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12 Things About A Breakup That Are Far More Painful Than The Goodbye

Love is a b*tch. No matter how necessary a breakup was, or no matter how long the relationship lasted, losing a person still hurts. A relationship that you’ve put time and effort in falls apart – that is bound to be devastating. No matter how many breakups you’ve been through, each one hurts just as bad.

No breakup can prepare you for the next one, and honestly, nothing can, really. You feel so alone and your life just crumbles around you as you try not to pick up the phone and hear their voice one last time.

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Goodbyes are painful, yes, but no one tells you that some things will hurt way more than just saying goodbye.

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1. When you can’t message them anymore

All you want is to pick up the phone and call them and tell them how this was a mistake and you guys should get back even though you know that’s not correct. Sure, you can call, but chances are they will be ignored and that’s just going to hurt more.

2. When you try to block the pain

And try to forget all the memories that you had. You refuse to replay the good moments you had with this person for it will hurt too bad. It is defense and honestly, the pain is just around the corner.

3. When the memories come flooding back to you

You may be perfectly at peace walking down a street or eating a donut and it hits you that how at one time you did all these things with that person and how you laughed and how a simple thing like walking on the street gave you so much happiness.

And you dissolve.

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4. When you come across photos of the two of you

And you go in flashback, thinking about all the happy times that you had with each other. These are fond memories but they still hurt and you yearn for them to come back, so desperately.

5. When you hear a song that reminds you of them

The lyrics speak to you how they’ve never before and you know that they would have absolutely loved the song. All you want to do is call them up and tell them about the song and how it made you think of them, but you can’t.

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6. When the weather painfully reminds you of them

And you remember the time when it was raining so heavy that you decided to stay home, cuddle and curl up in front of the television, and you couldn’t be happier… and how now all that’s gone.

7. When you secretly hope to bump into them

Walking down the street, or in a cinema hall, you just hope to bump into them just to see their face one more time. You know it is delusional and nothing good will come out of it, but you still want it to happen.

8. When you see them happy without you

Whatever small updates you get from Facebook and Instagram suggest that they are happy without you. They are obviously fine to go to a club and dance the night away while you find it difficult to even get out of bed.

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9. When you realize they are a different person now

You see pictures of them with people you don’t know, doing things they’ve never done before and you wonder if you even know them anymore.

10. When you start to question everything you ever had with them

Was it even real? Did you imagine all the happy parts? Did they EVER feel what you felt for them? Were you crazy to believe that they were in love with you too?

11. And you realize you might never see them again

It hurts. A LOT. And when someone asks you if you would like to see them, you’ll probably shake your head and say no because you know that it will never be the same again. They are a different person now and you will have to come to terms with the fact that this really is over.

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12. When you slowly try to open up again

And even when you do, every person you meet, you end up comparing them to the person you loved and wonder if anyone will ever be enough for you. It takes all of your energy to even make a small conversation with a new person because you aren’t sure if you can handle being broken down again.

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But slowly and steadily, time heals all wounds…  Just hang in there.

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12 Things About A Breakup More Painful Than Saying Goodbye
No matter how many breakups you’ve been through, each one hurts just as bad. No breakup can prepare you for the pain of saying goodbye, nothing can, really.
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