other. That last kiss will always linger in your mouth. Your world would soon be bombarded with a series of “what ifs” and “buts”. There would be so many things that will always be left unsaid.

3. And guilt

With those regrets, you would start feeling guilty. You will realize that maybe you didn’t give your relationship your best. Maybe, you could have made it work. If only…

4. You will never trust anyone again

Since you have hit rock bottom, you might come out of it again, but you can never really trust someone else with the same sense of passion. After all, how can you trust someone ever again when you can’t even trust yourself?

5. You will look for them in every person you meet

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In every face you see, you would try to imagine them. Even before entering a room full of people, you would search for them – knowing that they won’t be there for you. Soon, you will be all by yourself and the idea will scare you to death.

6. All those memories would keep coming back to you

You can move on, but you can never forget your past. You will think of all those beautiful memories and that will never let you get the kind of relationship closure you want.

7. The idea of your future will haunt you forever

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You would be left with merely an idea of your future that you have imagined with your partner and that will kill you, one day at a time.

8. You will stop believing in the existence of love

Soon, you will realize that you are better off alone. You won’t even try to look out for someone else, knowing that you won’t be able to take that much pain all over again.

9. And it won’t get any better

With every passing day, the scars will only get deeper and would fall into a vicious circle of pain and regret.

10. Your life would be a mess

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No matter how ideal your relationship closure could be, the end of your perfect romance will create a chaos in your life. The more you try, the deeper you would fall.

11. It would soon become your baggage

Your past relationship will gradually become the big invisible baggage that you would carry wherever you go. It would soon be a part of you, without which you would find it hard to exist.

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12. And you would be helpless

There won’t be any coming back. You would realize that you can’t go back in time and undo the damage. You can’t find peace. You will always be in a state of limbo, trying to break free, hoping to live again.

As tragic or dark as it might sound, there is really no such thing as a relationship closure. You would either be happy your whole life with the one you love or might end up living an almost life. Sadly, there is no gray area here – and you know what? You don’t need a gray area. You don’t need to live a life full of regrets. You should either want nothing or the whole damn world. The choice is all yours!

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12 Reasons No Relationship Closure Shall Ever Be The Closure You Deserve
Because no relationship closure can sew the gaping wounds shut!
Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

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